Best Toys for 6 Month Old Babies

Activity Table


The activity table is designed for kids from 6 months to 3 years.

For 6 month old babies you can take off the legs and lay the toy on the floor.

As they get older the legs can be added onto the table so babies and toddlers can use the table when they are standing up.

The activity table features a laptop, phone, globe and more with 27 electronic touch points for exciting imitative play.

Open the laptop and start working on learning shapes and animals by pressing the buttons to reveal animals on the screen

Hear ten songs and greetings from around the world by spinning the light-up globe

Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit


This is the perfect ball pit to entertain babies as soon as they can sit up.

Babies love sitting in and playing with the 60 plastic balls.

TIdying up is quick and easy. Just put the balls back into the turtle and zip it up.

When the toy is zipped up, babies will love feeling the turtle and exploring the peek a boo holes on the outside.

There is also crinkling feet, a squeaking button, a textured ring, a mirror, silky fabric tags, and an attached soft ball rattle to play with.

​Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car


The stationary laugh and learn toy car grows with 6 month old babies. They can play with it from sitting up to crawling to pulling up to stand and “cruising” all around.

Babies love the 120+ songs, sounds, tunes, and phrases which teach shapes, colors, the alphabet, numbers and opposites

An Interactive dashboard activates lights, music and sounds as baby steers, shifts, turns the key, honks the horn, uses the turn signals, and turns “on” the radio

There's also a built-in ramp with 3 balls for play, plus shapes & colors door with 3 shape blocks to sort.

Baby Musical Instruments


If you're looking for toys that aren't electronic, check out these babies first musical instruments.

The four instruments are bright and colorful to attract baby's attention.

They love to watch the beads and listen to the sounds in shakers as they rattle them.

​Perfect for teaching babies about rhythm and cause and effect.


There are tons of different kinds of balls for babies of this age. From sensory balls with different textures for babies to feel to crawl balls which play music and encourage babies to move to get them.

Activity Ball


This activity ball is lightweight and easy for babies to hold. It makes a great highchair toy.

It's perfect for 6 months old when babies are fascinated with their hands and what they can do.

There's a mirror, colorful rattle beads, rotating ball, small learning blocks and a sound button.

It's lightweight so a nice toy for on the go!

Perfect to grab and encourages crawling as babies chase after it!

Vtech crawl ball


At 6 and 7 months my son was enthralled with watching the Vtech crawl ball. The ball wobbles and moves slightly on it's own. My son used to love to watch it move and the lights.

As babies get older they can play and crawl with the ball. The ball features a dog, cat and bear buttons to press, honing fine motor skills and teaching about animals, colors and numbers.

There are 45 plus playful songs, melodies and cheerful phrases.

Skip Hop Explore & More ​


6 months old is the perfect age to get this toy. It has 3 different stages to grow with your child.

The first stage is pre crawling. There are lights and sounds to attract baby's attention. They can lift the bee out of the middle. The bee becomes it's own toy that wobbles and rattles

When babies start to crawl, set the toy to beginner crawler stage. The toy goes in a circular motion and stops and spins when they pick out the bee.

Babies delight in trying to grab the bee!

As their crawing improves, you can set it to the advanced crawler setting. The toy moves in a random pattern motions and they will love to chase the toy. There are motion sensors to avoid hitting any furniture or obstacles. ​

Baby Einstein and Hape Magic Touch Piano Wooden Musical


This is a great first toy piano for a 6 month old baby.

It's recommended for kids between 6 months and 36 months - so will last a while.

Babies don't have to press down to hard on the keys to make them sound.

There are 2 modes of play, babies can create their own original songs or discover familiar ones.

As they get older they can practise color coordination by matching the color-coded notes on the sheets to the keys on the piano



The laptop is very fun, educational and has lots to do. It teaches colors, shapes and animals, There's also a music mode.

There are 115+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases.

There's lots for hands to do including a spinner, a moveable mouse which interacts with the screen, buttons to press and lots more.

A carrying handle makes the laptop easy to carry around for fun on the go.

Stacking Cups


Stacking cups are the most inexpensive toys we bought our sons but also the most versatile and most used.

Young babies around 6 months will just like to handle them. They may explore them with their mouth and try and knock them together. You can build a tower for them and encourage them to knock the tower down.

As they get older and their fine motor skills develop kids love building towers with the stacking cups. They are great toys for teaching counting and colors.

​​Count the cups as you build the towers. The cups featured also have numbers embossed on the bottom which is great for number recognition.

​They also make great bath toys. Kids will play for hours just filling up stacking cups and pouring the water out of them.

Brilliant Basics Stack and Roll Cups


Another cool stacking toy is the stack and roll toy by Fisher Price.

There are 10 colorful, numbered cups to stack and nest.

The best bit it you can snap the cups together to make balls that roll along too.

Like other stacking toys, this one is great to introduce colors, numbers & counting, size & shape

VTech Turn and Learn Driver


Babies love the steering wheel and pressing the buttons on the Vtech Turn and Learn Driver.

Buttons introduce babies to vehicles and animals.

There's lots for little hands to do including a signal lever that triggers fun sounds and music and a gear shifter that pushes and pulls to introduce opposites.

As they get older the driver is fantastic for role play to pretend they are driving a car!

Fisher price laugh and learn puppy remote


6 month old love pressing the buttons on the laugh and learn remote control. It's great to learn about cause and effect.

Press the buttons to hear the music, songs, phrases and see the puppy light up.

The remote introduces colors, numbers, opposites and much more.

As babies get older it's also good for imaginative play,

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller


This is a good toy for little hands to help their fine motor skills.

It's the perfect size to grasp. Little fingers will enjoy moving the joystick. Press the ABCD and number buttons to hear exciting songs, sounds and phrases that introduce numbers, shapes, colors and more.

It might help babies stop grabbing other gaming controllers if they have their own!

Fisher price first blocks


Fisher Price First blocks features 10 blocks. Stack them up and 6 month old babies will enjoy knocking them down.

6 month olds will love banging the bricks together. You can take the lid off at this stage and they will enjoy put in and take out play. They love putting all the bricks in the bucket and taking them out.

As they get older the set makes the perfect shape sorter helping to develop fine motor skills. The blocks are also great to introduce shapes and colors.

Vtech Sing and Pull Puppy


The puppy is designed for children between 6 months and 3 years old.

6 month old babies will love pressing the "1, 2 and 3 buttons". There are also little keys to play with on the ring in the puppy's mouth.

Press the button to hear numbers, colors and more.

As babies get older they can pull the puppy along by it's string while they are crawling or walking.

Pull the puppy's cord to hear music and sounds. They toy has a total of 60 plus music, sounds and phrases. It makes a fun learning toy.

Laugh and Learn kitchen


This was fantastically entertaining for my son when he was aged 6 months and as he grew older too.

He loved opening the fridge and oven doors and closing them again as well as switching on and off the light switch.

There is a great little shape sorter on the fridge and there's lots of objects that little hands love to feel and explore.

The kitchen has two sides of play that little kids can explore. The toy also has 75 plus songs, tunes, sounds and phrases.

Soft Blocks


Soft blocks are ideal for 6 month old babies.

They love handling them, mouthing them and exploring them with touch.

They are great for building their first towers. Adults can build a tower for babies to knock down.

The blocks can also be used for matching activities. Pair numerals and quantities, animal halves, and everyday shapes.

There are flaps on 3 of the blocks to help develop fine motor skills. The pictures on the blocks also make a puzzle.

Playing with a 6 month old baby

There are lots of ways to play with a 6 month old baby with toys and books which will help him or her develop her skills:

Babies this age will communicate with smiles, laughs and they will be babbling away with sounds (ba ba, da da). When you play talk to them, repeat back the sounds he or she says to facilitate language learning. For more language development read baby books together and sing nursery rhymes. Toys which introduce words, sounds and phrases are also great to encourage baby to learn language. Toys that repeat songs can also be great for improving communication skills.

At 6 months, some babies will be rolling over and may get on their hands and knees and rock. Encourage movement by placing toys just out of baby's reach to encourage baby's to start crawling.

Peek a boo is a great game for babies of this age. They will learn that even though they can't see people, they still exist.

Babies love clapping games. They like to watch and you can take their hands and show them how it works. It's great for learning sounds and rhythm too.

Explore with touch
Toys with lots of different textures are great. Perhaps he can squeeze a toy, touch some soft fur, put a teething ring in his mouth and lots more.

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