Awesome Toys for 7 Year Old Boys

Walkie talkies are so much fun for young kids.

Use them in spy games, keep in touch with friends and families at the supermarket, at the park or while camping.

The walkie talkies featured have a compact and lightweight body.

The ergonomic design with rounded corners is comfortable and reduce scratches.

Scavanger Hunt Game for Kids


The scavenger hunt can be played both indoors and outdoors. Play camping or in the backyard. If you are stuck at home, there are 32 cards for indoor play too.

7 year old boys will enjoy being a super spy.

Learn secret handshakes and become a spy master, mission and base leader.

Learn how to code and decode and how to communicate over Walkie Talkies in a secret spy language.

Water Gun


Kids love water fights so why not get them a pack of two water soakers so they can battle with their friends.

Pull the pump, pull the trigger, and shoot easily.

The water gun featured fires up to 32 feet.

Construction toys

Many 7 year old boys love to build and create and there are many toys to facilitate this such as Legos and Knex.
Check out some Lego kit ideas below.

Lego kits


At 7 years old there are tons of exciting Lego kits to choose from.

The Lego Technic monster jam kit is ideal for 7 year olds.

The 244 piece set is about the right size and challenge for this age group.

Once they've built the vehicle it has a pull back action with is great for racing.

Lego 3 in 1 Creator set


The 3 in 1 Lego creator sets are super cool because each set provides 3 different creations which kids can build.

The dinosaur kit featured can be built into a T-Rex, Triceratops or a Pterodactyl.

It has some cool features. The dinosaur has bright orange eyes, posable joints and head, large claws and an opening mouth with pointed teeth.

​It also includes the dinosaurs prey in the form of a buildable rib cage

Catapult Wars


Catapult wars has tons of play value.

Firstly enjoy building the catapults.  7 year olds may need adult help but the instructions are easy to read and follow.

Once you've built and customized the catapults with stickers, have fun playing with them.

There are targets included that you can knock down. Alternatively find your own targets.

There's two catapults. Have battles with a sibling or friend to see who can knock down all the targets first.

Hot Wheels Tracks


This hot wheels track has four intersecting crash zones and a car feeder ramp.

It boasts more than 16 feet of track with hairpin turns, motorized boosters, and a giant crash zone.

The set includes parking spaces for additional storage and safeguards over crash zones. It comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle.

Board Games


This is a fun family guessing game.

Each player wears a headband with a picture and they must ask the other players questions to help determine what they are.

The categories are simple so 7 year olds will have no problem joining in.

There is a one minute timer so it's also a race againt he clock

Connect 4


It's hard to go wrong with a classic game such as connect 4.

The winner is the first person to get four counters in a row. However you must also try and prevent your opponent from getting 4 in a row at the same time.

It's a fantastic first strategy game for 7 year olds.

5 Second Rule Junior


This is a fun game to play with family.

Can you name 3 different flavours of ice cream? Or 3 zoo animals? Or 3 super heros? Sounds easy right? But you have to do it in 3 seconds.

This is a great game which the whole family will enjoy

Lots of laughter guaranteed when the silly answers slip out under pressure.

Educational toys

There are some great educational toys for this age group. Check out a couple of options below.

Snap circuits


Snap circuits is a fun and easy way to teach kids about electronics.

The parts snap together and you can easily follow the instructions to do all kinds of projects.

It includes 30 parts, and instructions for over 100 projects, including working models of a photo sensor, a flashing light, and an adjustable-volume siren.

This toy has won many toy awards including the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and Dr Toy 100 best children's products.

Science Kit


My 7 year old son is very curious about how things work. It's a great age to introduce science through fun science kits.

The My First Mind Blowing Science kit includes experiments such as creating an erupting, color changing volcano, a sunset in a test tube and jiggly crystals.

The kit includes step-by-step instructions for 11 experiments.

The detailed science guide included provides adults with "mind blowing science secrets" that help to answer questions about what's happening in each experiment.

4M Rocket Launcher kit


Another great toy for budding science enthusiasts is a water rocket.

The kit contains all the parts required to transform a recycled soda bottle into a functioning water rocket.

It uses the power of water pressure to blast its rocket up to 90 feet in the air.

You do need a bicycle pump for it to work which isn't included in the kit.

National Geographic Sky Rockets


The National Geographic sky rockets soar up to 100 feet.

Stomp on the foot pump on the rocket launcher and send your air rockets flying high.

Other rocket launchers don't put on a show like these rockets. Each rocket is equipped with LED lights that can be turned on and off.

​Take outdoor play to the next level with a spectacular rocket light show!

This is more than a kids rocket launcher because the detailed learning guide contains rocket flight experiments and insight into the physics of motion and aerodynamics.

Melissa and Doug Secret Decoder


The Melissa & Doug secret decoder activity set gives kids a chance to crack codes, uncover hidden clues and reveal secret messages.

There are 50+ activities including a secret decoder game book, seek & find game book, secret message activity pad, and magic-reveal sticker sheets.

​It’s a a great set for 7 year olds to encourage problem solving and critical thinking.

Roller Coaster Challenge Stem Game

Roller Coaster Challenge is a logic game and roller coaster building set that comes with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty, from beginner to expert.

Easy to learn and the set comes with a high quality instruction manual so you can start playing right away.

It develops critical thinking skills and ties into STEM subject such as science and engineering. It also improves logical reasoning, spatial reasoning and planning skills


My son (like many boys) isn't the most enthusiastic reader. He likes us to read to him but he rarely will sit and read a book on his own. I  like to encourage reading so I look for books that are fun and highly visual.

He is interested in fiction books such as Captain Underpants and Horrid Henry. One great way to get him enthusiastic about reading has been the Laugh Out Loud Joke book below.

Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids


I've found that joke books are a great way to encourage my 7 year old son to read.

He loves telling the jokes from his joke book and trying to make us laugh. It's also funny to watch him laugh at his own jokes after reading them!

The book includes one-liners, knock knock jokes, tongue twisters, and more.

There are some groaners in there but there are some laugh out loud jokes as well.
It makes a great stocking filler at Christmas.

Big Book of Why


This is a visual book with lots of bright colorful pictures and some great questions that kids will love to know the answers to.

Questions include why does your skin wrinkle in the tub? Why do I have to eat vegetables? And why do I have a belly button?

It's a fantastic book to dip in and out of. It's pitched perfectly for 7 year olds but adults will enjoy reading the book with their kids too.

Ultra Dash

Some games and toys are just super fun.

Ultra dash is a fab game that can be played indoors with a little bit of space. It will get kids moving, having fun and move them away from their screens.

It can be played independently or in groups.

It's simple to play. The color targets are placed around the room. The player holds the tagger which flashes a color. The player races to the color target and tags it.  The tagger detects targets and scores on accuracy.

Players can race against the clock or play target tally or relay race

Doinkin darts


Doinkin darts is a magnetic dart board.

Parents don't have to worry about the safety aspect with darts with this board as the magnetic ends won't hurt kids or damage the walls.

It's a great toy to have in a bedroom and siblings, family members and friends will want to have a a go.

Slime Kit


There's everything you need in this kit to customise your own slime.

There's 18 different slimes ranging from clear slime to purple slime. Make the slime your own by using tubes of glitter, cutting shapes and utensils, bags of sugar paper, beads and foam balls.  A tool kit and 2 plastic straws are also included to manipulate the slime. There is also glow in the dark powder included!

The slime is ready made so less mess but kids can still have so much fun creating their own "slime designs".

Magic Kit


7 years old is a great age to get a magic kit.

Many kids will love performing tricks and showing off in front of family and friends.

The kit featured includes 100  magic tricks and props, plus a magic hat and wand so he can really look the part.

There's also a step-by-step instructional DVD starring magician Ryan Oakes

Dino Egg Dig Kit


​Dig up 12 dino eggs & discover 12 unique dinosaur models.

Kids can feel like a palaeontologist excavating toy dinosaurs from the dino eggs.

Find a T-rex, Dilophosaurus, Ankylosaurus and more!

Once dug up, find the appropriate card describing the history and characteristics of the dinosaur.

Remote Control Car



Have fun using this remote control car both indoors and outdoors.

It’s equipped with high-quality soft and elastic rubber tires, shock absorption, strong grip, anti-skid, so is not afraid of slippery roads

It can roll and rotate 360 degrees and reverse quickly.  It flips and can do a fun 360 degree rotation dance.

Outdoor Toys

7 year olds are full of energy so toys that will get them outside and burning that energy off in the summer and throughout the year are often good choices. Here are some ideas:

  • Bikes and scooters
  • Trampoline
  • Junior pogo stick
  • Jump rope to get them bouncing and jumping
  • A water gun - fantastic for water fights in the hot weather
  • Throw and catch games or a frisbee - perfect for building hand and eye co-ordination.

If he doesn't already have one a scooter is a fun outdoor gift.

Kids will love scooting around outside with friends but it's also great for the school run, riding at the park or just getting from a to b.

The Razor scooter featured is a good choice. It offers a smooth ride with PU wheels and a lightweight frame.

The handlebar is foldable for easy storage. It's also adjustable so will grow with your child.

Tetherball Set


Tetherball is super fun for the backyard.

7 year olds will develop their hand-eye co-ordination while playing.

What's great is that they can play on their own but also with siblings, friends and parents.

The set is portable and you can take it anywhere by packing it all up and putting it in the carry case. You can use rocks to hold the base in place.

OgoSport Mini OgoDisk ​

This is a really versatile outdoor toy that is fun for all ages.
It can be used solo as a ball trampoline. Bounce the ball on it's own on the disk.
The disks can be used as frisbees.
Or why not play throw and catch with the balls with another person.
This is a great toy, especially in the summer. It's perfect to take to the park and practise throw and catch skills. Great for improving hand and eye co-ordination.

Ezy Roller Ride On


The Ezy Roller moves like a snake with right-left leg movements.

Kids sit low to the ground and push the foot bar back and forth to get great speed.

It’s extendable, so grows with your child. Children can curve around in this lightweight ride.

Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pogo Ball



The Flybar Pogo Ball is a combination of a balance board, pogo stick and jump ball.

It’s a guaranteed hit for energetic 7 year old boys.

With 5 electrifying colors, each pogo jumper comes with extra heavy duty grip tape designed for maximum traction and a pump for easy inflation

Radio Flashrider


7 year olds will love cruising along and throwing 360 degree spins on the Radio Flashrider.

Kids love spinning on this thing!

More than that, they can pull the spark lever and watch the sparks fly!

Vtech KidiZoom Action Cam


This is such a cool toy.

It takes photos and shoots videos

The included tripod is great for shooting videos. It's also converts into a selfie stick.

Additionally, shoot videos with 20+ animated backgrounds.

Use the included green screen to make people and objects disappear on the videos.

Arts and Crafts

My son has liked arts and crafts since he was about 4 or 5.
He loves drawing but he also likes making things with craft kits.
One of the most fun and simple kits he has enjoyed is a paper plane making set like the one below.

​Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit


Learn how to fold a plane "traditional" style, "lion" style and "standard" style with this paper airplane kit.

There are easy to follow instructions.

​It makes 20 airplanes in total.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case


If the 7 year old you know loves to draw he will love this art case filled with everything he needs to start drawing at any time.

The kit includes 64 crayola crayons, 20 crayola short colored pencils, 40 crayola washable markers, and 15 large sheets of paper.

The pens and pencils snap in the case and it's well organised so that individual items won't be lost.

Doodle Pillowcase


At 7 years old my own son was crazy about space and he loved to draw.

This pillowcase allows kids to exercise both passions. You can draw on the pillowcase and color it in.

The pillowcase can be washed, so you get to color it in all over again in a different style.

If space is not his thing, there are dinosaur and map options to choose as well.


Writing Tablet


Writing tablets are great for doodling, drawing and scribbling.

They’re great for drawing on the go and keeping kids entertained whenever they’re out and about.

Use it to practice handwriting and trying out new drawings.

When you have finished just tap the erase button on the tablet to start again!

Food Gifts

You can't really go wrong if you buy chocolate or candy gifts for kids but find below some ideas with a difference.

Japanese Candy


My son loves watching videos on YouTube where people try candy from other countries like Japan.

One of his favorite gifts for his 7th birthday was a box of Japanese candy

He loved to try the different sweets and flavors.

Gummy Candy Lab


This kit allows you to make your own delicious unicorn, cloud, and rainbow-shaped gummies

Make different flavors and colors and personalize your gummies.

Investigate the scientific properties of natural polymers as you cook up the gummies.

Learn about colors and color mixing as you make a yummy gummy rainbow.

The kit includes all the food ingredients, a candy making mold, and citric acid to make sour gummies.

A 16-page, full-color manual guides your gummy making and experiments.

More fun ideas…

The Floor is Lava Game


Kids love this game. It’s fun and educational.

Test your balances and problem solving skills by by working your way through the forbidden fire lands!

Earn bracelets by solving the Tiki challenges after safely landing on the tiles without touching the floor… because it’s lava!

The last survivor, or the first person to get all 4 bracelets wins!



Hover soccer toy is a great toys to play indoors.

It’s powerful motor allows can slide on any smooth surface.

It has foam bumper protection to protect walls and furniture.

It’s great for kids to practise their soccer skills while indoors.

Screwball Scramble


Screwball scramble is a classic game that you can play with individually or with up to 4 players. All the family will want to have a go!

Use skills and hand-eye coordination to guide your marble through the crazy obstacle course: through tubes, troughs, along wires, and more

Challenge yourself to beat the clock on this time game or challenge a friend to see who’s fastest!

Pass the Potato Game


Pass the potato game is fun for all ages!

The potato heats up as you pass it around. Don’t be the one to hold it when the spud explodes!

The smart sensors recognise a shake tap or toss and respond with 40 plus hilarious phrases such as smashed potato or potato explosion.

Pogo Stick


This is a pogo stick which is ideal for 7 year olds between 40 and 80 pounds.

It’s a great activity for developing balance, muscle tone and coordination.

A wide bounce tip and wide non slip foot pads are there for increased control.

Foam-covered hand grips and sturdy foam-covered metal frame provide comfort and protection

Mouse Trap Game



The mousetrap game is a fun classic that many adults will remember from when they were a kid.

Players have to get their mouse round the board without getting trapped.

Take turns to build the mousetrap while moving around the game board. Use the trap to try and catch the other player’s mouse.

The last uncaptured mouse on the game board wins!

Domino Creations


Building domino runs is fun. Set them up and knock them down!

The set includes 100 colorful dominoes, accessories and easy-to-follow instructions.

Kids will love building numerous custom domino art creations.

Adults and kids or all  ages will want to join in!



The night light projector is amazing. It projects the stars and moon on the ceiling of your room.

This is great for kids who love space.

There are 3 different lighting modes. A warm light, a color light and a light which rotates.

It is either powered by batteries or use the USB cable.

Money Safe


This safe is important to keep secret items and money away from prying parents and annoying siblings.

Roll money into the kids ATM bank machine automatically or use the coin slot on the top.

It's a great place to store pocket money, photos, notebooks or other important items.

Awesome 7 Year Old T-shirt


Reaching 7 years old is another important milestone in his life.

Why not celebrate it with a t-shirt?

It's great to wear on his birthday but all year round as well.

It comes in different colors and sizes. There is a sizing chart to help you decide which is the best size.

The t-shirt is 100% combed-cotton with a classic crew neckline.

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