Nerf Gun


It's difficult to go wrong with a standard nerf gun.

The nerf gun featured is a bestseller and is inexpensive.

The Disruptor blaster holds 6 Elite darts and fires darts up to 90 feet.

Eaglestone Dinosaur Shooting Toy


This is a fun shooting toy. Everybody will want to have a go!

Use the air pump gun to shot balls at the dinosaur target.

A digital LCD records score.

When the bubble ball enters into the hungry dinosaur’s mouth, it will sound and count 1 point in the score display.

Outdoor Toys

Now more than ever 6 year old boys should be getting outside and running around to keep fit and healthy.
There are some fantastic gifts for this age group to get them active. Here are some ideas:

Swingball / Tether Tennis


We have had a tetherball set for about a year and its since my son has turned 6 that he has taken a big interest in using it.

It's a classic game that adults and children will love and is great for hand / eye co-ordination as well as keeping fit.

​The set includes a 2 piece metal pole, 2 paddles and 1 ball.

The great thing about tetherball is that both adults and kids of all ages love it.

Stomp Rocket


Stomp rocket are lots of fun.

Stomp on the pump at the bottom of the rocket and see how high you can shoot it in the air. Kids love stomping on the pump and then trying to catch the rocket as it comes down.

This kit has three different stomp rockets.  They include a looper plane which performs giant loops, a glider plane that soars up to 100 feet and wildcat plane which does all kinds of crazy tricks

Kids can also race to get the rocket once it's landed. Who can bring it back first?

Razor RipRider 360 Caster Trike

The razor rip rider is a really cool trike which is super fun

It's good for kids of ages and is great exercise as kids are pedalling all the time.

It has 360 degree spin action.

​Kids love spinning round on the trike.


Batmobile Pedal Go Kart


Hauck's Batmobile features a sturdy steel tube frame with low-profile rubber wheels, forward & reverse sprocket with an adjustable seat.

As well as training their strength, stamina and reactions, this go-kart is a fun way for children to learn their first traffic regulations and even parallel parking.

To control the speed of the go-kart, the easy-to-use handbrake works on both back wheels, making it as safe as possible.

​The bucket seat can be adjusted to the length of the child’s leg and it has a comfortable backrest.




A kick scooter is another fab idea which will give them lots of exercise and burn off some of his excess energy.

The Razor scooter is a good choice as they are excellent quality but not too expensive.

It folds up for easy storage and portability.
There's a brake for safety.
The scooter is high quality and features an aircraft-grade aluminium t-tube and deck and urethane wheels for a smooth ride.
The scooter has adjustable handlebars so will grow with your child.

EzyRoller Classic Ride On


Kids will have a blast on this toy. It's awesome for all ages (even teens can get in on the action - the maximum rider weight is 150 pounds)

It moves like a snake with right-left leg movements. Kids sit low to the ground and push the foot bar back and forth to get great speed.

It can be used indoors and outdoors as it has non marking wheels.

Building and Construction Toys

6 year old boys love construction toys. My son loves legos in particular. He's at the age now where he will enjoy using the instructions to build. Afterwards he has great fun playing with the toys he has built. Lego is good in many ways. It's great for literacy, understanding and following instructions. It's fantastic for encouraging imaginative play and good for creativity too.
Other great construction toys include marble runs, Geomags, gears, gears, gears and Knex.

Lego Creator Dinosaur


The Lego 3 in 1 Creator kits allow kids to build 3 different objects from the same kit of lego. Once you've finished building and playing with one build, break it down and build something else. ​So it's excellent play value and you get a lot for your money.

The Trex dinosaur can also be built into a Triceratops or a Pterodactyl.

Lego Creator 3 in 1 Space Shuttle



Another cool 3 in 1 creator set is the space shuttle.

Build a space shuttle, an astronuat figure or a spaceship toy.

Kids can also use the lego builders app to zoom, rotate a visualize a digital version of their space toy on a phone or table.

Lego City


Some of the best value for money lego sets are lego city, so it's well worth checking these out.

The lego city set featured is a monster style truck.

First, kids can have fun building the vehicle with easy to follow instructions. After it's built there are numerous imaginative play possibilities. The toy boasts large tires, high working suspension and a flatbad for transporting the toy mountain bikes.

The set also includes 2 lego figures, 2 mountain bikes and a tent.



Another great construction toys is zoobs. My son was given a zoobs set last Christmas. You can use the pieces to create all kinds of things, animals, dinosaurs, cars etc. There suggestions of what to build or use your own imagination.

The zoob set featured allows kids to design and build cool, wacky creations.

They can also solve challenges, such as hitting targets and making balls bounce.

Build a catapult, zip line, trampoline and more

Marble Runs



Marble runs are really fun to build and once you've built them you can have a great time running marbles down your creation.

This marble run has 80 pieces which gives lots of options of how to build. The see through pieces are easy to stick together and enable you to see all the action.

You can make really tall and impressive structions. Your imagination is the limit.

​Little Kids First Big Book of Why

Not a toy, but if you're buying a gift for a 6 year old this is a good option.
Young kids are super inquisitive and this answers lots of questions they would love to know the answers to.
The book is extremely visual with lots of colorful pictures and photos.
It's great for a parent and child to go through together of for a 6 year old to read on their own if their reading skills are good enough.
All the important questions are covered. Why do I have to eat vegetables? Why do I have to go at bed at night?
And there is lots of useful information in there too.
Why does a car go? Why do planes fly? Why do I have dreams and nightmares?

Joke Book


This is a great joke book for a young audience

6 year olds can have a go at reading and telling the jokes themselves making it great for improving literacy.

It's great for younger kids to read, as most of the jokes are quite short. It's a good choice to encourage children to read without  actually knowing they're practising their reading.

What Should Danny Do? (The Power to Choose Series)


This is an ingenious book. Kids love it, it's fun and they learn a lot from it as well.

It's a power to choose book, so you can make the choices for Danny and see where that may lead him.

Kids love making the choices for Danny.

They can see what happens and which choices might have a better outcome. And for fun, they can make decisions just to see what happens

Arts, Crafts and cooking

Many 6 year old boys love to draw, paint and create. They may also love to cook and bake.
An art kit with crayons and paper can make a simple but great gift for this age group. Many boys of this age will sit for ages and color and draw. There are also various arts and crafts kids aimed at boys.
There are lots of cooking sets also aimed at this age group, that boys will love.

Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Race Car Art



This is an ideal craft for boys who like making and creating as well as love cars!

Build your own functioning wooden cars. Use the paints and the sticker sheets to make a car design that will stand out from the rest!

DIY Slime Making Kit


This kit allows kids to customize the pots of slime with their own designs.

Add glitter, beads, foam balls and sugar paper to make it your own.

The set comes with 18 different slimes, 3 cutting / shaping utensils, 2 plastic straws (to manipulate the slime), 12 vials of colored glitter, 2 bags of sugar paper, 3 bags of beads, glow in the dark powder and 6 bags of foam balls.

Lots of slimy fun for an afternoon of crafts and making!

Gingerbread Cookies Kids Baking Kit


 The Gingerbread Cookie decorating kit comes with a kid-friendly recipe, all the pre-measured dry ingredients they’ll need, and a gingerbread man cookie cutter.

As everything is pre-measured, all kids have to do is mix, roll out the cookies, bake, and decorate!

It's fuss free and a great way for kids and adults to spend some fun time together in the kitchen.

Art Set


Another really cool kit for the budding artist is an art set

If he loves to draw, he will be thrilled with this.

This 140 piece coloring supplies set includes 64 crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 washable markers, and 15 large pieces of paper.

It can all be stored in the inspiration art case which is ideal for a quick tidy up, easy organisation and portability.

Doodle Pillowcase


If he loves to draw, he will love nothing better than coloring in his pillowcase.

There is lots of coloring in to be done on this space themed pillowcase.

When the pillowcase is ready to be washed, all the markings will wash away, leaving a clean pillowcase for more coloring in.

​Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet


This toy is great as kids love to see their drawings light up when they've completed them.

Just draw directly onto the board and when you've finished, look to see your drawings shine.

And you can remove the back of the light up to to use it to trace too.

There is built in storage for the pens to stop kids losing them.

Dinosaur Toys


If you know a 6 year old boy who is obsessed with dinosaurs, this toy is perfect.

Dinosaur mad kids get to dig out the dinosaurs out of each egg. 6 year olds should be able to chisel away at the egg and get the dinosaur out independently.

Once they have recovered the dinosaur, they can match them up to the relevant cards and learn some new dinosaur facts.

Amazon Kindle Fire for Kids


A tablet designed with kids in mind. It's great for keeping 6 year olds entertained when parents need a few minutes peace and quiet.

They can do what most people would do on a tablet. Read books, watch videos and play games.

It comes with 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited gives your kids access thousands of popular apps and games, videos, books, Audible books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more.

It has parent controls which allow parents to personalize screen time limits, set educational goals, filter age-appropriate content, and also manage web browsing and content usage.



This is an awesome nightlight for young kids but especially great if they love space.

It projects starry star scene onto the walls and ceiling of their room.

There is a timer, so when the timer expires it shuts of the nightlight entirely.

There are color options to choose from too.


6 year old boys will enjoy board games and there are lots of great games out they are perfect to play as a family too.
They are getting to the age where they can start playing some more complex games with some strategy which makes playing board games more interesting. Some fun ideas include:

  • Guess Who
  • 5 Second rule Junior Edition
  • Mousetrap
  • Sequence for Kids
  • Connect 4
  • Operation (a fantastic game for honing fine motor skills and dealing with frustration)
  • Twister is also lots of fun, great for playing with a group and improving physical stamina.


Connect 4


Connect 4 is a fantastic first strategy game for 6 year olds.

It's a simple but classic game which has stood the test of time so it's difficult to go wrong with this one.

The idea is to get 4 counters in a row and block your opponent from doing the same. It's quick to play and fun.

​6 year old boys will love the Spiderman version of the game.


Twister is a fun game that kids recommended for kids aged 6 and up.

This version of twister has a larger mat with 2 times the numbers of spots and it also features 2 gameplay options. It's easy to play.

You can play the classic twister where the spinner chooses the next move. Or as another option play spot elimination to lose a row and make the game more challenging.



Qwirkle is a board game that kids from the age of 6 can play but the great thing about it is that it's a good game for the whole family. It's not a game that adults will get bored with (like some other games that young children can play).

It's a fantastic first stragegy game and is simple to play.
The game is as simple as matching colors and shapes but it also requires tactical maneuvers and well planned strategy.

Simply build lines by matching tiles based on either color or shape, and score points for doing so. Create a line of 6 tiles and score big (a quirkle!).

​Once all the tiles have been played, the player with the most points win the game.
The ability to build complex combinations will keep children (and adults) interested and engaged, and challenge them mentally.
It's so easy to explain that new players can jump right in an start playing in minutes.

Guess Who


Guess Who is the classic guessing game that has stood the test of time.

It's recommended for ages 6 up.

Each player picks a character and their opponent has to ask questions to try and guess which character they have picked. The first person to guess correctly wins.

This version is the classic. The game is for two players and it's great to get 6 year olds to think of clever questions that will help them win the game.

Educational Toys

Many toys already featured for boys of these age have some educational value. Construction toys can help boys learn to focus on a project and concentrate. Board games can introduce strategy, help improve social skills and increase vocabulary and other concepts.
Other ideas include books and jigsaw puzzles.
But if you're looking for educational toys also check out the science kit below.

Mind Blowing Science Kit

The mind blowing science kit is the perfect first science kit for 6 year olds.

There are 11 experiments to carry out that include erupting a color changing volcano and growing colorful jiggly crystals.

It's a super fun way to teach some of the basics of science including the differences between acids and bases and how to use a test tube and a pipette.

Lots of educational fun!

More Fun Gift Ideas

There are some really fun toys and gifts out there for 6 year old boys.
Here are some ideas that I think fit well into the "fun gifts" category.



Smartwatches are great for helping kids learn to tell the time and they can also use it to take videos and photos. He can add fun effects, frames and filters to your photos and videos.

The Vtech smart watch has are over 50 3D style digital and analogue clock faces to help young kids learn the time.

It also features a motion sensor for active play challenges and a pedometer to count your steps.

Light Saber



Light sabers are always popular for kids of all ages especially Star Wars fans.

The light saber featured enables you to build different light sabers by using different parts.

It simulates classic lights and sounds

Super for imaginative play.

Walkie Talkies


Walkie talkies are great fun for kids to play games such as pretending to be secret agents!

They are also great for keeping in touch with kids when they're playing in the garden, on a camping trip or in the supermarket!

The walkie talkies featured have adjustable volume and clear sound quality.

Additionally there's a belt clip on the back, children can attach the walkie talkie to clothing or anywhere they like.

Remote Control Cars

My kids love remote control cars and this one looks fun.

Great to play with indoors and outdoors, it can go over grass as well as on the flat surfaces.

It is equipped with high-quality soft and elastic rubber tires, shock absorption, strong grip, anti-skid, and not afraid of slippery roads. 

It does 360 degree spins and flips. It goes forwards, backwards and wherever you want!

Bumper Cars


If a remote control car is not enough fun just by itself, get 2 bumper cars.

They are easy to drive and kids will just love trying to bump them into one another.

Lots of fun for siblings and friends to have together.
The rider ejects when bumper is hit. Hit your opponent's car on either side and send his driver flying.

Built-in crash sound effects.

Hover Soccer Ball Set


This hover soccer ball set is great to play indoors when the weather is bad or just for fun.

The hoverball floats on a cushion of air and has a foam bumper to serve as protection.

Set up the goals inside and have a game of soccer or hockey with the ball.

It works best on hard floors.

Magic Set


Many 6 year olds are fascinated by magic tricks and also love to have a go at performing in front of adults.

The magic kit featured has 25 easy to learn tricks and high quality props.

It's a perfect set for 4 to 8 year olds who are starting out with magic.

You can make candy disapper, vanish a coin, make crayons travel and lots mor3e.

It includes 31 props and pieces with instructions and codes for online videos.

The storage suitcase doubles as a performance table measuring 10in high x 19.5in wide
It also includes a step-by-step instructional DVD starring magician Ryan Oakes.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Corkscrew Twist Kit Playset


This set is tons of fun.

There's 2 possible set-ups. Cars can jump through a hoop and hit a target.

Send cars through the corkscrew loops before making the leap towards the target or adjust the set-up to launch cars straight at the target.

Experiment with force to master the challenge.

Monster Jam, Official Champ Ramp Freestyle Playset ​


The monster truck playset features 4 unique ramps, a connecting bridge, truck launcher & launch stabilizer so you can perform endless, epic stunts.

It's easy to set up. Build a realistic ramp and hit it from any side using the powerful truck launcher.

The playset includes an authentic 1:64 scale Son-uva Digger monster truck that can’t be found anywhere else.

Hot Wheels Versus Track Set


This is a super cool car toy. Kids will have so much fun racing, smashing and crashing cars.
The track has four intersecting crash zones and a car feeder ramp.
It boasts more than 16 feet of track with hairpin turns, motorized boosters, and a giant crash zone.
The set includes parking spaces for additional storage and safeguards over crash zones and cmes with one Hot Wheels vehicle.
Lots of fun!

Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset


Another cool hot wheels playset avaible for Christmas 2018 is the spin storm playset.

It has 2 launcher so kids can have a competition and play together.

There are 3 crash zones where cars can crash or narrowly miss.

The set comes with one car, so you will probably need a few more to get the most out of the set.

Stocking Filler Idea


This is such a cool little present that creative and artistic types will love.  My boys loved them.

Scratch away notes, drawings, doodles and messages on the mini notes.

There are 125 notes in total.

Bright colors hide beneath the matte coating - use the wooden stylus to reveal them with a simple scratch.

Pretty papers which allow kids to use their imagination and sketch whatever they dream up.


Shark Blanket



A shark blanket with glow in the dark eyes.

The blanket is designed for kids between the ages of 5 and 12.

Great to cozy up inside the shark blanket when watching a movie or reading a book.

Turn off the lights and watch as our new blankie tails shark blankets eyes light up.

For the Musical Child - Electronic Drum Kit



This is a really cool portable drum set for kids.
It's space saving as it can be rolled up so it's easy to store and take places.

It includes a snare, 3 toms, 1 crahs, 1 ride, 1 hi-hat. 2 foot pedals play sound of bass drum; 5 timbres; 8 DEMO songs and 3 rhythms. It has a built in speaker and is powered by a rechargeable battery.

If family and friends don't want to be disturbed you can connect a headphone through the phone jack so you can enjoy your own music world quietly

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