Best Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

LCD Writing Tablet

The writing tablet that's great for younger kids to doodle and draw on.

They can  practise writing letters, numbers and words. It's fun for kids to be able to leave messages on the board for their parents to read.

It’s great to occupy kids on long car journeys as the board is lightweight and thin. Erase your doodles or writing at the touch of the button, ready to start again.

Crayola inspiration art case

If she loves to color, draw or doodle, the Crayola inspiration art set is a gift she would love.

The set contains 64 crayola crayons, 20 crayola short colored pencils, 40 crayola washable markers, and 15 large sheets of paper.

It comes in an art case with a carry handle at the top.

She can carry and use the art set wherever she pleases.

A fantastic present for any budding artist.

Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes With Wooden Stylus


This is such a cool little present that young artists will love.

Scratch away notes, drawings, doodles and messages on the mini notes.

There are 125 notes in total.

Bright colors hide beneath the matte coating - use the wooden stylus to reveal them with a simple scratch.

Pretty papers which allow kids to use their imagination and sketch whatever they dream up. ​

Glitter Messenger Bag

Put your own style on your own messenger bag.

Color in the bag with the 5 bright designer markers and decorate with the 20 peel and stick sparkling stones.

Once completed you will have your own unique messenger bag to carry your essentials. ​

Slime Kit


This is a creative slime kit which is less mess because slimes are ready made. Kids get to decorate the slime with glitter, foam balls, sugar paper, beads and glow in the dark powder.

The kit also comes with plastic straws and a tool kit to manipulate the slime.

There are 50 pieces in the set in total with 18 colored slimes ranging from clear to green to purple.

It's a kit that keeps kids occupied for hours.

Crayola Ultimate Light up Board


This is a great tool for tracing and drawing.

Draw your designs directly onto the light board. Turn it on to watch your designs shine.

The removable back panel makes tracing images a snap.

It features a built in marker storage in the back, so no worries about losing all the pens.

It's a large drawing surface but is easily portable too.
When you've finished drawing to wipe your slate clean and start again!

Character Toys and Gifts

Kids at age 6 are often very much influenced by the movies and TV programs they like on television. The movie Frozen is  popular with this age group. Check out a Frozen watch below for Frozen fans.

Frozen Watch ​

6 years old is the perfect age to get a little girl their own watch and if they love Frozen they will love this watch with characters from the movie.
​It features a LCD watch with an easy to read time.

There's an adjustable and easy to fasten buckle strap that fits most wrist sizes.

Frozen 2 Slushy Treat Maker


The Frozen slushy treat maker is a snow cone maker for kids which is shaped like the fan favorite Olaf.

​It’s easy to use. Simply add ice, shave ice, and then mix with any household juice for flavor

There are two dispensers for juice so that you can choose one flavor or mix the two together!

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone ​


If you know a 6 year old who likes to sing and dance, a great gift idea is a wireless karaoke microphone.

Connect it to your device via Bluetooth and use it as a handheld microphone and speaker for a home karaoke party. With lots of karaoke songs available on YouTube, it's easy to have a home karaoke party.

The microphone has a speaker and a recorder so it really has everything you need.

It's easy to use and features lights for an extra party atmosphere.

They are also great for when friends come over and sleepovers as well as being good family fun.

Rainbow in My Room

This rainbow in my room is lovely to have in a 6 year old girls bedroom. It projects a rainbow onto the wall or ceiling of a bedroom.
Turn the rainbow projector on with the wave of your hand,
Great for sleepovers!

Outdoor Toys

If you're looking for some outdoor toys as gifts for 6 year old girls here are a few ideas:

Ezy Roller

The Ezy Roller is a fun ride on toy for kids aged 6 plus.

Propel it by using alternating leg movement. It moves like a snake!

Super fun and it comes in lots of different Color’s.

Stomp rocket


As a family we love our stomp rocket.

Take it to the park, stomp on the pump at the bottom of the rocket and see how high you can shoot it in the air. Great for kids of all ages.

Kids can have competitions to see how far they get the rocket and how quickly they can retrieve it.

The stunt rockets featured are also planes. Each plane doesn't something different (loops, glides and does tricks).



Scooters are very popular with my kids. Use them at the park and to get to and from school.

Scooters are reat for getting children outside exercising and they love racing around on them. Razor scooters like the one featured are popular with children.

They offer a nice ride and fold up for easy storage.

Jump rope


6 is a good age to teach them to start jumping rope and it has so many health benefits too. Check out this article on the best jump ropes for kids for some suggestions.

The Green Toys skipping rope is made out of made with 100% recycled plastic (saving them from going to landfill) and rope with US 100% cotton.

The rope is adjustable. It’s fab exercise and great for hand and eye co-ordination too.


Rollerskates are so much fun. The skates featured are sturdy and look amazing!

Rollerskating is great for learning balance and keeping active!

Science Toys


This is a really fun kit to help introduce science to kids at a young age.

Explore and learn the basics of science from chemical reactions to the use of science tools.

It includes mind blowing experiments such as creating a sunset in a test tube and making a color-changing volcano. Children will love learning fascinating facts about their natural world and this kit keeps them engaged with interactive experiments.

More Fun Toy Ideas

Magic Set


Kids this age can be fascinated by magic and many will really want to have a go at doing their first tricks.

This magic set is ​ starter level magic kit includes 25 easy to learn magic tricks.

It's aimed at the 4 to 8 age group so will be perfect for 6 year old girls.

Make candy disappear, vanish a coin, make crayons travel and much more.

Light Up Diary (with a lock).

The journal is a fun place where kids can draw, write down thoughts, doodle, write messages and keep secrets under lock and key.

​The diary comes with an invisible black light pen to keeps thoughts extra safe.

There are also 200 stickers including letters and emojis.

Bow and Arrow

A pink bow and arrow set that lights up is perfect for a young girl who loves pink!

The set comes with a target board so she can practise her accuracy.

Great for indoor and outdoor play.

Gummy Candy Lab

Make your own delicious gummy bears.

Make different flavors and investigate scientific properties and natural polymers at the same time.

There’s a fun 16 page illustrated manual to guide your gummy making.

Lego Disney Frozen Set

Lego make all kinds of themed sets to appeal to 6 year old girls. Check out a few examples below.


6 year old girls will love making their own Frozen themed jewelry box to safely store all their bits and pieces.

This lego set has tons of play opportunities once it's been built.

The finished jewelry box features a mirror, drawer and lock. Plus, it also includes a turntable for an Elsa mini doll and Nokk lego figure to spin around on.

And there is two lego rings locked inside.

Lego Friends

​The Lego friends series are aimed at young girls from 6 to 12 with characters that will appeal to them and that they will enjoy playing with once they have built the sets.

There are tons of different sets to choose from which vary according to size and will accommodate different levels and budgets.

The Lego Friends Forest House has 326 pieces for lots of building fun. There are also lots of elements for imaginative play including 3 lego figures, a kayak and a  raccoon model. Get cosy in the outdoor lounge and take snaps of the wildlife.

Remote Control Car

This remote control can race, perform double sided driving, flip and has LED dazzling headlights.

Super fun!


Barbie Mermaid Doll

Barbie mermaid is Color transforming.

Put her into ice cold water for a neon look. Put her into warm water for pastel colors.

It’s super fun to transform Barbie and take her on undersea adventures!

LOL Suprise dolls

Lol surprise dolls have taken the toy world by storm.

The LOL doll comes with 7 surprises including the doll, stickers, shoes and accessorie.

Plus the ball and the doll both change color when placed in water.

Barbies Styling Head

Barbies’ thick hair is great for brushing, styling and putting in different designs.
The set includes a hairbrush, hair bands, ties, gems and three hair twists.

She Persisted Book


This is a fantastic book to give to a young girl. It tells the stories of 13 women who have succeeded throughout history in spite of adversity.

The book has large illustrations to grab children's attention. The text is just the right amount for a 6 year old. It will introduce children to a wide range of new vocabulary. There are lots of great talking points the book raises

. This will not only be of interest for a 6 year old girl but the adult reading it to her will enjoy it too..

Little Kids First Big Book of Why


Young kids are super inquisitive and this answers lots of questions they would love to know the answers to.
The book is visual with lots of colorful pictures and photos.
It's great for a parent and child to go through together or for a 6 year old to read on their own if their reading skills are good enough.
All the important questions are covered. Why do I have to eat vegetables? Why do I have to go at bed at night?
Why does a car go? Why do planes fly? Why do I have dreams and nightmares?

Rosie Revere Engineer


Rosie Revere Engineer is an award winning book which parents and kids both love. It has especially powerful messages to encourage girls.

Rosie dreams of becoming an engineer. She spends many an evening in her room inventing. However, she’s afraid of failure so she hides the inventions underneath her bed.

That is until her great great aunt Rose comes to visit and shows her that her first flop isn't something to fear, it's something to celebrate.

And you can only truly fail if you quit.


Connect 4


Connect 4 is a fantastic first strategy game for 6 year olds.

It's a simple but classic game which has stood the test of time so it's difficult to go wrong with this one.

The idea is to get 4 counters in a row and block your opponent from doing the same. It's quick to play and fun . ​

Guess Who


Sometimes the classic games are the best!

Is your person wearing a hat? Does your person have blue eyes? Kids will delight in asking questions about an opponent's mystery character.

​The first player to guess their opponent’s mystery character correctly, wins the game!

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