Crayola Inspiration Art Case

A budding 7 year old artist will be thrilled to receive this cool art set.

It includes 64 crayola crayons, 20 crayola short colored pencils, 40 crayola washable markers, and 15 large sheets of paper. All the items come in an organised storage case.

The case can be transported wherever she likes.  It's great to take to a friends or relative's house.

Hide and Seek Rock Painting


Kids love to paint rocks and hide them in the community for other people to find. Some people have social media pages where people can post pictures of the rocks they've found.

It's a fab arts and craft activity and it's good to encourage kids to play outdoors and hide their finished rocks too.

This is a fab kit with everything needed to get you started.

Fashion Headbands


Fashion headbands is a super fun  kit that 7 year olds can do on their own or with friends and siblings.

There are 10 headbands to complete in total with lots of accessories to design and make your own unique one.

Everything you need is included! It includes a rainbow array of satin headbands, rhinestones, flowers, feathers, a butterfly, yards of ribbon and more!

Science and Nature Gifts and Toys


This kit contains everything you need to craft, plant, water and grow your own terrarium tabletop garden.

You can see sprouts in as little as 3 to 4 days.

The kit also comes with glow in the dark stickers so you can see your terrarium light up at night.

Plant growing is a great activity to foster nurturing skills, responsibility and independence in a fun and enjoyable way.

Mind Blowing First Science Kit


This set is designed for young children to have their first explorations into science.

There are 11 fun activities which include erupting a color changing volano, testing households liquids to see if they are acids or bases, mixing colors and tons more.

Many of the experiments are very visual and colorful which keeps children engaged.

Butterfly Garden Kit


The butterfly garden kit allows you to see caterpillars transform to chrysalides to beautiful painted butterflies over the course of approximately 3 weeks.

There are easy to follow instructions. You need to send off for your caterpillars separately to start the process.

It's a great activity that you can do more than once!

Outdoor Toys

Scooters - A scooter is probably one of the best toys you can get children this age. They are great to use everyday to get to and from school. They can play with it at the park and go on it outside the house.
Electric scooters - great fun
Classic toys and games - Hop balls, swingball, skipping ropes and swings and slides. Trampolines, a bike, hopskotch (just chalk needed), jump rope and a simple ball to play ball games.
Rocket balloons and stomp rockets
Inflatable pool and water toys
A nerf gun or bow
- don't let all the boys have all the fun with these.

Razor A Kick Scooter

The razor A kick scooter featured is an excellent scooter. The handlebar is height adjustable.

The pink scooter has handlebar streamers but it also comes in many other colors without the streamers.

The scooter is foldable so it can easily be stored and carried.

The urethane wheels offers a smooth and comfortable ride.

Pogo Stick


Pogo sticks are super fun to play outdoors and kids love them.

They make a great toy to keep kids occupied over the summer months.

The junior pogo stick featured is a good choice for the young beginner. It may take them a little while to get used to it, but once they've got it there's no stopping them.

The pogo's design includes extra-wide and deep footpads, along with easy-grip handles and a rubber tip to help the rider stay in control.

Stomp Rocket


Stunt rockets are tons of fun.

Stomp on the rocket and see how high you can make it go in the air or how far you can make it go.

You can have competitions to see who can make it go the furthest or the highest. Race to see who can be first to fetch the stomp rocket.

The stomp rocket kit featured has 3 different planes, a looper, glider and wildcat..

Ezy Roller



The Ezyroller moves like a snake with right-left leg movements.

Kids sit low to the ground and push the foot bar back and forth to get great speed.

It’s extendable, so it grows with your child. Children can curve around in this lightweight ride.

Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Razor Flashrider 360 Castor Trike

7 year olds will love cruising along and throwing 360 degree spins on the Radio Flashrider.

Kids love spinning on this thing!

More than that, they can pull the spark lever and watch the sparks fly!

Walking, Barking Puppy Dog


Has she ever wanted her own pet?
​This cute walking, barking puppy dog is a great substitute.
The puppy walks, yaps and wags its tail like a real puppy.

Take puppy on walks and cuddle her.

The puppy interacts with other Furreal friends pets which are sold separately.


There are lots of dolls that 7 year olds will love to play with. Here are lots of doll ideas:

LOL Suprise Dolls


LOL surprise dolls have taken the toy world by storm.

The LOL doll comes with 7 surprises including the doll, stickers, shoes and accessorie.

Plus the ball and the doll both change color when placed in water.

Barbies Styling Head


Barbies’ thick hair is great for brushing, styling and putting in different designs.
The set includes a hairbrush, hair bands, ties, gems and three hair twists.

Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll

Barbie mermaid is Color transforming.

Put her into ice cold water for a neon look. Put her into warm water for pastel colors.

It’s super fun to transform Barbie and take her on undersea adventures!

Walkie Talkies


These walkie talkies are easy to use which makes them a good choice for younger children. They feature an simple push to talk operation.

They are great to play with around the house or to keep in touch with from the backyard, while camping or at the supermarket


7 year old girls will love to play board games with adults and other friends. Here are some ideas:

Headbandz Game


This is a fun and easy to game to play but it's also funny and brilliant for all ages.

Each player wears a headband and a card. They have to guess what's on the card by asking the other players questions. However there is a one minute timer.

The categories are simple which means that 7 year olds will have no problem playing.



Use all your skill and coordination to remove the patient's "ailments" with the tweezers without setting off the buzzer and making the patient's nose light up. This is great for developing a steady hand and using some skill.
If you successfully remove the ailment you collect the amount shown on your card.
The winner is the player with the most money after all the pieces have been removed. So, if you set the buzzer off on one go then there is still hope you could be the winner.
The ailments are humorous and include: brain freeze - an ice-cream cone located in the brain, writer's cramp - pencil in the forearm, water on the knee - a pail of water in the knee and tons more. The ailments make good talking points with the kids.

Five Seconds Junior


Can you name 3 ice cream flavours? Or 3 things you dip in ketchup? 3 places, farm animals or cereals?

Sounds easy? Try doing it in 5 seconds.

This is a fast paced fun game that parents and kids will enjoy.

As there is a quick time limit, some funny answers will slip out. Laughter is guaranteed!

Connect Four


Connect 4 is a classic game which has stood the test of time.

See if you can get four in a row before your opponent.

Don't forget to keep checking what your opponent is doing and stop them from getting four before you do.

Vtech Creator Cam

This is a fantastic little video camera perfect for kids around 7 years of ageIt takes photos and shoots videos

The included tripod is great for shooting videos. It's also converts into a selfie stick.

Additionally, shoot videos with 20+ animated backgrounds.

Use the included green screen to make people and objects disappear on the videos.

LEGO Friends

​The Lego friends series are aimed at young girls from 6 to 12 with characters that will appeal to them and that they will enjoy playing with once they have built the sets.

There are tons of different sets to choose from which vary according to size and will accommodate different levels and budgets.

The Lego Friends Forest House has 326 pieces for lots of building fun. There are also lots of elements for imaginative play including 3 lego figures, a kayak and a  raccoon model. Get cosy in the outdoor lounge and take snaps of the wildlife.

Lego 3 in 1 Creator

This is a cool 3 in 1 Lego set.

Build an owl. Then use the same bricks to build a squirrel and once you’ve done that you can dismantle it and build a rabbit.

3 lots of fun with one Lego set.

All three constructions are possible models. The owl has posable feet, wings, head and feathers; the young deer has posable legs and feet; the rabbitcan move its ears; and the squirrel has posable limbs and ears.



The Little Kids First Big Book of Why is perfect for curious children,

The book has answers to many interesting questions.

The book is visual and there are many bright, colorful pictures.

It's easy to read. At bedtime it's perfect to read one or two questions each night.

Laugh out Loud Jokes for Kids


Kids age 7 love telling jokes. This laugh out loud jokes book gives them plenty of opportunity to make family and friends laugh.

The collection includes hundreds of one-liners, knock knock jokes and tongue twisters.

It's also fab to encourage kids to do some reading (and they won't realise they're doing it!)

Clothes and Accessories


This is the perfect t shirt to buy a 7 year old on her birthday.

She can wear it on her birthday itself and wear it throughout the her 7th year.

It's made of 100% cotton and comes in different colors and sizes.

It's machine washable.

Unicorn Gifts for Girls


This is a really cute accessory set with a unicorn theme.

It has a drawstring bag, bracelet, necklace, make up bag and hair ties.

It comes in different colors and designs.

Adorable and affordable too.

Make Your Own Unicorn Night Light


Find everything you need to create your own unicorn night light with this gift.

It's perfect for kids who love unicorns and when completed will brighten up any bedroom.

Detailed instructions with an image of each step are included.

The battery for the LED light is replaceable. No plug or wire is needed, just simply replace the battery and the light will be always on when you need it

Unicorn Pendant


A unicorn pendant which comes in a gift box so perfect for 7 year old birthdays or Christmas gifts.

There's a 16 inch chain with 3 inch extenders so will adjust to fit most sizes.

The unicorn pendant is crafted in metal and colorful enamel. It features a cute heart charm as well.

7th Birthday Pendant


7 year old girls will love a pendant with her new number to make them feel grown up.

The necklace features a 16 inch chain with 2 inch extender.

It comes in a gorgeous little gift box with the message may your dreams come true.

First Nail Varnish Set

Little girls like to paint their nails different colors. It's a great Mom, daughter and sister activity. Or it's equally great to do with friends at a birthday party.

The Frozen nail varnish kits is ideal for first nail varnish. There's 18 nail varnishes with lots of different colors.

Kids can simply peel off dried nail varnish to remove it from their nails.

Scrunchie Maker

Create 12 unique scrunchies with this fab scrunchie maker.

Girls can wear the scrunchies once they've been made!

Pink Bow and Arrow Set

A pink bow and arrow set that lights up is perfect for a young girl who loves pink!

The set comes with a target board so she can practise her accuracy.

Great for indoor and outdoor play.

My First Magic Set


Does she like the idea of learning a few magic tricks.

If so, my first magic set is an awesome beginner set.

It includes 25 easy to learn tricks including making a coin vanish and making candy disappear.

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