The Best Fridge Magnets for Toddlers

Kids love animals and the wooden farm animals are great for to play with on the fridge. They're recommended for kids from 2 to 4 years old

The colorful magnets attract kid's attention and keep them occupied. They're also great to teach kids the names of animals. There's a cow, sheep, dog, tiger, frog, elephant, giraffe and lots more!

Other Magnetic Sets by Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug make 2 other themed magnet sets for kids. There are Mickey Mouse and farmyard animal themed sets. Check them out below.

Where Else To Play With Magnets

The fridge isn't the only magnetic place in your home where toddlers can play with magnets.  Try playing with them on the washing machine, dishwasher, on a baking tray or on the metal surrounding fireplace too.

If you have a lot of magnetic surfaces in your house there are different games you can play. First you can go around and find out how many surfaces are magnetic. Then why not create a magnet hunt. Place the magnets on surfaces around the house and your child has to find as many as possible. They could collect them in a container, then at the end have fun counting how many they have found together.

Another idea is to purchase a magnetic board. And you can move it around the house so your toddler can play next to you while you get on with other things.

Foam animal Magnets

The foam magnets are designed for kids between ages 2 and 3 years old.

The magnets are quite big in size (1.5 - 3 inches and 0.2 in thickness), so easy for small fingers to pick up and handle.

The toy contains a cardboard layer so you have to be careful not to be chew or get them wet.

You can store them in the cardboard box they arrive in.

Foam Letter and Number Magnets

This set contains 93 foam magnets in total which include lower case letters, upper case letters and numbers.

The set is recommended for age 3 plus.

It's a great set for setting out sums, spelling out first words and names etc.

More Benefits of Magnet Play for Young Children

Playing with magnets is very educational. There are many ways they benefit small children. Here are a few more benefits:

​Helps develop fine motor skills and muscle strength in their fingers
- Picking up the magnets from the fridge, handling them and putting them back again helps kids develop their small hand and finger muscles. Having strong muscles in their hands is essential for kids learning to write.

Cause and effect - playing with magnets helps teach cause and effect, an essential skill for problem solving.

Creative play - magnets inspire creative play. Can you make patterns with the magnets? Can you use picture magnets to create a story? What are funny words I can make with the magnets. The play is open ended and there are lots of ways to play. How will your child be creative?

Finding out about the world - it's fun to use magnets to explain a little bit of the world around you. Find out which surfaces are magnetic around the home and outside in the world too. Which objects and materials do magnets attract? Which will stick to the magnets? Are coins from around the world magnetic? As kids get older you can explain why some things are magnetic and others aren't.

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