Stocker Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

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Sometimes it's hard to think of ideas for a toddlers Christmas stocking. If you need some inspiration for your toddlers stocking there are tons of ideas in the article below.

Play Doh

Toddlers love play doh and you get go wrong with a couple of small tubs of play doh as a stocking filler for toddlers. Cheap and will definitely be played with.

Jumbo Crayons

Water Wow Activity Pad

The Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Vehicles Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pad features reusable pages that come to life when wet.
Our vehicle coloring book with water pen for kids feature 4 reusable white pages that include simple line drawings when they are dry, then are filled with color when wet.
This Melissa & Doug vehicles activity book comes with a chunky-sized water pen that allows easy filling and is designed for smaller hands to easily grasp. The compact, spiral-bound format is great for travel

Travel Sized Magnetic Drawing Board

Toy Toddler Car


Babies of all ages love bubbles. Even very young babies love to watch them. As they get older they will love to try and reach and touch them. As they get older still they will enjoy trying to pop them.

You can't go wrong by getting some bubbles or a bubble blower or a bubble gun to put into a stocking.

You can then blow lots of bubbles for your baby and they will love to see them on Christmas day.

Baby Shark Official - Bath Time Stickers

Turn Any Bath Or Shower Into Baby Shark'S Underwater World Using This Bathtime Activity Set, Featuring Baby Shark And Friends
Bath Time Stickers Are Made Of Soft, Lightweight Foam That Sticks To Most Bathtubs, Tile Or Glass When Wet. They Float Too
Includes 30 Bathtime Stickers And A Mesh Net With Suction Cups For Easy Storage When Bathtime Is Over
For Ages 2 And Older

Baby Bath Toys

Bath toys for babies are often a good size for stocking fillers. Ideas include rubber ducks, bath crayons, water squirters, or a wind up bath toy.

My older son also seems to like the bath toys that we buy for our baby so bath toys seem to last for a while too.

Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are a great toy to entertain babies with and tell stories. They also make a nice travel toy too. You can always get a finger puppet out of your bag to entertain babies on planes, trains, in cars or at restaurants.

9.) Melissa and Doug Wooden Train Cars


Magnetic trains keep toddlers occupied for hours.

They enjoy putting the trains together and then pushing them along the floor.

The Melissa and Doug set has eight wooden trains with magnetic couplings on the ends. The trains are brightly painted and include a steam engine, caboose, coal car and passenger car.

Soft Baby Doll

This Plush doll comes in a beautiful color, filled in high quality polyester fibers, which guarantees extra durability. What's more, the doll can be machine washed in soft mode of washing machine. It's 13.5 inches in length.

Musical Bells

We go to a music group and my baby and babies of all ages love the bells.
They are great for parents to shake along with music to emphasize rhythm to babies.
When babies can reach out and grab, they will enjoy holding them.

There are tons of other types of music toys. They include other musical instruments such as maracas, xylophone or drum. A music CD with songs and nursery rhymes that your baby likes is another idea.

Toddler Learning Flash Cards

Toddler flash cards designed by educational experts, 58 cards/set of 5 different types cards including letters, colors, animals, shapes, numbers flashcards, meeting the needs of kids ages 1-6, help kids to lay a good foundation for preschool education.

Toddler Wooden Puzzles

This is the perfect toddler toy offering 4 eye-catching, colorful creatures for toddlers’ educational playtime. They are a ladybug, teddy bear, butterfly, and bee. Each of the 4 puzzles in this set measures 5.7” wide x 5.7” tall. The colors are bright, and the pieces are chunky enough for little hands to manipulate.

Elmo Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The fun of a stocking is having lots of little things that toddlers can reach in and pull out. Toddlers are curious by all kinds of objects and let's face it Christmas costs a lot of money. So why not buy them a few things for their stockings that they actually need. Think items such as toothbrush, toothpaste and soap. You can make it fun for them by choosing items with a theme such as the Elmo themed toothbrush and toothpaste featured above.

Other ideas of practical stocking fillers include a face cloth, bubble bath, soap, socks, underwear, gloves, scarf hat and cutlery.

Bath Crayons

This set includes 10 crayons - yellow, orange, red, green, and blue. They are perfect size for little hands to grasp

They easily wash off tub walls with a damp cloth or sponge

Disney Baby Minnie hair brush and wide tooth comb set

A cute hair brush and wide tooth comb set which is easy for little hands to hold. Toddlers can have a go at doing their own hair!

Do you have a creative toddler who likes drawing and creating. Here are some arts and crafts stocking stuffer ideas:

Crayons and chalk, stickers, mini stamp set, mini travel doodle pads, water wow activity book, travel magnadoodle.

Writing Tablet

This is a cute writing tablet. Toddlers can scribble to their heart's content and no paper required! It measures 10.5" by 8.5" so should fit in a large stocking.

Top Tips on Buying Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

  • Set a Budget. How much do you want to spend? It's easy to get carried away buying lots of things for your toddlers stocking but before you know it you've spent more that you wanted to. Set a limit and plan your stocking before buying. You can get lots of great little toys from dollar stores and different stores. Also, consider buying things that you were going to buy anyway. Themed toothbrushes, soaps etc make nice gifts for a toddler's socking.
  • Don't buy lots of junk. As already said it's so easy to get carried away buying little things for your toddlers stocking and before you know it you've got lots of cheap toys that your toddler will hardly play with. Plan what you want to put into your stocking before you buy. Sometimes it may be worth buying a couple of more expensive items than lots and lots of junk.
  • Consider the size of the stocking? Remember if you have a huge stocking you will need bigger presents or more presents to fill it. You also don't want to overbuy for a smaller stocking.
  • Check the suitability of what your buying. You want to make sure the gifts you choose don't poze a choking or any other hazard.
  • Don't go Overboard. You don't have to go mad! Toddlers will just love looking in the stocking and reaching to see what's in there. You don't have to spend lots as they will get forgotten quickly.

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