Best Superhero Toys for Kids



Superhero mad boys will have a blast on the batmobile pedal go kart.

It is adjustable so you can set it to the right size for your child.

It's low weight design means it's easy to pedal and steer.

It looks super cool too! ​

superhero capes


If they love dressing up and they love superheros you just cannot go wrong with this set.

There are four different capes and masks so they can pretend to be a different superhero on different days.

The great thing about this set is there is always a spare costume for a friend or sibling to dress up in as well. This will obviously mean there is lots of play opportunity. ​

batman costume


Another super cool costume is the batman costume featured.

It features a chest jumpsuit with attached 3D gauntlets and boot tops, a belt, cape and mask.

There are two sizes to choose from small and medium.

The love the role play involved in wearing the costume.



The great thing about this game is that it gets everybody up and moving.

This is perfect for superheros who have a can do attitude.

Turn the cards over and if you think you can do the suggested activity shout "I can do that".

There are some pieces of equipment to help you complete certain challengers.

If you flip a battle card, you'll get to put your training into action by fending off the Green Goblin using the objects from the Marvel Universe.



The chutes and ladders set is sure to appeal to superhero loving boys

You can play as spider-man, white tiger, iron spider, power man, venom black cat the green goblin or rhino. Are you going to be a hero or a villian?

It's obviously a great game to play for reinforcing all the number learning up to 100.

spiderman Connect 4


Connect 4 is a fantastic first strategy game for 6 year olds.

It's a simple but classic game which has stood the test of time so it's difficult to go wrong with this one.

The idea is to get 4 counters in a row and block your opponent from doing the same. It's quick to play and fun.

Superhero fans will love the Spiderman version of the game.



The batmobile is fantastic for imaginative play.

It fires missiles, the batman figure can sit in the cockpit which opens and closes.

Turn rear power pad to open the armour into wings. Push the front power pad to fire missiles.



here are 3 fun activities in this superhero craft kit.

They include making a wonder cape,  Decorate your cape with superhero symbols and lots of lightning and glitter.

Superhero mask - make a powerful mask with wings, lightning, and stars to make you look like a real superhero.

Power Cuffs:  make your cuffs and wear them around your wrists to show your superhero powers. ​

Captain America Strikeshot Shield


This Captain Strikeshot shield shoots nerf bullets and is super fun!

Kids can create epic battles while wearing this shield.

Fire NERF projectile, reload and repeat.

​Do it again!

eKids Spidey and His Amazing Friends Toy Walkie Talkies for Kids


These easy to use two way radios feature cool graphics and designs inspired by Spidey and his friends.

Send messages with the push of a button. The buttons are easy to push for young kids.

Play fun walkie talkie superhero games with friends or family

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