Best Toys for 11 Year Old Girls

Hair Chalk


Hair chalk is lots of fun.
Apply one or more of the different colors for a temporary new look.
When you have had enough, simply wash the color out with shampoo. Otherwise the hair color will last for three days.
There are 10 chalks in total.
Chalks provide up to 80 applications per pen and leave hair feeling soft and natural.
Great for when friends come over, sleepovers or just for everyday use.
The chalks double up as face paints too.

Nail Pens


There is tons to keep tweens enteratained in this nail pens sketch it salon.

It is a190 piece kit to show off custom nail design skills.
There are 5 colors and 2 nail tip pens to sketch and paint as well as 135 gems and 49 color in appliques, nail file and instructions to follow.

Great for a mom and daughter afternoon.

Or perhaps use at a sleepover or when friends come to play.

Board Games

There are tons of board games for this age group. Board games are often fantastic to play at sleepovers, with friends or at parties so it's often good to look for games that will fit this criteria. Some examples include the Headbandz game and Apples to Apples below.

Some girls this age may prefer strategy board games like the Settlers of Catlan.

5 SEcond rule


This is a great family game but it can also be played with friends or at sleepovers.

It's really simple to play and super fun.

Pick a card, read the seemingly easy topic, then start the timer! Now with only 5 seconds to name 3 things that fit the topic, it doesn't seem so easy

The pressure you are under due to the time limit means that people come out with the funniest things.

Fantastic for Christmas, slumber parties, birthday parites or general game nights.

Hedbanz Game


It's difficult to go wrong with the hedbanz game.

Easy to play and tons of fun for kids and adults of all ages.
The idea of the game is simple. Wear your card on your hedbanz. Be the first to guess who your are and you will win.

You can play with the included cards but some reviewers suggest making your own cards too. Then you can put actors, TV shows and other ideas which are relevant to the people playing.

Another game that's fun to play with family, siblings and friends.

Music Gifts

Many 11 year old girls have started to develop an interest in music, singing and may be interested in pop stars and bands.
There are lots of fantastic gifts to get for the girl who has started to enjoy music. If she likes to listen to it, consider speakers, an mp3 player, an itunes voucher, tickets to see her favorite band or pop star in concert.
If she likes to play it music lessons, a musical instrument or equipment for her music hobby.
Karoke machines are also popular at this age and will be good for sleepovers and parties. Check out a couple of gifts below.

Bluetooth Animal Speaker

If she loves listening to music she will love a bluetooth speaker. It will connect to any device with bluetooth such as a smart phone or a tablet and she can stream her favorite songs from the smart phone to the speaker.
The speaker featured is a panda but there are lots of other animals speakers available too, so choose one of her favorites.
It's just a bit bigger than a golf ball but has amazing sound for the size.
It's easy to pair your device with the speaker.
The power button can also be used as a remote shutter for pics and video.
Additionally it includes a built-in mic for convenient hands-free options such as phone calls.

Sing Stand


A karoke machine is the perfect gift for a girl who loves to sing. She can practise singing on her own and also enjoy the fun of singing with friends. It's perfect for sleepovers and parties as well.

This sing stand is a fantastic choice of karaoke machine.
It connects with your MP3 player or tablet so you can sing along to custom playlists. It also features a stand which will hold a media device.
The SingStand 2 also integrates a stereo speaker and a microphone.
Additionally it can also be connected to an instrument such as a guitar or keyboard.

Active Girls

Is she active? Does she loves sports and getting outside.
Some ideas include:
New sports clothes and gear.
An activity tracker such as a fitbit
Equipment for her favorite sport. For example if she likes soccer why not get her the SKLZ solo soccer trainer.
Don't forget traditional gifts like bikes, scooters, electric scooters, skateboards, a trampoline and roller skates.

Electric scooter


This electric scooter is a great gift for 11 year old thrill seekers.

It goes up to 15mph which is the fastest electric scooter Razor make. A slightly slower electric scooter and another good option is the Razor E200 which goes up to 12mph.

Get up to 40 minutes of continuous use on one charge.

The scooter also features twist-grip acceleration control, a hand operated rear brake, extra wide 10-inch pneumatic tires
and a retractable kickstand.

Mermaid Tail


Mermaid tails are a really fun gift idea especially if she likes swimming.
The one featured is swimmable. Check out a video of one in use here.
The tail looks very realistic and is great for photos too.
As well as swimming have fun wearing it in the bath. Also great for dress up.
The tail looks very realistic.
Tons of fun, something a bit different to get the girl who has everything.

Razor Jetts Heels Wheels


Razor Jetts Heels wheels are super fun.
They are easy to take on and off and fit any size shoe.
They glide really easily and quickly, much more smoothly than heelies.
They feature easily removable spark pads for extra fun.
They support riders up to 220lbs
They are easy to control too. Kids love these skates.
Elbow and knee pads are recommended.

Bop It Game


Bop It is super fun and a classic game that has been around for many years so it's difficult to go wrong.
It can be played solo or as a group.
There are 10 fun moves that you can do. They include whip it, drink it, selfie it, hammer it, answer it, cradle it, saw it, sing it, golf it, and comb it.
There are 3 different modes you can play in which are Action, Classic, and Beat Bop.
Classic is the traditional bop it game with Bop it, Twist it, Pull it. Action mode and beat bop are new modern twists on the game. When playing socially you can also include the pass it mode where players hear the unit call out 'Pass it', and know it's time to pass the game to the next person.
Lots of fun and lots of ways to play.
A great way to get kids away from those screens.

For the Creative Girl

Fashion Studio


Is she creative, loves making or a budding fashion designer.

This is so much more than a toy. In fact it's a mini design studio that will encourage creativity, imagination and develop skills such as sewing and measuring.

There's a lot of items to explore and discover with the It includes a dress mannequin, sewing essentials, sketch book, yards of fabric, swatch booklet, trims, embellishments, satin dress form, garment bag and a fashion design manual.

There are options to embellish the dress included in your kit or use the material provided to dream up your own creation.

The dresses can be modelled on the dress mannequin or why not model them on any dolls such as barbies that she still may have lying around the house

Doodle Cotton Pillowcase

Obviously kids know not to draw on their bedding but with the doodle cotton pillowcase she can break the rules. She can doodle as much as she wants.
The pillowcase comes with wash out fabric markers. She can draw on both sides. Then wash the pillow case and start all over again.
Sketch, draw, scribble, write a message, draft a letter, make a storyboard, or write a poem.
A fun gift for the creative girl who loves to draw and write everywhere.

Tech Gadgets and Accessories

It's impossible for kids to ignore the amount of tech gadgets and accessories that are available nowadays and it's more than likely that 11 year old girls are asking for electronics and other gadgets. If she has a smart phone she may appreciate a new case or cover, a portable charger or something such as a selfie stick.
Other ideas include a new tablet, laptop, chromebook or games console,

Boogie board


A boogie board is a writing tablet.
They are great fun but really practical too.
Write what you want and when you have finished, you can erase at the touch of a button to reveal a clean slater.
It gets rid of all those bits of paper.
An 11 year old girl can use for working out her homework, doodling (it's great for use for drawing in car journeys), leaving messages for her friends, siblings and other family members, writing to do lists, taking telephone messages for people and lots more.
It's super lightweight and thin, so is very portable too.

Selfie Stick


If she loves to take pictures of her and her friends she will love a selfie stick.
The one featured is an excellent choice.
It features a built-in Bluetooth remote control & great battery, allows you to take a self-photograph or group photos easily with a better photo sight.

It's also simple to use. Just turn it on, pair it with smart phone via Bluetooth and then Snap.

It folds up compactly so she can take it with her in a bag.

Action Camera


An action camera like the go pro makes a good gift for girls who like to shoot video.

The camera is waterproof so can shoot video while swimming, snorkelling, out in the rain or snow.

If she is active she can attach an action camera onto a bike, scooter or helmet with one of the go prop mounts which are sold separately. She can then shoot video of her escapades.

Or she can just shoot video of special occasions, family, friends or anything she is interested in.

It has some excellent features such as it records 1080p30 and 720p60 video, takes 5mp pictures, a built in microphone, is designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions. It is waterproof up to 131-Feet (40m).

instax camera

This camera is really fun. It takes and prints out instant photos.

The photos are credit card sized but are perfect for scrapbooking, keeping in a wallet or giving as gifts to friends and family.

11 year old girls will enjoy taking snaps with her friends to have as keepsakes. Great for taking photos at special occasions, parties, sleepovers or everday events.

Mood Pendant


There's tons of fun jewelry that make perfect gifts for 11 year old girls.

Some ideas include charm bracelets and locket charms.

Another fab idea is the mood pendant opposite. It's inexpensive so makes a brilliant stocking filler. The fun thing about it is that it changes color according to her mood


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Awesome Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls


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