Best Toys for 9 Month Old Babies

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What are the best toys for a 9 month old baby?

As their handling skills get better babies will love nesting the cups and then trying to stack them. It won't be long before they are building their own towers to knock down. My son is now 2 1/2 and he still builds towers with his stacking cups.

They are great for teaching colors. They are also a great toy for taking out and about as you can just nest the cups together and pop them in your bag.

Every baby should have a set of stacking/nesting cups/buckets. Highly recommended.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes


Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is a great toy to teach about cause and effect and develop an appreciation for music and to keep babies entertained when you're out and about.

It's like an MP3 player for babies. It's easy for 9 month old babies to handle and hold the toy. It has big chunky buttons that baby can press to play music and teach them about cause and effect. It plays baby versions of classical music including Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin and Rossini.

It's small and lightweight so can just be popped in a bag ready to entertain baby at friend's houses or restaurant. It also makes a great travel toy to keep babies occupied and entertained on long journeys.

Baby Piano


A baby piano is another top toy.

This toy has four modes to play.

Play the piano notes or listen to animal sounds and learn songs and phrases. It introduces the alphabet, colors, shapes, counting, and more.

There piano also has colorful lights that "dance" along to the beat.

​Music Piano Keyboard Dance Floor Mat


This is a perfect toy for a baby who's on the move.

Babies love pressing down on the mat to activate different sounds.

There are 8 unique instrument sounds including piano, violin, accordion, horn, xylophone, oboe, guitar, flute and 9 black keys with corresponding music tones.

Balls - Vtech roll and discover


Balls are another fun toy for babies. Roll them to encourage babies to stretch after them, move and crawl. Roll them to baby and encourage them to roll them back.

The Vtech roll and discover ball is a great ball for 9 month old babies.

It features a motion sensor that triggers sounds and phrases.
And there's also big star shaped button that introduces numbers and animals

9 month old babies will love rolling it, throwing it and just put it out of their reach so they have to think about how to move to get it. It's a good learning to crawl toy which makes noise as it is tossed and rolled around.

The plush ball has soft textures and tags that are interesting for baby and help with tactile development. It also features entertaining characters and bright bold colors to attract baby's attention.

turtle ball pit


This is an awesome ball pit for a 9 month old baby.

It comes with 60 plastic balls, that babies will love sitting in, grabbing, rolling and tossing.

The turtle which the balls are in, can easily be zipped up to give even more opportunities to play.

On the outside of the turtle are peek-a-boo holes which babies can push balls through or pull balls out.

There are also crinkling feet, a squeaking button, a textured ring, a mirror, silky fabric tags, and an attached soft ball rattle for babies to explore too.

Vtech Sit to Stand Walker


This toy has lots of activities for sitting babies and can be used as a great push along toy when babies are ready.

The walker has a detachable activity centre. For young babies, the activity centre can be taken off the walker and laid on the floor for baby to play with. The activity centre has lots of developmental and educational activities for babies of all ages. They include 5 piano keys that make music, a play phone, spinners, shape sorters and lots more. It also plays lots of music (over 70 songs) to engage babies and keep them entertained.

The second part of the toy is obviously the walker. Babies  love pushing the toy around to help them get started with their walking.

Classic Toys - Shapesorter and Rings


Sometimes it's the classic toys which are the best and you certainly can't go wrong with toys that have stood the test of time. Parents may even be able to remember these toys from their own childhood.

The shapesorter is a great toys for 9 month old babies. At first babies will just enjoy handling the blocks and putting them in and out of the bucket by lifting the top off. But as they get older theylearn how to put the shapes in the right hole. It's also great for teaching them the names of the shapes and colors too. You can use the blocks to stack little towers and knock the down as well.

The rings are great for young babies to explore with their hands but probably mostly their mouths. 9 month olds will enjoy banging the rings together. As they get older they learn to put the rings onto the ring holder. This will help them develop their fine motor skills and hand and eye co-ordination.

What I really like about both toys is that they will grow with your baby. My boys still loved shapesorters at almost 3 years old so they have the potential to last quite a while.

Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset


If you have a 9 month that's into everything, this should help satisfy their curiosity for exploration (for a little while at least!).

It opens out and closes up (which is great for when not in use).

There's lots for little hands to explore which helps their fine motor skills.

It features a take-along play panel with a bead tumbler, spinner w/mirror, spinning “gears”, clicking bugs, and a large button when pressed that plays songs.

Babies can crawl through archway. There's a shape-sorter mailbox. A working tap-a-tune piano sits atop the open-close door. There's also a movable, look through telescope.
Finally, there's also an open-close window shutters that feature a ball drop flower pot.

Galt Pop Up Toy


The Galt Pop up toy is a well designed toy that babies and toddlers find lots of different ways to play with.

9 month old babies will love taking the little people out of their slots and handling them. They will try and put them back in the slots too, which is great for developing fine motor skills. They may like to carry the little men around with them as well.

Push the little men down and they will pop out, which is lots of fun. Great for young kids to watch and have a go at themselves as they get older.

Enjoy color matching the little men in their slots which is great for learning colors as well. It's also good for practising counting.

It's made of wood so is durable and will last. Lots of fun! Sometimes the toys without all the flashing lights and sounds are the most played with as it encourage imagination.

Green Toys Airplane and Book Set


This is an adorable toy and book gift set.
9 month old babies will love looking at the pictures in the book as you read it to them.
As they get older they will love playing with the airplane
The best thing about this gift set is that it's made with recycled plastic and other recycled materials.
The plane is very sturdy so should last years to come through lots of different play.
It's a fab toy for imaginative play as babies get older. Toddlers will love to fly this plane through the air.

Vtech Drop and Go Dump Drunk


This is a super fun toy.
Babies love the lights and music.
There's lots for little fingers to do which makes it great for developing fine motor skills.
Drop the balls in the hole in the dump truck and watch it tumble into the bucket to learn numbers.
When the balls are in the truck have fun pushing and pulling the truck along and here them rumble in the bucket.
Lift the hinged bucket to unload the rocks and start again.
There are 3 colorful buttons for baby to press that play melodies, phrases, teach tools and colors.

Crawl Around Car


This is the perfect toy for a 9 month old baby. There are so many activities that he or she can do straight away but also lots that they will grow into as well. It also comes in pink or blue if you prefer.

The stationary car encourages baby to sit up, crawl, pull up, stand & move all around.

​Baby can sit in the car and do lots of activities which include honking the horn, opening and closing the door, pull on levers and turn switches. It's fantastic for encouraging early role play.

There are 75+ sing-along songs, tunes & phrases.
There's also a built in ramp for ball play and a shape sorter with three different shapes in the door.

Vtech Ride On train


Vtech ride on train is another fab toy that will grow with your child.
At 9 months old it can be used as a floor toy. It has 10 activities on the actual train itself including a storybook, clock, gears, 13 double-sided alphabet blocks which build fine motor skills and introduce letters, numbers, colors and more.

9 month olds will enjoy that the toy train counts the alphabet blocks when they're dropped down the chute.

As they get older the train can be used as a ride on and a pull along toy.
There are also activities for toddlers which include a walkie-talkie and a number pad.

Toys to encourage crawling


This has three stages of play - pre crawling, beginner crawling and advanced crawling.

The toy has lights and sounds to attract attention. The bee can be lifted out of the middle and is a rattle and wobbly toy in it's own right

For beginner crawlers you can set the toy to go in a circular motion and if they pick out the bee, the toy stops and spins.

Advanced crawlers will love the random pattern motion so they can chase the toy. The toy has motion sensors to avoid hitting obstacles.

Fisher Price Press and Go Monster


A simple toy to encourage crawling.

Press down on the monster's head and set the wheels moving.
If you can crawl after it!

It works better on hard floors rather than carpet floors as it goes a bit further and faster.

It also features soft rubber teeth, horns and knotted hair which provide a variety of textures for baby to explore

LeapFrog My Pal Scout


This is a cute toy which you can personalize so it says your child's own name. It's easy to personalize with a smartphone or tablet right out of the box.

Press Violet's paws for lullabies, learning songs and activities with numbers, animals, food and more.

Violet teaches first words, feelings and emotions, counting and colors. He also features a lullaby timer with 5, 10 or 15 minutes of bedtime music.

Fisher price laugh and learn piggy bank


This is a cute toy which has different stages so the learning content is designed to grow with your child.

At 9 months babies enjoy handling the coins. You can show them how to put them into the slot, count them for baby, and sort them into colors. Babies can enjoy trying to work out how to fit the coins in the slot or put the coins in and out of the piggy's belly.

There's 40+ sing-along songs, tunes & phrases that 9 month olds will love to listen to. There are two levels of play with songs, and phrases and sounds for each little ones age and stage. ​

Hape Tap and Pound Bench with Slide out Xylophone


The Hape Tap and Pound bench is a well made toy that will last and give opportunities for play for several years.

9 month old babies will love playing with the balls that come out of the top of the bench.

They can hammer them through and watch them roll down the xylophone.
The xylophone is fun to play with too.
This is a popular toy, 2, 3 and even 4 year olds love to play with it as well.

Where is Baby's Belly Button - A Lift the Flap book


Not a toy, but a book that is extremely entertaining for a 9 month old baby.

Read the questions and lift the flaps to answer them as you read the book. "Where are baby's eyes?" "Under her hat".

9 month olds  love closing the flaps as you open them and as they get older they will enjoy opening and closing the flaps themselves.

They will want to read again and again.

Dear zoo - Lift the Flap Book


Another real cool lift the flap book is the classic "Dear Zoo".

It introduces interactive play and reading along with the names of animals.

Young readers love lifting the flaps to discover the animals the zoo has sent-a monkey, a lion, and even an elephant.

At first you can read to babies and open the flaps for them. They will delight in seeing what's behind. It won't be long until they are opening the flaps themselves.

Baby Splash Pool


This is a lovely little splash mat.

Turn on the water at a lower pressure to get a lower height with the sprinkles.

The mat fills up with 3 inches of water which is perfect for babies to sit and splash in .

It's easy to use, just spread flat out, connect to a hose and start the water.

When finished it's easy to fold away and store.

Radio Flyer Trike


Trikes are a great investment at 9 months.

The Radio Flyer 4 in 1 trike featured can be used from 9 months up to 5 years.

The tricycle adapts as the child grows.

At 9 months it can be used as an infant push trike. Parents can push baby along with the parent handle.

As they grow older there are different stages until the child is using the trike independently.

Playskool Explore N' Grow Busy Ball Popper


The ball popper has been a firm favorite with babies and toddlers for a fair few years and it's not hard to see why.

When babies press the smiley faced button, they can drop a ball onto the spiral track.

When the balls reach the bottom, SURPRISE – they pop out the top and the fun starts all over again.

At first babies will love handling and tracking the balls. As they get older they will love crawling to fetch them and bring them back.

The balls are great to introduce colors and counting too.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Remote Control


The remote is designed for babies and toddlers from 6 months to 3 years. It's easy and chunky to hold to and has great educational value as well.

The size makes it a great take along toy to throw in a bag and entertain a 9 month old baby when out and about. ​

It's inexpensive but has tons of fun packed in.

It's excellent for developing fine motor skills as babies will practice pressing the buttons. Press the number buttons to hear the corresponding numbers. Other buttons play different tunes and songs.

There are lights and numerous songs about counting, numbers, colors and letters.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Game Controller


Lots of learning fun with the game controller.

There are lots of buttons to press which introduces babies to numbers, shapes, colors and letters.

Little ones  love using the controller to pretend to be like Dad or big brother and sisters who enjoy video games.

It's also good for fine motor skills as there are lots of knobs and buttons to grasp, press, spin, and toggle including moving the joystick.

Vtech Pull and Sing Puppy


The Vtech pull and sing puppy is great value for money and has lots of play and educational value.

​The puppy plays music and makes puppy sounds and there are 2 volume settings so you can turn it down if it gets a bit too much! .

9 month old babies will love to press one of the 3 buttons to hear words phrases and songs about numbers, colors and parts of the button. The buttons also activate cute puppy sounds. There are 60 plus sounds, songs and phrases. So it's educational and great for language development

As babies get older they enjoy pulling puppy by it's cord. When they pull the puppy along they are rewarded by activating music and sounds.

The nose lights up red, the legs move and the keys around his neck move too. ​

Smart Home


This is the ultimate toy for a 9 month old baby.

There is so much to do and play with.

There is an interactive hub, crawl-through door, porch light, open and close mailbox, light up house numbers, drop through rain gutter and balls, shape sorter recycling bin and more.

The home area with light up thermostat, office light and clicker clock, plus a kitchen area with shape sorter fridge and role play pieces.

Christmas Pajamas


If you're looking for a gift in the run up to Christmas another alternative to toys are some Christmas pajamas.

The pajamas featured are perfect to wear in the run up to Christmas, on Christmas and the big day itself.

They are made of 100% cotton and are comfortable for babies.

Very cute!

What To Buy a 9 month old baby?

Here are the kind of toys 9 month old babies like according to their development:

Toys that make sounds
9 month old babies also love "noisy" toys which use simple language, nursery rhymes and other sounds to start encouraging baby to make noise and work towards saying their first words. Babies of this age may be starting to understand their first words and phrases so these toys with simple words, phrases and songs can help this part of the development.

Toys that teach cause and effect.
There are lots of toys available for this group where something happens when they press a button or do another action. Activity tables, musical keyboard, baby laptops and other such toys are fascinating for this age group.

Toys that give opportunity for movement
9 month old babies are super eager to start moving around so toys that encourage movement are great. Crawl balls and first walker are some top picks.

Toys that develop fine motor skills
9 month olds are also developing their fine motor skills. They now have developed their pincer grasp so they can pick up smaller objects. Their hands are also working together as their co-ordianation improves. This will mean they will be trying to work everything out with their little hands. Can they push this object through this hole (in a shape sorter) ? Does stacking cup fit inside this one? Can they press this button with this finger? Toys that give babies the opportunity to work on their fine motor skills are perfect for this age.


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