Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys

Toy Cars, Garages and Other Vehicles

Cars and other toy vehicles are popular with kids at 3 years old. My sons drove the cars everywhere, took them to bed, lined them him in traffic jams, played with them in garages and drove them down slides.

Here are some toy car and vehicle ideas:

Battat Build a Crane


Battat build a crane is a toy vehicle you can build.

Use the power screwdriver to take apart the toy and put it together again.

It features 30 crane trucks parts and a battery powered drill with 3 different bits to use.

The drill is easy to use and control.

The chunky parts are easy to grab making it easier for little hands to use them.

Car Tracks / hot wheel sets

Not only does my son like to use his imagination as he plays with all the toy cars from his collection, he also likes car tracks too.

There are some great hot wheels tracks and toys that are worth checking out for 3 year olds.

The hot wheels track featured launches cars through the loop. It’s tons of fun!


Young boys of any age like superheros and especially all the cool gadgets they use.

This Batman car is a great toy and comes with a cool Batman figure.

My Batman mad nephew had one of these and he loved pretending to drive Batman around to his next adventure

Push the front button to launch disk missiles. Turn the rear power pad to open the armour into wings.

Hot wheels cars

Hot wheels cars have stood the test of time and it's difficult to go wrong when giving such a classic car set.

The cars are durable. There are different colors and designs which young kids love.

They are great to play with on their own but also make fun play for use with a garage.

They also make fantastic take along toys. They are easily put in a bag to entertain a 3 year old boy when out and about. My sons used to love to play with their cars on different terrain (in sandpits, down slides at the playground or just on concrete).

Dinosaur Race Track

Kids will have tons of fun building the dinosaur track.

The 156 piece set has 144 pieces of flexible track, 2 toy SUVs, 2 dinosaur figures, 2 ramps, a bridge, a gate and 4 plastic trees.

Kids can build the track in multiple configurations and arrange the ramps and other toys for fun imaginative play.

paw patrol

This remote control Paw Patrol car is sure to be a fire hit with 3 year olds whether they watch the TV show or not.

It features an easy to use remote control car.

It’s 2 button design is ideal for young users.

Chase is moulded in the driver’s seat so he won’t fall out as he drives the car!

Haha land toy garage

The Haha land toy garage is ideal for 3 year olds.

Kids can guide the cars through obstacles and challenges. It's a great toy for developing their fine motor skills.

It’s also great for problem solving skills. Kids have to match up the tracks to ensure that the cars can move along.

Tonka Trunk

A Tonka truck is great for indoor and outdoor play.

Drive it through sand, muddle puddles and the snow.

Fill it with dirt or stones to move to the next stoop.

For indoor play, fill it with small toys or other items and transport them wherever they need to go!

More Superhero Ideas

From about age 3 1/2 my youngest son loved superheros. Superhero toy ideas include superhero figures, superhero costumes for dress up, superhero cars and vehicles.

batman costume

This is a super cool batman costume

It features a chest jumpsuit with attached 3D gauntlets and boot tops, a belt, cape and mask.

There are many sizes to choose from including x small, small and medium.

The love the role play involved in wearing the costume.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Toy

Zoom on land or soar through the air with this DC Super Friends Batcycle vehicle and figure set.

Transform the Batcycle from a motorcycle to a hover bike at the push of a button.

Launch a projectile disc from the hover bike.

It includes a Batman figure in cool Bat-Tech colors


Young kids like to explore and every explorer needs their own set of binoculars.

These kid-sized binoculars are focus-free and feature large comfy eyepieces—more than 3 times the size of ordinary eyepieces.

They are built to withstand kids rough play and designed to last for years

vtech camera

The Vtech camera is designed to be durable for kids as young as 3 to use.

It takes real digital photos and even has a selfie mode.

Put special effects onto the photos and make them your own!

There are also four games to play, a video camera and a voice recorder too.

LEGO DUPLO Steam Train

Lego duplo is great for little hands to build as the bricks are bigger than normal legos.

This set has so many cool features. 3 year olds can have a go at building a train track by themselves.

The train has a push and go motor so once it's been built, just give it a push and watch it go along the track.

The set includes 5 action bricks so kids can experiment with cause and effect. Put in a red action brick to stop the train, a green one to reverse it, a yellow one to activate sound,

And there's a free optional app that lets you become the controller of the train by remote control. ​

Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks

Sometimes toys without batteries, flashing lights and sounds are the ones that really encourage kids to exercise their imagination and creativity. Wooden blocks are one of those toys.

The Melissa and Doug wooden blocks should last many years. Kids can hone their fine motor skills building all kinds of constructions. Towers, farms, a rocket, a castle, a house, a museum - your imagination is the limit!

It's also a great toy for developing patience, creativity and hand-eye coordination.

marble run

Another of the best toys for 3 year old boys is a marble run.

My eldest son received one of these for his 3rd birthday and played with it nearly everyday for a long while.

We had to help him build the marble runs in the beginning but it's fun for adults to have a go as well.

AS he got older, he started putting the pieces together and building them himself. .

Bristle shaped 3d Building blocks

Picasso tiles are a fun building toy for preschoolers.

Kids push the blocks together to form constructions.

This set has 120 blocks and they can build 20 creative designs.

It's great for kids to develop fine motor skills, creativity and concentration.

Plus it keeps them occupied for hours! ​

Easy to Use Remote Control Car

Remote control cars are another cool gift for 3 year olds who are crazy about cars.

The toy cars featured have an easy to use remote with just two buttons. One for forward and reverse.

The cars also feature lights and sounds. Press the horn to hear a horn sound. They is also music and flashing headlights.

3 year olds will love the little guys which you can put in and take out to play with.


My own two boys loved legos and cars but my 3 year old nephew loves fixing things with his many tools in his tool kit.
There are lots of options of tool themed toys for this age group including a basic tool kit, tool belt, a tool bench and there are lots of different power tool toys including items such as a battery operated chain saw.

Tool Kit

This is a 20 piece tool set with some really fun tools including a drill, hammer and a tape measure.

The battery powered drill makes realistic drilling noises when the button is pushed.

There's a box to store all the toys.

The tool set also includes safety goggles, a plastic hammer, nails, nuts and bolts, a wrench, a ratchet, channel lock pliers and a screwdriver. ​

Plasma Car

The first I saw a Plasma car was at a friends son's birthday party I was unsure what they where at first bit all the kids knew!

The unique thing about these Plasma cars is the fact that by steering left to right you can get these things to propel themselves forward.

It takes a bit of practice but it wasn't long at this party until all the kids were zooming around

These appeal to all ages. My 3 year old had just as much fun as my 7 year old.


My 3 year old boy has a keyboard at home which he really enjoys playing with. He loves for me to sit down and listen to him make music. So, I would highly recommend a first keyboard.

The keyboard featured lets them create original songs or play along with the melodies. Follow the lights on the keyboard to play the melodies. They can record and play back their music.

It also allows you to explore a variety of sounds including drums, a scratch disc and a whammy bar. There are 40 plus songs and sound effects too.

Pop up pirate

Pop up pirate is a fantastic first game for 3 year olds.

Take turns to put the swords into the barrel. If the pirate pops up you’re out. Kids love it when the pirate pops up and it’s a great way to teach kids to take turns.

They can also play it solo. Kids can practice putting in the knifes. It’s ideal for honing fine motor skills.

Outdoor Toys

There are lots of great outdoor toys for 3 year olds. Ideas include:

  • their first trampoline
  • a preschool basketball hoop and ball
  • a balance bike, a scooter
  • gardening toys (watering can, a preschooler gardening set, wheelbarrow etc),
  • garden games like hoopla or outdoor bowling
  • playhouses
  • playtent. These can be put up indoors or outdoors. They are also great for shielding kids from the hot summer sun too.

One of my favourite outdoor toys is the stomp rocket featured below.

Stomp Rocket

The stomp rocket is a fun outdoor toy that is great for all ages but 3 year olds will particularly love it.

You stomp on the pad at the bottom of the rocket and see how high you can shoot the rocket into the air.

We have one of these and take it to the park to play. Quite often there are other kids who are interested and want to have a go. Kids love to take it in turns to run and fetch the stomp rockets. For older kids, you can have a race to see who will get there first.

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set ​

This is an awesome basketball set for 3 year olds that can be used indoors or outdoors.

It's height adjustable from 2.5 to 4 feet, so will grow with your child.

It comes with 3 balls. Kids can play independently or take turns with another child.

Kids can work on developing balance, motor skills and coordination skills with this toy.

Mini Micro Scooter

If you're looking for a scooter for a 3 year old, I would highly recommend the mini micro featured.
It is more expensive than other scooters but it's been fantastic for our son.

The scooter is super lightweight which means it's really easy for little ones to pick up and control. If they need to go down or up a step they can just get off and pick it up.

Despite being lightweight the scooter can take a lot of punishment. It's made of strong but light material so can withstand the play of a 3 year old.

The handlebar is the perfect height for 3 to 5 year olds.

balance bike

My eldest son had a balance bike and it was one of the best and most used toys we bought him.

He was still whizzing round on his bike at age 5. He used to love it from getting from a to b.

It's great for teaching kids balance and coordination and it generally does make the transition from balance to pedal bike quick and easy.

power wheels jeep

If you want a super cool toy that has the ultimate fun factor, the power wheels jeep ticks all the boxes.

The jeep goes up to 5 mph on grass and other surfaces and 2.5mph in reverse.

The jeep features is designed for 3 to 7 year olds.

Educational Toys

Here are some ideas of more educational toys for 3 year old boys. Ideas include:

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Lacing boards and beads (great for honing fine motor skills)
  • Simple board games (good for social skills, taking turns, winning and losing)
  • Books (reading helps widen vocabulary)

melissa and doug see and spell

Both my boys used the Melissa and Doug see and spell jigsaws at age 3. They were a fantastic way to introduce kids to letters and spelling their first words.

They are also brilliant for working on fine motor skills as they try to get the letters into the holes.

Each wooden jigsaw has a picture next to the word you are trying to spell.

It's a great activity to prepare them before going to school.

sneaky snacky squirrel game

This is a fun game which is great for matching and fine motor skills, it's won lots of awards and no reading is required!

Spin the spinner, squeeze the matching colored acorn with your squirrel squeezers, and place it into your log.

Be the first to fill your log with delicious acorns and you win! You can also pick an acorn, steal an acorn, or lose an acorn so little ones have to be strategic too.

There's lots of educational value. The squirrel squeezer perfects fine motor skills. Learn about taking turns and develop matching, sorting, strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination.

disney matching game

Matching games are brilliant to improve memory and concentration. They are super fun too!

They take about 5 minutes to teach kids how to play and about 15 minutes a game.

This set has 72 matching tiles and instructions.

Enjoy pictures of classic Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Dumbo, The Incredibles, Donald Duck, Goofy, Timon and Pumba, Tinkerbell and Buzz Lightyear.

Great Books for 3 Year Olds

3 year olds love it when you read to them. Reading is excellent to improve communication skills and increase their vocabulary. It also give them a great start at school.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

I read with my son every night.

The book says goodnight to all the construction vehicles with lovely illustrations and rhyming text.

It's just perfect in every way. The story is just the right length for kids, the illustrations are colorful and just looking at the sun setting will make even adults feel sleepy!

If they're really into their vehicles and trucks you can have fun identifying each one too.

Imaginative play

At 3 years old a child's imagination seems to set on fire! My boys love playing shop, puppet shows, doctors, fixing with tool kits and lots more. Check out some more toys to facilitate imaginative play below:

Cash Register

Another toy that my son loves and adds a lot of educational value is a cash register. He loves to play shop and sell me things. It's great for introducing the concept of money as well as teaching him numbers.

The Learning Resources cash register opposite is an excellent choice.

The notes and the coins are very realistic.

The buttons are easy to press and it also features a built in scanner, scale, and coin slot It also comes with a credit card for imaginative play. The transactions are rewarded with lights, sounds and voice messages.

​As kids get older it's really good for teaching them about money as well as adding and subtracting.

fire Chief costume

Many boys of this age like to dress up.

​My eldest son was obsessed with fire trucks and firemen at this age so a fire chief costume would have been perfect.

This set by Melissa and Doug contains everything you need for an imaginative game where you are putting out a fire.

It includes a jacket, helmet, badge, fire extinguisher, bullhorn, and reusable name tag.

Ice cream truck

Kids love pretending to make ice creams for people and eating them.

It's a simple game for adults to play with kids. Ask for a flavor of ice cream, have your child make it, give them the money and enjoy your treat.

It also works well the other way round. A 3 year old will love to tell you what ice cream you should make him and enjoy "eating" it afterwards.

As well as the obvious imaginative play, the ice cream truck featured has lots of other cool features. Push the cart around.

Count to ten along with the ice cream cart by pressing the syrup pump or coin button.

Playful phrases introduce colors, numbers, flavors and more while you explore the six activity cards. ​

doctors kit

This little doctors kit has everything you need for pretend play.

There are 12 pieces in total which include a cell phone that features a range of exciting tones and a stethoscope which produces a real-life heartbeat and coughing sound. Batteries are included for your convenience.

They all can be stored and carried around in a convenient carrrying case.

arts and crafts

3 years old is a great age to introduce kids to lots of drawing, painting, gluing and sticking and play dho.
My boys loved stickers and sticker books at this age too.

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Activity Set

This is a fun first activity set for mess free coloring. It's great to use at home and on the go.

The best thing about this set is that the crayola wonder makers and paints come out clear unless applied to the matching color wonder paper. So you don't have to worry about drawing on the walls or furniture.

It includes a color wonder ink stamp pad, 4 stamps, stamp holder, 24 page blank color wonder book, 3 sticker sheets and 5 color wonder markers.


Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven

3 year old kids love play doh and this magic oven just increases the fun.

Make play doh pretend food, put it in the oven and pull the lever. The oven lights up and you can watch while the baking is done. When completed the oven will ding!

The set includes the oven, 5 pretend baking trays, 3 cutters, roller, knife, fork, spoon, plate and 6 cans of play doh.

dino sticker activity book

This sticker book has many learning activites including mazes, drawing activities, spelling and pattern games.

Some of the activities may have to wait until 3 year olds are a little older but they will love the 1000 plus stickers.

It's a great way to introduce kids to dinosaurs and it's perfect to take to entertain kids while you're on the go.

paw patrol pajamas

Every kid should have some cozy pajamas especially during the winter months.

If you know a 3 year old who likes Paw Patrol, he will love to get comfortable in these Paw Patrol themed pajamas.

They are made of 100% cotton and are machine washable too.

Awesome for Paw Patrol fans.

paw patrol hoodie

Another cool clothing gift for Paw Patrol fans is a themed hoodie.

The one features is Marshall but you can find hoodies featuring all the other characters too.

It has a zipper closure and is machine washable.


This is a fantastic nightlight to have in any young kid's bedroom.

It projects a starry sky scene onto a bedroom's wall and ceiling.

It rotate, looks amazing and kids love it.

There are also different color options.

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