Best Outdoor Toys for 6 to 8 Year Olds

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Looking for outdoor toys so 6 to 8 year olds can burn off some energy!

Look no further we have tons of ideas of the best toys for this age range.

From bows and arrows to throw and catch games, stomp rockets to scooters, hoverboards to trampolines - there is something to suit every child.

Tetherball Set

I have fond memories of playing tetherball when I was a child and I enjoy playing it with my son now too. Swingball involves hitting a ball with a bat so that it travels up or down a metal pole. Swingball helps develop hand and eye co-ordination which is great when learning to play other sports too like baseball. It's great fun and can be played on your own or with another person.

We have this and we quite often have a game. My son enjoys playing it on his own too.


A scooter is one of the most used toys that my son has. He's 8 now but has had one since he was 4 year old and he uses it the most out of any of his outdoor toys. He scoots to school nearly everyday. We also use it in the park and he scoots around outside the house too.


Trampolines are great fun to have in the backyard. When friends come over everybody wants to have a turn jumping. Its important to be aware of safety and make sure that the trampoline has a secure safety net.
I also just encourage standard jumping up and down to avoid the risk of landing awkwardly. Other safety tips include just one using the trampoline at the time, keeping watch and no rough and tumble on the trampoline.

Before choosing a trampoline make sure you have space in your backyard. It will need to be placed on flat level ground too.

Inflatable Pool

In the hot weather, inflatable pools offer hours of fun. At Grandma's house, all the cousins spend hours playing in the inflatable pool.
You can get all kinds of inflatable pools with slides, squirters and other activities.

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

If you want something with a high fun factor, you can't go wrong with these stunt rocket.

Get kids running and jumping around outdoors.

Run, jump and launch the stunt planes.

This would be a fab toy to play in a big open space. For example at the park. Adults will most definitely want a go at these too.

OgoSport Mini OgoDisk ​


This is a really versatile outdoor toy that is actually fun for all ages.
It can be used solo as a ball trampoline. Bounce the ball on it's own on the disk.
The disks can be used as frisbees.
Or why not play throw and catch with the balls with another person.
This is a great toy, especially in the summer. It's perfect to take to the park and practise throw and catch skills. Great for improving hand and eye co-ordination.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is a great skill to teach a 6 to 8 year olds. It's fun, great for hand and eye-co-ordination and cardiovascular health.

​It's inexpensive. It's a very portable activity and can be done anywhere there is a space big enough to swing a rope.

The jump rope featured comes in different sizes for children and can be cut down and adjusted if it's too long.

EzyRoller Classic Ride On

This is a unique ride on toy that's perfect for the 6 to 8 year old age group.

Riders use right-left leg movements, pushing the footbar back and forth to move along.

It's tons of fun and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The classic ride on is extendable so it grows with your child. It's suitable for kids from 4 years but teens can use this ride on too!


Playing ball is another cheap and inexpensive activity which is very portable. My son loves playing soccer, so we will quite often take a ball to the park and practise soccer skills (passing, tackling, dribbling and other skills). We set up goals and one of us will be the goalkeeper and the other will try to score.
You can also play throw and catch games with a ball.

Hoola Hoops

Hoola hooping is another inexpensive toy. There are lots of games you can play with a hoola hoop which help develop all kinds of skills from hand and eye co-ordination to developing fine and gross motor skills. Some ideas include:

Throwing he hoop up in the air and catch it.
Place hoola hoops on the floor next to each other and jump in and out of the hoola hoops.
Race two hoola hoops along the ground
Spin the hoop with your arm
Jump through a hoola hoop instead of jumping rope

Or of course you can hoola hoop with the hoop around your waist. Learning how to hoola hoop can be tricky but it's great for perseverance when learning a new skill. After a few minutes practice everyday kids should be able to pick it up.


My son learned to ride his bike aged 6 and he really enjoys it. He rides on his bike at the park and outside the house. I am hoping to get myself a bike so we can go on bike rides together.

You can get used kids bikes in good condition as kids tend to grow out of their bikes fairly quickly, so its worth looking on ebay or craigslist. Make sure you buy the right size bike for your child as the wrong size bike will make it more difficult for them to learn how to ride.

A 20 inch bike is normally a good size for a 7 - 8 year old.

Razor FlashRider 360 Caster Trike

Kids love the flash rider. If you want to get them outside, this really does have the fun factor.

It can throw fast 360 degree spins and still keep on cruising.
They also have spark cartridges so kids can get sparks flying as well.

​Just pull on the spark lever to set the sparks off.


8 years old can be a nice age to get a first basketball.

Buying a first basketball can provide hours of entertainment.

Kids can learn to bounce, throw it and shoot hoops. Take it to the local park.

8 year old will want the smallest size which is a size 5.

Basketball hoop

Basketball hoops and stand are a great way to get kids outdoors, moving around, practicing their hand/eye co-ordination, building their strength, stamina and burning off energy.

Look for a basketball hoop that can easily be height adjusted as it will grow with your child.

Also look for one which is weather and rust resistant.


Water Squirters

Some of the most fun my son has in the summer is with a water gun. He loves having water fights and running around trying to get his friends wet and his friends try and get him back! Obviously, water fights have to be planned and organised as well as saved for hot summer days.

However, water guns can also be used for target practice. Set up a target and try and squirt it with water. Water squirters are also great fun to be used in inflatable pools too.


Lazer tag


Lazer tag is super fun for boys this age.

Have fun at home or in the backyard running around trying to shoot your oppenent.

With this set, the guns are the targets as well as the blasters - no vests are required.

They have an amazing range (up to 130 feet).

Super fun and will wear the kids out too.

Slip N Slide


Super fun way to keep kids cool on a hot day without having to fill up a big inflatable pool.

There are tons of fun water toys that kids will love in the hot, sunny weather.

Some examples include a water sprinkler for kids to run in and out of, water balloons and a water squirter.

Wham-O Trac Ball Racket Game

This is suitable to play with kids of all ages from around 6 years plus which makes it a great game to play with all generations. Kids, parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents can all join in.

The set contains two rackets and two balls, rackets are jumbo-sized for easy catching but you'll have a lot of fun running and catching.

Play in the backyard, at a picnic, camping, on the beach or wherever there is space.

Unbeatable fun in the sun!

Tanner Tee

Batting tees are great for kids who want to try learning skills for baseball. 

The tee is adjustable so it will grow with your child as they get older.

It has a one year warranty. It's more expensive but should last kids years of use. 

Active Flyer

An easy to catch flyer perfect for younger kids (the age recommendation is 3 to 12 years).

The flyers are lightweight so won't hurt little fingers when they catch them.

They are perfect for distances of between 15 and 30 feet but can soar up to 80 feet.

Pop Up Soccer Goals

A pop up goal is great for kids to use on their own, have fun practicing soccer skills but with 2 in a set kids can easily set up a game wherever there is space. Use in the backyard, on the beach or at tha park.

The goals are well designed and should accommodate years of play. 

No assembly is required.  Just take out of the bag and unfold.  When you’re done just twist again to store completely flat in its carry bag The goals are lighweight, but firm, durable and easily portable.

Pogo Ball


The Flybar Pogo Ball is a combination of a balance board, pogo stick and jump ball.

It’s a guaranteed hit for energetic boys and girls

With 5 electrifying colors, each pogo jumper comes with extra heavy duty grip tape designed for maximum traction and a pump for easy inflation


Roller skates are an awesome toy to help build balance, strenght, endurance and overall fitness.

The skates featured come in 2 different sizes. Each size is easily adjustable so you can make sure the skate fits properly and it will grow with your child as well.

Beginners can start out indoors, even on carpet to get used to the feel of the boots. As they get older they will be whizzing around outside before you know it.

Bow and Arrow


It is a bow and arrow designed with safety in mind with a foam darts

Have fun with target practice or just shooting arrows. It comes with a target for target practice. We have fun shooting arrows and then running after them. I think there may be a few adults wanting to have a go as well.

My son received one of these last Christmas and it was one of the best toys he got.

We have taken it to the park lots of times and its not only the kids that enjoy firing the arrows.

Dads love this toy as well!

Electric Scooter


Electric scooter are tons of fun.

The Razor 100 scooter featured reaches speeds of up to 10mph.

The battery lasts for around 40 minutes per charge.

It is a Parent's Choice Award winner

It features twist grip throttle acceleration control.

Nerf Howler Football


This is a classic and awesome toy that is also inexpensive and great for the summer months in particular.
It's fun to throw. The ball howls as it flies and the long distance tail sends the ball a long way. The ball also features a hand grip so you can target your passes better.
This is fantastic for practising throwing and will develop throwing skills.
The other fab thing about this toy is that it's great for all ages. The whole family can and will enjoy playing wit it.

National geographic sky rockets


The National Geographic sky rockets soar up to 100 feet.

Stomp on the foot pump on the rocket launcher and send your air rockets flying high.

Other rocket launchers don't put on a show like these rockets. Each rocket is equipped with LED lights that can be turned on and off.

​Take outdoor play to the next level with a spectacular rocket light show!


Kids love swings and this heavy duty swing will be perfect for swinging in the backyard for now and years to come.

Attach to an existing swing set. Or you can get straps or ropes to attach the swing to a suitable tree.

The swing features 66" long chains, a safe, comfortable swing seat and snap hooks.



Hoverboards are great fun.

They can be used indoors and outdoors.

The board features has 6.5” wheels and is easy to learn how to ride.

You can also get a go kart attachment seat to go with a hoverboard for extra fun.

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