20 Toy Ideas for a 3 Month Old Babies

What does the gym do? 
Babies lie on a floor quilt with silky borders and colorful arches. It stimulates growing babies with music, lights, natures sounds, games and textures. There's  a long term mode 20 minutes of parent-activated continuous music or there's a short term mode where lights and music responds to baby's movements.

​There are more than 10 toys and activities. They include mirrors, toy animals to bat and a removable toucan which can be used for take-along play.  Press the toucan's wings or shake the toucan for light and sounds.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

The Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother is a fantastic toy to attach to a crib or have in the car to help lull babies to sleep.

What does the soother do?  
It provides a medley of soothing sounds, motion, and lights to easy baby to sleep. As babies get older it can make a fantastic night light at bedtime too.

There's a fun star fish themed remote control design so parents can turn off the soother without having to wake baby up.

It features 25 minutes of continuous playtime and the music, lights, and motion slowly drift off as baby drifts off to sleep.

✔️ Did You Know? - Auditory senses - Toys that make dfferent sounds such as rattles and squeaks are fascinating to young babies. At 3 months babies react to loud sounds and will stop feeding in response to certain sounds and at 4 and 5 months babies will follow sounds with their eyes, notice toys that make sounds and pay attention to music. So toys that make sounds can really attract and hold a young babies attention. 



What to look for when choosing rattles? 
Colorful rattles which make different sounds, have different shapes, textures and beads inside are also good for babies of around 3 months upwards

If rattles have beads they will enjoy looking at the beads moving around inside the toy. As they get older it's easy to grasp the toy and shake it themselves.

The rattle set featured is great assortment of brightly colored rattles which younger babies will enjoy touching, moving, exploring and playing with.

 A great little set so you always have a different toy available when you're out and about or at home to hold baby's attention.

Wrist Rattle And Foot Finder


Another option of rattle is the Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle featured are visually stimulating for babies from age 3 months with bright patterns, colorful bug and fun noises to reward exploration.

Place the rattles on baby's wrists and feet.

Firstly they will enjoy staring at them.

As they start exploring their hands and feet they will enjoy playing with them and make the toys make noise.

✔️ Top Tip - Tummy time play - At 3 months old babies heads are getting stronger and they will be able to hold them up for tummy time play. Tummy time play can be really beneficial for young babies as it helps them develop their motor skills, co-ordination and muscles. You can start off in really small bursts of a few seconds, then a minute or two. Keep an eye though, they may need not be able to hold up their head for very long in the very beginning and you may need to save them if their nose hits the floor. But tummy time can continue until they can roll over on their own and flip back and forth which an happen from around 5 months. 

Fisher Price Piano Gym


This is another kind of play gym which is cheaper than the rainforest gym above and is a great toy for babies from around 3 months

Stimulates Movement
Young babies can lie on the mat and kick the piano keys which make a noise when you kick them. There are toys which will lie above baby that they can try and bat.

Grows with Your Child
What I really love about this toy is that it will grow with your child. The piano can turn to a horizontal position so that babies can sit and play with it once they are sitting up. You can lay the toys on the floor for tummy time.

The piano can also be removed from the play mat so once kids are walking they can take it along with them and play it when they want.

My son actually played with this toy around 3 months at a friend's house and he loved it at this age. ​

5 in 1 Your Way Ball Play Activity gym


This is a very cleverly designed activity gym and it can be played with in 5 different ways.

Use it as a baby gym for lay and play or as a gym for tummy time. Use it as a mat with the walls down or the walls up. Use it as a small ball play gym with the walls up and put balls inside.

It comes with 50 balls to play with and there is a carrying case too.

In addition, find 7 take along toys which include an elephant musical toy, crinkle toy, mirror, flash cards, hanging leaf toy and bead rattle

It comes in 2 different colored designs.

✔️ Top Tip - Give your young baby lots of textures to explore with their hands. Look for touch and feel books, play mats and soft toys with different materials. 

Soft Cloth Books


There are some great baby books out there that can be attached to a stroller or a crib. At 3 months babies are starting to grab things and chew them so these books are designed to withstand this developmental milestone.

Touch and Feel books
Look for books with different images and textures they can touch and feel too. Of course, you can also read the book to your baby as well!

The Lamaze soft cloth Peek-a-Boo Forest book which is featured is a great example. It features big fabric flaps so that babies can feel and lift them. It's full of bright colors to attract baby's attention. The fabrics are washable too which is a big plus for dribbling babies!

Soft toys which attach to a stroller 


There are a wide range of toys that attach to babies strollers. Look for stroller toys that feature all kinds of different textures for babies to feel and explore with their fingers. They should also be colorful to attract babies attention.

Lamaze do a great range of toys like this.

Check out Freddie the Firefly featured. Freddie is the perfect toys for this age as it has everything to entertain a baby.

Attracts attention and entertains
It's colourful to look at and attract baby's attention. It features mirrors and squeakers to entertain.  There's different textures to feel, crinkly material to hear, click clack rings to play with and  a teether to soothe sore gums.

The hook can attach to strollers, carriers like car seats and diaper bags.

✔️ Top Tip - At 3 months babies will be able to bat  and swipe at toys and are able to bring their hands together and open their fingers but won't quite be able to grasp and pick them them yet. Their sense of touch is becoming more sensitive.  Toys that have different textures to touch and explore are good choices.

At 4 and 5 months babies will be able to grasp and may start to pick up larger objects. If they are teething they will lift them to put them in their mouth. They won't be able to pick up small objects just yet though.



The skwish is the perfect toy to encourage handling for young babies.

They will enjoy grapsing onto it, looking at it, rattling the beads which slide back and forth.

It's a fab which encourages grasping and reaching and  which are important for gross motor skills

The wood construction with elastic ties allow rattle and teether to flatten, or Skwish, and always return to its original shape

The toy is eco friendly and safe. Un-dyed and carefully constructed of sustainable wood

Green Toys - Baby starter set


There is a lot to love about this baby toy starter set.

Made of Recycled plastic
The toys are made from recycled plastic milk jugs and are also packaged in recycled materials. So you're doing your little bit for the enviroment.

A different toy for baby as he / she grows
The 3 different toys suit baby at different ages and developmental stages. So at 3 months baby will love the toy keys. The stacker cups are great from about 6 months onwards as is the elephant toy.

This set makes a fab gift

​Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station


Babies will love pushing the rainbow colored lights to activate them and listen to the sounds

The lights are six different colors with different animals on them.

There is also a spinner in the middle. When you spin it the lights are activated too!

There are 3 different modes including animals, colors and xylophone.

Tummy time play
The toy lies flat for tummy time and is a great toy to encourage tummy time play.

Grows with Babies

As baby gets older, the toy can be elevated so it can be used as a toy while he or she is sitting.
✔️ Top Tip - Make sure that the toys are safe for babies to put in their mouths.  If toys are plastic, look for toys which are non-toxic, have no BPA, Phthalates or PVC. Many young babies are starting to teeth and as soon as they can grasp toys will be putting them in their mouth.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy


3 month old babies will start to grab, feel and mouth this winkel rattle. 

It make a good teether toy.

The colors are bright to attract attention

There's also rattle inside to engage babies.

It's super lightweight so can easily be tossed into a bag when out and about.




I actually bought this playnest for a friend before I had my own kids. At the time I didn't know much about baby toys so it was kind of a fluke how much my friend loved and used this toy. Her baby was around 4 months at the time and she said she used this toy so much to keep her baby entertained.

The playnest is designed to support babies as they play. It's covered in fabric and there are activities around the circle including flaps to lift and crinkly material to explore and feel. It's great for keeping young babies in one place while you can do other things and you can move it around with you.



The jumperoo has to be one of the best toys we got for my own son when he was a baby. Babies will need good neck control and their feet will need to be able to touch the floor, so some 3 month old babies will be a little too young to use this yet. However, it's worth having as early as possible as when they can use it, it only is suitable for a few months.

We used ours from around 4 to 11 months. He absolutely loved and actually fell asleep while bouncing on it on occasion. They are expensive but they have a good resale value if you keep it in good condition.

The rainforest jumperoo has been around for many years. The jumperoo is adjustable with 3 different height positions.

Babies love the music, the jumping action, the many different toys to play with. The padding is washable to keep it clean too. ​

✔️ Did You Know? - you can look out for communication developmental milestones when playing with your baby.
At 3 months babies will smile when she hears your voice and other people's voices and maybe at sounds from toys too. They will enjoy playing with people and may cry when playing stops, communicating likes and dislikes.

​At 4 babies are becoming effective communicators. They will coo, use sounds such as ooh and aah, squeal and giggle. Babies will also use an increasing number of facial expressions to express meotions, a beaming smile or a crunched up angry face.

At 5 months babies may be really babbling away putting vowels and consonents together to make sounds such as ba ba. Although they won't have assigned meanings to works just yet!

​VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy


3 month old babies will be fascinated by the lights, sounds and music on this cute little dog. The will enjoy staring at it and watching it rattle. They can explore the crinkly ears.

As they get older they will enjoy grabbing and exploring the toy with their hands.
The music button plays fun phrases, sounds and songs; features 20+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases

It's a good one for putting in your bag to entertain baby when you're out and about.

Fisher-Price Rattle 'n Rock Maracas


These are designed for babies aged 3 months and up.

Not all 3 month olds will be able to grasp onto them straightaway but as soon as little hands can grasp them they will love shaking the colorful rattles with beads at one end and soft pom poms at the other.

The grasping and rattling are great for developing fine motor skills.

It's great for learning about cause and effect.

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys


Teething keys - don't forget the old classic toys like teething keys for babies.

Babies will love to grab and explore these keys. You can put in the fridge to make cool and babies will love knawing on them to soothe their sore gums.

Easy grip design is ideal for little hands and helps with coordination.


VTech Lil' Critters Moosical Beads


This musical baby toy features a variety of fabric textures for baby tactile development

The easy to grasp bead ring is fab for little hands to grasp onto.

The ring has light-up buttons, and a spinning square for fine motor skills development.

There toy comes with 30+ playful songs, melodies, sounds and phrases.

The size of the plush cow toy makes a great crib toy, or even a diaper bag toy for babies

✔️ Did You Know? - benefits of tummy time play include preventing a flat head shape (as babies spend a lot of time on their back sleeping and in resting their head back in car seats etc). Tummy time can also help strengthen neck muscles and encouarage sensory development. 

Tummy time Water play mat


This is a particularly awesome toy if babies struggle with tummy time.

It's easy to set up, the mat is filled with water and babies love looking at all the colorful shapes and creatures inside.

As they get stronger they will be able to pat on the mat while holding their head up and watch the cute floating toys move around. So it's fab for fine motor skils too.

Soft Blocks


Babies will love exploring these soft blocks with different textures, rings and tags.

They are easy for babies to handle.

You can start building towers for babies to knock down.

Babies are also enthralled by the different visual patterns on the blocks.

Bright Starts, Lots of Links Rings


This is a classic, inexpensive toy that is brilliant! A firm tried and tested favorite of babies and parents.

They are great for chewing, tugging and attaching toys to her pram or baby gym.

They also make a good teething toy.

They're super light weight so easy to throw into a bag to entertain baby on the go.


✔️ Did You Know? - sleep patterns vary wildy but 3 month old babies can sleep 6 or 7 hours at a time. At 4 or 5 months, babies can sleep for 7 or 8 hours in one stretch. Of course the time they sleep for can be effected by all kinds of things and babies can wake due to teething, illness or hitting developmental milestones but overall they should be waking less at night. 

As babies get older, it can be helpful to start thinking about a bedtime routine. Take away the stimulating toys.  Some parents like bathtime, bathing babies, rocking them, singing lullabies and may look at pictures or books. A soothing toy may also be a part of settling baby ready for sleep.  It's a good idea to put babies in the crib when they're drowsy so they can soothe themselves off to sleep on their own.

White noise sound machine and sleep aid night light


There are 10 different songs / lullabies which you can switch through and choose the one you and baby like the best!

It automatically shuts off after 30 minutes (so no worrying about disturbing baby to turn it off!) There's 5 different levels of volume.

There are star lights which project on the ceiing and walls and are designed to mesmerize and calm baby.

You can easily transport the soother wherever you go, in the car, for tummy time or trips to friends or relative's house.s

Tiny love take along mobile


Babies at 3 months still love looking at mobiles and listening to their music to help soothe them to sleep.

The Tiny love take along mobile can fit onto a crib, play yard, car seat or stroller and it's easy to move between each one so it can entertain baby wherever you go.

It plays 30 minutes of uninterrupted music, with 5 different engaging melodies

Sasssy floor time baby mirror


Another awesome and affordable toy for tummy time is a floor mirror.

The toy really attracts babies attention with a large true reflection mirror. Babies enjoy staring at human faces including their own!

The attached bold red ladybug and rotating, clicking bee engages baby visually and the textured leaves offer peekaboo play.

The tracker ball also aids baby's visual perception.


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