Best Toys for 8 Year Old Boys

NERF Elite Digital Target Toy


A digital target pairs really nicely with a nerf blaster.

The target toy featured measures 9.25", so it's not massive but won't take up much room either and gets them to really aim for their shot.

It features Lcd interactive lights & sounds target with 3 built-in interactive skill-building game play modes

The digital scoreboard features solo and team game play scoring

Lazer Tag


Lazer tag is super fun for boys this age.

Have fun at home or in the backyard running around trying to shoot your oppenent.

With this set, the guns are the targets as well as the blasters - no vests are required.

They have an amazing range (up to 130 feet).

Super fun and will wear the kids out too.

Lego and Other Building Toys

I can't write a list for 8 year old boys without including legos. The most popular lego sets of the moment include superhero sets, minecraft and Star Wars.

There are lots of other building toys you can get for 8 year old boys too. Knex is another favorite. Check out Knex robo sting buildng sets.

LEGO Technic Monster Jam Kit


This monster truck has 230 pieces and is the perfect Lego kit for an 8 year old.

You can also use the same bricks to build a quad bike too.

Both the the monster truck and the quad bike have pull-back action.

​Simply pull back and let go to send them speeding along

Minecraft Lego


Many 8 year olds play Minecraft and will love a Minecraft lego set.

The set featured has 193 pieces. It includes iconic Minecraft characters: a drowned zombie, fox, baby fox, Arctic fox and a hero figure in a fox ‘skin’

It’s creative and versatile.  The structure’s open back and lift-off roof enable imaginative role play inside. Outside there are animals to care for, fish to catch and an enemy to battle

3 in 1 Creator Set - Shark


I love the 3 in 1 creator sets because there is three time the play value with just one set of bricks.

The bricks build 3 different ocean models. The first is the shark which is accompanied by the crab and the box of treasure.

But you can also rebuild the set into a flexible squid or giant mouthed angler fish.

The scary shark also features an opening mouth, pointy teeth, posable fins, moveable joints and reflective eyes for even more play value.



Zoobs are another great construction toy.

Use the zoobs in the set featured which click together to allow young builders to create creepy glow creatures which hang, glow, and stick to your wall.

The zoobs can form joints that rotate, limbs that extend, axles that spin and lots more.

Knex Thrill Rides


If he is an avid builder there are some great knex sets.

One of the most popular is the Knex thrill rides set which allows you to build 3 different models, one at a time.

An experience 8 year old who loves building and lego may be able to complete this independently or if may be a good project for an adult and child to do together.

Once compelete,  each thrilling ride can perform a particular movement. It can either spin or rotate in an authentic, rail-driven motion, just like a real amusement park ride

Board Games

8 years old is a perfect age for board games. They are at an age where they can start to understand more complex rules and have the ability to focus for longer periods of times.

Some ideas of board games include:

  • Bananagrams (a quick and easy word game - my Mom is buying this for my son for Christmas to help him with his spelling).
  • monopoly (aimed at kids from aged 8 up)
  • Guess Who,
  • Sorry
  • Uno (my mother in law is buying him Uno for Christmas)
  • Connect 4 (my son loves Connect 4).

Here are some more ideas:

Upside Down Challenge


This is a fun game.
Wear the specialized goggles and compete with friends and family to do challenges with your vision flipped upside down.

 You'll be amazed how difficult (and funny) even the simplest tasks become challenges, including writing your name, connecting dots, drawing pictures, pouring one cup of water into another, giving a high-five and more!

Play the game outside for an even more challenging and hilarious experience!

5 Seconds Rule Junior


Five second rule junior is a fun game for that the whole family will love.

Can you name 3 ice cream flavours? Or 3 presidents, 3 superheros, 3 zoo animals or 3 farm animals? Sounds too easy? But maybe not if you only have five seconds.

The game becomes very funny but silly answers tend to slip out when you're under pressure.

A fun game that 8 year old boys will love.

Hedbanz Game


The Hedbanz game is a simple, easy to play game which is super fun.

Each player wears a band around their head which displays a card. They must ask the other players questions to determine what is on their card. But, the pressure is on as they only have one minute to find out.

Tons of fun and great for all generations to have a go.

The categories are simple, so all ages (from young to old) can join in. Recommeded for kids aged 7 plus.

Mouse Trap


Sometimes the classic games we remember from our own childhoods make the best choices.

This is the original version of the mousetrap game where you build the trap as you go.

It's super fun to play

Scurry to the finish! Players try to get their mouse around the gameboard without getting trapped!

Magic Set


8 is the perfect age for a magic set. They have more concentration to practice the tricks and it is a great confidence builder to encourage them to perform the tricks to friends and family.

The set featured contains 10 classic tricks which is a perfect amount for a young magician to start with.

​ It won't be long before they are begging to put on shows for the family.

Science Kits

At age 8, boys are still really eager to explore the world and have a lot of enthusiasm to see how things work. It is good to encourage and make the most of this with the toys that you buy and there are tons of toys that facilitate learning.

There are lots of science kits aimed at boys this age. My son likes anything with gross or disgusting in the name (so look for science kits with these adjectives!).

Other great kits include snap circuits where you can build electronic circuits by snapping the included pieces together.

Snap Circuits


This set offers a fantastic way to introduce children as young as 8 to electronics.
The set includes pieces that easily snap together to form circuits which will power items in the set which include flashing lights, a sound-activated switch, a musical doorbell, a voice-controlled lamp, a flying saucer, and a light police siren.
There are 101 different electronic projects.
The set is fun and easy to use but extremely educational. It contains over 30 color-coded, real circuit components that snap together to create working electronic circuits and devices.
As well as learning about electronics, kids will have lots of practice in building and following the instructions in the project manual which features large color illustrations and simple directions.

More Educational Toys / Stem Toys

8 years old is a great time to buy educational toys as kids will play and explore without even realising you're trying to make them learn at the same time.
There are tons of educational toys for this age group and we have mentioned some already (science kits, lego (great for construction) and electronic kits like snap circuits above.
You may see the term STEM toys which stand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Crayola Color Chemistry


Color chemistry is an awesome kit to get young kids interested in chemisty and experiments.

There are the tools and equipment in the kit to do 16 eye-catching, colorful experiements including making a volcano, creating slime and things that glow in the dark.

As well as accessores for 16 out of the box experiments there are also instructions for 35 more science projects for kids to try out.



Many 8 year old boys are fascinated with space, the stars and the moon so it makes a great age to buy a telescope.

This easy-to-use telescope is designed to look at the moon and is perfect for beginners.

It comes with a finder scope, low power, and high-power eyepieces; when used correctly, this combination will allow your child to easily locate the moon and then zoom in for a close-up view

Use the included tripod to steady your Lunar Telescope for optimal viewing, with a smooth mounting system that allows easy scanning of the entire lunar surface

Disgusting Science Kit


Another way to get boys interested in science is focus on the gross parts and make it disgusting!

With this kit you can educate your child on what actually grows on their own body.

Create a stinky intestine, slimy snot, fake blood and learn how to grow friendly molds and bacteria.

It includes 4 petri dishes, a magnifier, 4 cotton swabs, gelatin, sugar, baking yeast, red and green coloring, rubber balloon, plastic bag and guide.

Outdoor Toys

I love to watch my son run around outdoors and he loves playing in the fresh air. If you know any 8 year old boys you will know they are full of energy and any toys that facilitate them burning some of this off can only be a good thing.

For Christmas this year we are getting him a new bike, which I know he will love. There are lots of other great outdoor toys as well. Ideas include skateboards, frisbees, basketball hoops and scooters. My son has a stunt scooter that he uses to get to and from school everyday. He is also enjoying practising his first tricks on his scooter.

Many boys this age will practise a sport that they enjoy so equipment for their favorite sport is another idea.

Razor FlashRider 360 Caster Trike


The Razor Flashrider 360 is just super fun.

It can throw 360 spins and then keep on cruising. Kids can't get enough of spinning on the flashrider.

There is also a spark lever. Pull it and watch the sparks fly.

It  offers a smooth ride and is easy to ride as well.

Kids love it!

Nerf Howler Football


This is a classic and awesome toy that is also inexpensive and great for the summer months in particular.
It's fun to throw. The ball howls as it flies and the long distance tail sends the ball a long way. The ball also features a hand grip so you can target your passes better.
This is fantastic for practising throwing and will develop throwing skills.
The other fab thing about this toy is that it's great for all ages. The whole family can and will enjoy playing wit it.

Electric Scooter


Electric scooter are tons of fun.

The Razor 100 scooter featured reaches speeds of up to 10mph.

The battery lasts for around 40 minutes per charge.

It is a Parent's Choice Award winner

It features twist grip throttle acceleration control.



Hoverboards are great fun.

They can be used indoors and outdoors.

The board features has 6.5” wheels and is easy to learn how to ride.

You can also get a go kart attachment seat to go with a hoverboard for extra fun.

Awesome 8 year Old T-shirt


If he's proud about reaching the ripe old age of 8 he will love this t-shirt.

It's great to wear on his birthday but all year round as well.

It comes in different colors and sizes. There is a sizing chart to help you decide which is the best size.

The t-shirt is 100% combed-cotton with a classic crew neckline.


There are lots of great books now for 8 year old boys. If they haven't read Captain Underpants books yet, this is a good choice to start with. My son loves the humor in these books and just can't stop reading them.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is another series of books that appeal to boys of this age. Other ideas include The Magic Treehouse series, Beast Quest and Geronimo Stilton.There are also some great factual books which are very visual. Ideas include The Guiness Book of Records and The Time for Kids Big Book of Why and What.Also don't forget The Dangerous Book for Boys.

The Big Book of Why


This is a fab book for inquisitive kids.
The book is really easy to read with lots of colorful visual images including photographs, illustrations, graphics and pictures.
The questions are split into different categories which include animals, space, history, science, technology, sports and more.
The books doesn't have to be read cover to cover although it can be if your child wishes to. But most kids will probably love to dive in at a different points in the book.
There are over 1,001 amazing facts. And kids will probably want to read snippets to impress their parents, teachers, and friends.
Most adults will probably want to dive into this book as well!

Fun Toys


There are some toys that offer just pure fun. Remote control toys such as cars, robots and helicopters are fun to control and play with.

I love the magnetic darts board. This can be put in a bedroom and is a great indoor game to play with friends during the Winter months. As the darts are magnetic you don't have to worry about any dents going into your wall or anybody getting injured from a dart.

Another cool indoor toy is a mini basketball hoop. These can be attached to a bedroom door, so you can shoot hoops indoors with friends or on your own.

Minature catapults allow boys to have target practice in their own home and are great fun too.

Remote Control Car that Flips and Spins


If you're looking for a toy with a high fun factor this could be it!

In addition to the basic skills that ordinary remote control cars should have, the car can also roll and rotate in situ at 360 degrees.

When the car encounters a small obstacle, use the remote control to make the car roll.

Double-sided driving can also easily pass obstacles, and at the same time, this function can also suddenly reverse in fast motion to make the car instantly turn into a dance car.

They car can be used both indoors or outdoors.

Gravitrax Marble run


Gravitrax is a marble construction toy.

It includes 122 pieces and 9 ready-to-go track instructions to start creating your own tracks .

The ideal gift for creative, curious kids who love to build.

Power the marbles with gravity-based elements in a race to the finish

Customize and experiment with tricks and stunts to keep the marbles rolling faster and further

Hover Soccer


Hover soccer is super fun for kids to play indoors when the weather is bad.

The hover disc is run on air so kick the disc around the house and set up the goals to see if you can shoot it in.

It has light so is fun to play in the dark as well.

It's best on hard floors.

Arts and Crafts

Many boys this age love to draw and create and there are lots of great gifts for facilitating arts and crafts. Here are some ideas

Art Kit


If he loves to draw he will be thrilled with a crayola inspiration art kit.

It has 140 pieces and all the crayons, pencils and pens of all the colors he could ever want.

It also comes with paper and is carried in a portable box with a hande..

Slime Kit


Let boys get creative with this slime kit designed to be less messy as the slime is already made.

Kids will have an awesome time creating their own "slime designs". Add foam balls, glitter, sugar paper and beads to make their slime your own. There is also glow in the dark powder to add too.

The set comes with 18 different slimes ranging from clear to purple. There are over 50 pieces in the set including a tool kit and plastic straws to help manipulate the slime.

Lots of creative fun which keeps kids occupied for hours.

Writing Tablet


The writing tablet is a thin, portable tablet that kids can use to draw, doodle on, play games such as hangman, write notes and messages.

Once you have completed your design, press the button to erase the tablet and start again.

As the tablet's are portable they make a useful gadget to entertain kids when traveling in the car, going on vacation or just when you have to wait somewhere.

It's a good gadget for the environment as well as you can use less paper for drawing.

Paper Airplane Book


This is a great book to get kids making paper airplanes

The Star Wars folded flyers will speed through the living room as well as they do in outer space.

There are  40 sheets of custom-designed paper, tape and  6 foldable display stands

It includes 60 page instructional book with Klutz certified crystal-clear instructions



Spirograph is one of those classic toys that have stood the test of time, so it's difficult to go wrong especially if the 8 year old boys in question loves drawing and creating.

The set includes 45 pieces including 19 wheels, 2 rings, 1 rack, spiro-putty, 3 pens, a 14-page guide book, design paper and carry-along storage case.

Kids can create lots of amazing designs with different colors and wheels.

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad


A light up tracing pad is another excellent gift choice for a boy who loves drawing.

The Crayola light up tracing pad includes  features 1 graphite pencil, 12 short colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, 10 blank sheets, and 1 graphite pencil.

There are over 100 traceable images: mix and match or trace a single page,

Catapult Builder


Build your own wooden catapult and have lots of fun shooting catapults at targets once completed.

This set has 3 different wooden catapults you can build. It contains everything you need to assemble each model in 1-3 hours.

​The kits come with laser-cut wooden components, rubber bands, sandpaper and clear, simple instructions.

The Boy’s Book of Adventure


This book is a great way of inspiring kids to get out there and do stuff.

It's packed with facts about nature, ideas for outdoor activities, and fun-to-do crafts projects ,

There's so much information in here and there's lots of pictures and diagrams to grab kid's attention.

Find info on camping, investigating bugs, rocks and insects.
Find animal tracks, crack secret codes, use a compass, read a map and lots, lots more. ​

Adventure Kit


This is a fab kit to get them exploring outdoors.

It includes:
Binoculars with 4 x 30 magnification
A flashlight - with bright LED lights. Simple hand cranked function means no batteries or charging required.
A compass
A large magnifiying glass
A whistle

It's a fantastic for encouraging them to explore the outdoors whether that be in the backyard, park or while hiking or camping. It's great for for bird watching, sporting games, hunting, nature walks and wilderness expeditions.

For His Room

There are items he might like to keep in or personalize his room such as poster, pictures or a bedtime lamp. Here are a couple of ideas.

Money Safe


Boys like to keep their money safe and other things secret from prying parents or annoying brothers and sisters. This money safe is the perfect gadget to do it.

You can store all your pocket or birthday money in the safe. But anybody else will need to do your electronic password to access it.

You could also store other important items such as notes or other small items you don't want anybody else to find.

​Uncle Milton Moon In My Room


Quite a lot of 8 year old boys take an interest in astronomy and space. If they are they may also like a moon in my room nightlight for their own bedroom.

The nightlight can cycles through the lunar phases with a remote control so it is quite educational too  There are 12 lunar phases in total.

A science learning poster provides learning activities, fun facts and learning about lunar phases and how they are caused



This nightlight projects a starry scene onto the walls and ceiling of a boy's bedroom.

The lamp can also project the stars and moon in different colors.

It looks amazing when on.

There is also a plastic cover you can put onto the lamp to make it more like a nightlight as well but the lamp looks really awesome as a projector rather than a lamp..

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