There are magic items that you won't find in other magic kits such as a change bag. A change bag is a staple in the magician's community. The one included is smaller than a professional one which is perfect for kids to use.

A five page instruction pamphlet to show you how to do the tricks.

The tricks include a disappearing ball, magic coin box, secret silks, great escape, magic number prediction, money maker, Egyptian prediction, vanishing zone, cylinder squeeze and vanishing coin.

Another plus is the you can use hinged box to store materials and to serve as a performance space.

Melissa & Doug Magic in a Snap! Abracadabra Collection Magic Tricks Set


This Melissa and Doug magic kit is a 10 piece kit for younger children from aged 4 years old. It's a good buy for budding magicians under 8 years olds.

The tricks include a king-to-queen card, rope cutter, color-changing silk, a zig-zag number slicer, a card stretching illusion, and a magic wand that shrinks and grows.

The tricks are simple for young children to learn and master. There is an illustration instruction pamphlet with the set.

Overall it's a fantastic set for young children. The only downside is that there is no storage for the tricks included.

Marvin's Magic - 125 Amazing Magic Tricks for Children ​


If you want a magic set with a lot of tricks - Marvin's Magic is the one for you with a whopping 125 tricks. It's aimed at kids aged 6 and up.

Inside the box find a magic wand, magic theatre, magic cups and balls, mind-reading canisters, and mystical magic cards.

There's a booklet with illustrated instructions. Some younger kids will need some help reading the instructions.

In addition, there's a free Marvin's Magic app you can download to use in conjunction with the set. Access video instructions for the tricks and unlock even more magic.

The tricks are plentiful but some of the pieces are small and made of plastic.

It's a good set for beginners who want to try out a lot of magic.

Marvin's Magic - Fifty Greatest Card Tricks Set


If you have a child who wants to learn card magic this is a good introductory set. The card tricks are for beginner magicians and not much sleight of hand is needed.

It features a deck of Marvin’s Magic cards and some trick decks. The cards aren't the best quality but fine for kids starting out.

It comes with a handy instruction booklet for 5 tricks. You will need to download the Marvin's Magic app for instructions to 50 more tricks. The app includes online video instructions and to unlock more magic.

Mega Magic Kit for Kids


The mega magic kit comes with 28 magic props allowing your child to perform hundreds of tricks.

It includes different levels of tricks so your child can progress and kids of all ages can have a go. The magic tricks are good for beginners. It's official recommendation is for kids aged 4 and over.

There are a huge variety of tricks, it's a good set for beginners. One downside is that some of the props made of plastic are small.

The box the tricks come in has also been designed as an organizational, storage and performance space. The box opens up and has 2 levels. If they hold the box opened towards them and away from the audience, then they can actually handle and prepare their next tricks without the audience seeing the illusion.

A picture manual with written instructions and an instructional DVD helps kids understand and perform tricks easily.

Criss Angel Ultimate Magic Kit


Aimed at kids and adults from 8 to 108 years old! Due to it's marketing and packaging it makes a great magic set for older kids, teens and adults who are beginners in magic.

Learn tricks that are used by the illustionist and mindfreak magician Criss Angel to amaze your friends and family.

It includes props for performing more than 550 magic tricks, like Money Printer or the classic Cups & Balls; along with detailed, step-by-step directions.

There's also an instructional DVD and a bonus DVD teaching you how to levitate anywhere, anytime with no props.

It comes in a nice box. ​

MasterMagic Magic Kit - Easy Magic Tricks for Children


The kit featured includes easy to learn magic tricks. Overall there is access to learn 350 tricks (with the ebooks see below) but the magic kit itself has about 28 props. It's aimed at kids who are beginners in magic from 5 to 14 years years old.

Find inside a magic wand, mystery drawer box, magic coloring book, color vision cube, coin spike trick, appearing flower, magic ball and vase, exploding dice, zig zag pencil and more. The props are fine for beginner magicians but are made of plastic materials in the main part.

The kit an easy to understand instruction manual. There is also access to a secret website with step-by-step video walkthroughs of even more tricks which don't require the use of this kit.

Additionally, get access to 3 bonus Ebooks: “Modern Coin Magic. Learn Over 236 Amazing Tricks Using Coins” + “Encyclopedia of Card Tricks” and "Expert at the Card Table".

Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase


The kit featured includes 100 easy to learn magic tricks, numerous props, plus a magic hat and wand so kids can really look the part.

​It's aimed at kids aged 8 plus

Learn and perform the magic card shuffle, dice escape, vanishing salt, cut and restore tissue, multiplying balls and many more.

The storage box also double up as a performance table so kids can use it to put on magic shows.

The set comes with a instructional booklet to learn the tricks. Unfortunately it seems the advertised online videos are no longer available. However, the tricks are still very good for budding magicians. ​

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