There are lots of jewelry making kits for girls of this age that make fantastic gifts and appeal to her crafty side.

Why not create your own clay jewelry.

Use the polymer clay to create custom coloured beads and bracelets.

Then keep or share with family and friends.

Juicy Couture Absolutely Charming Bracelets

This friendship bracelet making kit has everything girls need to craft up to 4 Juicy Couture jewelry pieces!

​With chain bracelets, jump rings & lots of Juicy puffy sticker charms.

The perfect kit to encourage tween girls away form their phones.

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes​


This is such a cool little present that creative and artistic types will love.

Scratch away notes, drawings, doodles and messages on the mini notes.

There are 125 notes in total.

Bright colors hide beneath the matte coating. Use the wooden stylus to reveal them with a simple scratch. ​

Boogie Board


The boogie board is a writing tablet.

You can use the writing tablet for all kinds of things including drawing, doodling, writing, homework notes, leaving messages for your family members, taking phone messages, writing lists, playing tic tac toe and lots more.

The tablet is thin and lightweight so it's easy to take anywhere.

It's also great for entertaining kids on long trips in the car.

Design Your Own Messenger Bag


10 year old girls will love to color in the front of the messenger bag with the five included markers to make it their own.

There’s also stick on gems to add some bling!

The bag has an adjustable strap so she can use her creation once it’s completed.

Use the bag to take items to a friend’s house or just to carry everyday essentials.

Music Gifts

If she’s very musical this can open up a whole host of ideas. Here are some:

  • a first musical instrument such as a guitar or ukulele.
  • speaker for her room
  • Echo dot with a subscription to Amazon music
  • Electronic drum kit and lots more...

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone


A fantastic option for a girl who likes to sing is a wireless karaoke microphone.

Connect it to your phone via bluetooth and use it as a handheld microphone and speaker for a home karaoke party.

It's easy to use and features lights for an extra party atmosphere

Mini Bluetooth Wireless Animal Speaker


If she likes to listen to music in her room, than she will probably love this mini Panda themed bluetooth speaker.

It will wirelessly stream music from her bluetooth enabled devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

There is also a selfie feature which remotely activates a camera. This is perfect for Youtubers.

The compact size fits anywhere. She can put it in her bag and take to her friend's house or listen to it in other rooms around the home.

Spontuneous - The Song Game - Sing It or Shout It - Talent NOT Required


If she loves music and songs, this could turn out to be a popular game.

One player says a word and the race is on for the others to sing a song containing that word.

Can you think of a lyric with the word "mountain" in it? Blurt it out then…you only have 15 seconds! Don't worry about your voice; shout it if you must, because time is ticking!

Great for 10 year olds who are always singing and love songs to play with their friends and family.

Slime Kit for Girls


This kit is a great option to make fluffy slime and ice cream slime.

Once you’ve made your slime, squish the slime into ice cream cones. The use the sprinkles on the top.

The kit includes step by step instructions to make lots of different fluffy slime.

Help Her Save Memories

Instax Camera


These are fantastic cameras which will instantly print out credit card sized photos.

The camera itself is small and lightweight so easy to transport and take photos at special occasions or of family and friends. The photos are a nice size to keep in a wallet or use for a scrapbooking project.

​They can also be given as small mementoes or gifts. Whatever you use the photos for, it’s really nice to have a physical memento of a memory or person that you treasure.

Scrapbook Set


This journal and scrapbook set is perfect for twins.

There spiral bound journal is great to for creative writing.

It’s also a good place to store memories such as photos, ticket stubs and other memorabilia.

There are stickers, gems and glitter frames and lots of other accessories to make the journal look really nice.

Outdoor Gift Ideas

Many 10 year old girls will enjoy playing outside and there are lots of gifts that you can get to facilitate this such as:

  • a new bike
  • a scooter
  • a trampoline
  • jump rope and lots more...

Razor Scooter


The Razor scooter E100 is a fun gift for a 10 year old.

It is great for getting her to where she wants to go whether that be outside the house, to the shop, to a friend’s house or to school.

The scooter can reach speeds of up to 10 mph and uses a simple kick start motor.



These rollerblades come in four different sizes.

They are easy to adjust making them the perfect fit for growing children.

The wheels light up which gives the rollerblades and extra cool factor.

They have some high end features which include 82A polyurethane wheels and high quality ABEC-7 bearings

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Scooter


She will really be "too cool for school" on this scooter.

It's super fun and has a variable engine speed that can go up to 15 mph and up to 40 minutes continuous use (up to 10 miles) on one charge.

The 12 inch pnuematic tyres with rear suspension offer a smooth ride.

Other features include a retractable kickstand and a padded seat.



Hovershoes are super fun.

Simply slip your feet into them and roll, jump and skate your way to where you want to go.

They can reach speeds of up to 10km/h so they can get you to your destination super quickly.

They can be used both indoor and outdoors.

For the Dancer

Does she love to dance?

​If she does dancing as a hobby she may appreciate some new equipment such as a new leotard or dancing bag.
If she likes to dance for fun and has a games console, check out the Just Dance 2022, fabulous fun and great for improving her co-ordination too.

Just Dance 2022


Just Dance 20222 is a fun video game where you have to copy the dance moves from the person on the screen.

You can compete on your own or against other people to see who has the most accurate dance moves.

There are some really cool dance tunes to move to.

Studio Creator


This kit gives wannabe influencers everything they need to make videos for their favourite social media platform.

There is an LED adjustable light, a green screen and an adjustable tripod.

She will be able to record hands free from any angle.

The LED light has 3 white light modes and 8 color modes to help her get professional lighting for her content.

Gravity Maze


This is a fun puzzle game, that can be quite addictive and is a good option to pull them away from video games and screens.

It's a simple concept.  It's a marble game with towers. There are 60 cards with different challenges to complete (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert). The towers in the game can be arranged in a variety of structures but, for each challenge, you'll have to to build a path that will carry your marble to its target.

Kids will probably also love to build their own creations.

Adults will enjoy having a go at this as well. ​

Science kits

​There are some great science kits and gifts for girls this age. Ideas include:

  • a microscope
  • a telescope
  • a crystal growing kit
  • snap circuits kit and lots more...

Make Your Own Soap Kit


There are a range of kits that are designed to get girls interested in science. They make a good job of showing how science can be applied to products in everyday life.

One example is the make your own soap science kit. It gives everything you need to make up to 10 soaps.

There is a 36-page booklet of step-by-step instructions to help you make what you need.

The kit includes 6 lip balm containers, 1 lip balm mold, 1 lotion bar mold with 4 shapes, 1 gift bag sticker sheet, 6 lotion bar gift bags, 42.2 grams beeswax pastilles and a pamphlet. ​

Bath Bomb Bonanza


Make bath bombs with this set and learn about acid and base reactions, cool carbon dioxide & the science of fizz in a bathtub full of fun colorful eruptions.

The fact-filled colorful lab guide is full of pictures and information giving kids hours of fun in their own home made science lab!

It's easy to use and lots of fun ​​

Amazing Reactions Chemistry Kit


This is a great science kit with bright, colourful experiments that really engage kids.

Make glowing worms, a crystal tree, fizzy solutions, a colourful bouncy ball and lots more.

​There are 15 experiments in total.

The kit comes with a very easy to follow instruction booklet.

For the Budding Artist / Drawer

High quality drawing and art equipment are always a nice idea if she loves to draw and create art.
If she likes to have lots of fun when drawing she will probably love the spirograph below.



This is a classic toy that it’s hard to go wrong with as it’s stood the test of time. Great for all kids who love drawing and art.
Create millions of amazing designs with all the iconic rings and wheels of the original set.
It comes in a durable carrying case with snap in storage and a built in drawing surface
The spirograph gears work with the 3 retractable ball point pens included in the as well as most standard pens, markers and pencils
​It also includes spiral putty which holds the spirograph easily and securely on the paper so that you can create beautiful designs with no holes in the paper.
It comes with 20 sheets of design paper. A full color design guide which gives step by step instructions for creating your own designs.

Go Girl Doodle Notebook


This is a very inspiring and upbeat coloring book perfect for tween girls.

There are 30 inspiring designs with some very positive messages.

You can use whatever you want to color in the designs (pens, pencils, watercolors, markers, gel pens etc).

The page are high quality so they won't bleed through.

The designs can be ripped out of the book and displayed if you like too.

3D Pen


This 3D pen has been designed for kids between the ages of 6 and 13 years old.

It enables them to build all kinds of 3D structures with the plastic filament.

The pen is the winner of numerous toy awards.

Great for kids to improve their creativity and design skills.

Doodle Pillowcase


Design your own pillowcase with the pens provided.

The ink will wash out during the washing cycle, so it's an activity she can do over and over again.

There's a notebook on one side and a picture frame on the other.

The pens are double ended. One end is thick, the other is thin for extra versatility.


Board games can be very popular with girls this age. Some fun ones to play with friends include Headbanz, Twister, Apples to Apples Junior and classics like Monopoly.
A fun one to play at sleepovers is featured below

5 Second Rule Game


10 year old girls love having their friends over to stay and going to sleepovers. If she has a sleepover planned for a 10th birthday, this is a fab game to play at a sleepvoer.

Pick a card, read the seemingly easy topic, then start the timer! Name 3 things that fit the topic such as Name 3 Yellow Foods.” However, you only have 5 seconds to do it.  It isn't as easy as it seems.

Players get tongue-tied, funny answers come flying out and laughter is sure to follow in this fast-paced party game

Gravity Maze


This is a fun puzzle game, that can be quite addictive.

It's a simple concept. It's a marble game with towers. There are 60 cards with different challenges to complete (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert). The towers in the game can be arranged in a variety of structures but, for each challenge, you'll have to to build a path that will carry your marble to its target.

Kids will love to build their own creations too. ​​

Sports Gift Ideas

Many 10 year old girls are sporty and this can give some fantastic ideas of toys and gifts to give her.
It will very much depend on the type of sport she is interested in.
Perhaps she loves gymnastics or dance. Some new kit for her dance and gymnastic lessons may be appreciated. Ideas might be, a new bag, a leotard, a dance/gymnastic t-shirt or hoodie.
If she loves doing other sports would she like a new pair of trainers? Bikes, scooters, a trampoline and other outdoor toys might also be wanted gifts.
If she loves soccer, a new soccer ball / kit or what about the solo soccer trainer featured below.

SKLZ Solo Soccer Trainer

If she loves soccer she will loves this soccer trainer. It has an adjustable waistband which will fit round her waist. This is attached to an 6 foot long elastic cord which stretches up to 18 feet. You attach a ball to the end of the cord. It can work with any balls whatever size (size 3, 4 and 5 balls). She can then practice passes, kicking, touches and throw ins without any other players needed.
A great training aid which will help her improve her soccer skills on her own whenever she wants.

Jewelry Gifts for 10 Year old Girls


10 years old is a nice age to buy a first piece of jewelry. Ideas for this age group include a letter pendant with the first letter of their name.

Another cool idea is a mood necklace like the star shaped pendant featured.

The mood pendant changes color with your mood and so is a fun piece for a tween girl. The color the pendant turns is meant to represent her mood. So yellow is strained, red is unsettled, pink is not under great stress, green is somewhat relaxed, purple is love, blue is relaxed and at ease and black is anxious.

Happy 10th Birthday Bracelet


This 10th birthday bracelet engraved with a lucky number 10, heart, moon, star, sunflower, butterfly charms makes the perfect gift for a birthday girl.

The bracelet can be worn everyday or for special occasions.

The bracelet is expandable.

It’s easy to take on and take off.

Looking for more jewelry ideas for 10 year old girls, check out lots of jewelry gift ideas on this page.

Not Parent Approved Game


Not Parent Approved is aimed at kids aged 8 plus. It’s humour that will appeal to the 8 to 12 year old age group

It can be played by the whole family or with their friends.

Check through the cards before you play to make sure you are happy with all the options. You can then discard any you aren’t happy with.

Beauty Gifts


Hair chalks are super fun and she can change her hairstyle and color temporarily without leaving any lasting damage to her hair.

The hair chalks are temporary, easy to apply and easy to wash out. They last up to 3 days but will wash out with shampoo when you no longer want them.

There are 10 pens in this set and they can also be used as face paints. Each pen provides up to 80 applications. They leave hair feeling soft and natural.

Nail Designer Kit


The nail designer kit has everything she needs to create unique nail arts.

The pens can draw, brush and put dots on the nails

It’s great for improving fine motor skills and encouraging creativity .

It’s a great kit for kids to do independently or with friends.


Books can be the easiest gifts to buy a this age group and it's always good to encourage tween girls to read.

Daring Book For Girls


This book is jam packed full of information and teaches girls things they would love to do. The activities are wide ranging. There is sure to be more than a few things that each girl will love whether she a tomboy or of a girly girl.

They include first aid, roller skating, rules of games from netball to softball, friendship bracelets, putting your hair up with a pencil, building a campfire, karate moves, a girls toolbox, maths tricks, a short history of women and lots more.

Wreck This Journal


This journal is fantastic for the creative girl as well as anybody that likes to break the rules.

The book gives you lots of ideas of what to do with the journal but you are free to make your own decisions. Engage in destructive act, poke holes through pages, add photos and deface them, paint pages with coffee, color outside the lines, and more. All the things you were told never to do!


Mini Waffle Maker


If she loves baking in the kitchen, the mini waffle maker will be a fab gift.

Make paninis, hash browns, and even biscuit pizzas! Any wet batter will “waffle” your treats and snacks into single serving portions.

Simply plug it in and go; it heats up in minutes.

It includes a recipe book and recipe database access (all non-electric parts are easily wiped clean)

Stuff for Her Room

At 10 years old, a tween girl may enjoy personalising her room with accessories and gadgets. Some ideas include alarm clocks, nightlights, storage for her stuff and beanbag chairs.

If she likes gaming she may also like a gaming chair or gaming storage.

LED Bluetooth Speaker and Night Light


This is a speaker and nightlight in one.

There are 6 different color changing themes.

You can choose any color you love or let it change or oscillate automatically

It's also a wireless speaker so she can stream her favourite music via a bluetooth device and enjoy.

Bean Bag Chair


A bean bag chair is useful item to have in a tween's bedroom. Pefect for chilling out on to read books, watch movies, play video games and much more.

It's also the perfect place for a friends to sit and chat too.

The beanbag featured comes in different colors to suit the decor.

It's equipped with double stitched seams and comfortable yet durable cover that will stand up over time.



A bed rest is perfect for tween girls who like to chill out and read or watch tv when lying on their bed.

It gives some back support and makes chilling out much more comfortable.

The bed rests are lightweight and portable with a carry handle on the top so it's easy to move between rooms (from the bed to the couch or lying on the floor).

​The large back pocket is the perfect size for keeping extra magazines, books or a tablet.

Light up Letter



This letter is a lovely decorative item to have on a shelf in a teen bedroom.

The letter changes color.

There is a remote control which you can use to choose the lighting mode which includes fade and jump.

You can even control the speed of the flashing.


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