Best Toys For 15 Month Old



The Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ride on are both excellent ride ons for 15 month old boys or girls.

My son has the Mickey Mouse ride on and he loves it.
He loves pushing around the ride on with the handle at the top. There is also storage under the seat. He puts toys inside the seat, pushes them around and takes them out again. He also loves the steering wheel and phone to play with on the top of the little car.

There's so many ways to play with this toy. Turn the knob for spinning colors, sweet melodies and blinking signal lights
There are colorful gears, an ignition key and you can shift gears for revving engine sound
Honk the horn for more driving fun!

Little Tykes Rocking Horse


This is such a fun toy which can be played with indoors or outdoors.

The seat is designed to stop kids falling forwards or backwards.

Kids will love rocking back and forth. It's a great balance toy and little ones can learn to get on and off and rock by themselves.

Bath Toys

One of my 15 month old favorite pastimes is bathtime.
I often put him in the bath while I clean the bathroom or read a magazine next to him. It gives me some time and he loves it.
Sometimes the simplest bath toys are the best. We have some stacking cups that he loves to play with. He enjoys filling the cups up with water and pouring it out again. He also enjoys pouring the water between the different cups.

Sesame Street Bath Squirters


If they love Seasame Street and Elmo they will these Seasame Street Bath Squirters.

Perfectly sized for little hands. they will love playing with them in the bath.

Squeeze the figures underwater to fill them and squeeze them again to squirt water.

Eco Friendly Ferry Boat Bath toy


The ferry boat with toy cars is a great bath time toy for kids from 1 to 6 years old. It's also a cool toy to use in the pool and on dry land

Fab for imaginative play and keeping little ones occupied at bath time

It's eco friendly as it's made out of recycled milk jugs.

​It's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Toy Cars

I can't believe how much my son currently love cars.

He will lie down and just push the cars to and fro. He will do this just before he goes to sleep and it seems to calm him down.

He likes to play with a range of different cars from chunky cars designed for toddlers (these are great for little hands) to his older brother's hot wheels cars.

Fisher-Price Little People Race Track Play Set



This is such a cool car ramp toy. It's over 34" tall and toddlers love watching cars whizz down the ramps.
Two wheelies cars are included which are the perfect size for little hands.​
There is lots of interactive play to be had. The double car launcher lets toddlers send two cars down the ramps at the same time.
Cars race down the track and can either crash, drop through the trap door, or continue down the spiral track or jump ramp


VTech Pop-a-Balls Push & Pop Bulldozer


The Vtech Push and Pop bulldozer is an entertaining push along toy.

Push along the toy and watch the balls pop out of the chimney. Sometimes the bucket catches them but kids also love to chase the balls across the floor and put them back in the toy themselves.

Press the buttons and learn colours, numbers, phrases and music.

Tunes play as little ones roll the bulldozer along the floor.

Mega Blocks John Deere Dump Truck


Another great car toy that is perfect for 15 month old boys or girls is the mega blocks dump truck featured.

15 month olds love pushing the truck around with their hands.

Toddlers love to push things around and put things in the container at the back. The "bin" at the back tips backwards.

As they get older they enjoy playing with the blocks!

Great for imaginative play, for learning and for developing fine motor skills too.

Climbers and Slides



At 15 months if you're child is like my son they will want to climb anything and everything.

The climber and slide makes the perfect toy for a climbing toddler. Shoot some hoops and play a round of soccer with toddler friends! The crawl space underneath the basketball doubles as a crawl hole or a soccer goal!

They will need to be supervised but will love attempting to climb up the climber and go down the slide.

Great for wearing them out and burning off energy.



This is a great first slide for a 15 month to grow into.

The age recommendation is from 18 months to 6 years, so you will need to make sure your 15 month old is ready for it and supervise them at all times. But there are reviews as kids as young as 1 year old using this slide.

It's a great size for beginners. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It's easy to fold down for compact storage and moving.

And it's good value for money too.

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Zone

This is a fun toy which has three sports in one: basketball, soccer and bowling. It has over 75 sounds and phrases and teaches colors, numbers and shapes as you play.

Lights and sounds encourage movement and the games teach children to follow directions.

The basketball hoop is adjustable and a it has a light up backboard that makes sounds when shots are made

Ball Pit and Tunnels Play Set


This is a fun play set with tunnels to crawl through, a ball pit to sit in (balls aren't included) and games to play as toddlers get older.

Toddlers will love crawling through the tunnels. When they are ready try and shoot the balls into the basket and at the play target wall (3 dart balls included),

It's easy set up. Just unfold and pop up. 


My son loves books at the moment. He brings them to me to read to him and then wants them read over and over again! Of course, this is great for his learning and vocabulary. It's also lovely to sit down with him and for him to keep still and sit on my knee while I read to him.


He likes books that are bright and colorful. He loves books with pictures of other babies. He also loves touch and feel books as well as lift the flap books.

We have the "Where is baby's belly button book" featured.

It's a lift the flap book by Karen Katz. The flaps are big and sturdy. My son doesn't lift them  yet but he likes me too. He loves turning the pages. It's a great book for teaching body parts. My son now says eyes and head which are featured in this book.

It has pictures of babies which toddlers and babies like to look at.

Baby Shark Sound Book


Love or hate the Baby Shark song, this book entertains toddlers!

Press the buttons to hear 10 different songs including baby shark.

The illustrations are very colorful and eyecatching.

Toddlers like to look at them, press the buttons and listen to the songs.

Plush Toys


If you're looking for an eco friendly gift, one great option is an EcoKins plush toy that is made entirely of recycled materials.

There are many cute animals to choose from.

They are also safe for babies. They are bead free as their eyes and noses are embroidered.

Additionally the shipping bag is made of biodegradable material.

Outdoor Toys

There is a sand pit at a toddler group that we go too and when we go there my son will play with the sand for most of the duration. We build sandcastles together, fill up diggers and more.

He does occasionally try and eat the sand but he is getting better at knowing not to do this!

Another simple but popular idea for toddlers this age is a ball. My eldest son was ball made between about 15 to 24 months. He couldn't get enough of playing ball. There are some great ball for this age group. Look for ones which are lightweight so toddlers can throw and catch them easily. Bright colored ones are also a favorite with this age.

Another cool toy is a water table.

Water Play Table


My son received a water table as a gift for his 1st birthday and it's been a huge hit.

He will play for ages pouring water with the cup. He loves to watch me tip in into the water wheel and then have a go himself.

The table featured includes activities including launching the frogs onto lily pads and center tower.

And turn the spinner that powers the "lazy river"

We sometimes put bubbles in the water as well. We keep the water table in the backyard and have found it good to play with in all seasons.

In winter, the rainwater in it froze over. It was good for my son to discover ice. It has also filled with snow so can be used as a snow table too

Splash Pad


Little children love the splash pad and it's perfect play to calm them down on a hot summer day.

The can sit and splash on the pad and as they can walk and run through the sprinkles. The water fills up to about 2 inches deep so it's perfect for little ones to sit in. They love it.

The splash pad is super easy to set up.

Kids also love looking at the letters and pictures on the bottom of the pad too.

Imaginative Play

At 15 months my son has started doing lots of imaginative play. Here are some toys he uses to facilitate this:

Toy phone - My son loves pretending to be on the phone. He picks up his toy phone and walks around saying hello all the time. We have pretend play and conversations where I answer the phones and say "it's for you..", he then talks and passes it back to me.

Play Kitchen - My little boy loves kitchens. He loves going into our kitchen cupboards and trying to empty them out. But he also heads for toy kitchen at toddler groups. He likes opening and closing the cupboards. Getting things out of the cupboards and putting them back in again.

Tea Set


Tea set - My son love playing with teapot sets at toddler group. He likes the pouring action and pretending to drink the tea.

The Fisher Price tea set is great for imaginative play. Kids can host a tea party and the "magical” teapot spout lights up as toddlers pour out the fun.

Press the music tea bag button on the teapot for more fun lights, songs and sounds.

The teaset is also a great learning toy as well. The cakes can be used as puzzle, can you fit the right cake in the right shaped hole?
It teaches shapes, counting, colors, manners and more. ​

LeapFrog Picnic Basket


​The Leapfrog picnic basket has tons of different play opportunities that toddlers and pre-schoolers love.

There is shape sorting play for toddlers. They love opening and closing the lid and taking out the stuff and putting it back again.

As they get older kids love to use it for imaginative play.

Lay out the blanket and create a picnic for you and your plush toys or for mommy.

I bought a similar toy for my 1 year old nephew and he loves it. It is currently his favorite toy.

Number Lovin' oven



​The Leapfrog Number Lovin Oven is great for facilitating imaginative play. Great for pretending to prepare food and be a little chef.

Toddlers love opening and closing the oven door and putting food inside.

There are lots of fun and educational songs.

The toy also teaches numbers, counting and sharing.

It's also fantastic for developing fine motor skills. Slide the slider, open and close the door, fit the food items together to make a pizza.

Toy Phone

This is great for pretend play for a 15 month old who can copy Mommy and Daddy and pretend to be on his phone.

There are also lots of activities that children can do on this phone including voicemail and songs.

Push the music button and sing along to songs about counting, phone, manners and more.

Press any of the 10 number buttons to see an animated Scout/Violet count it out in a fun way.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Toddler Toy Vacuum



This is such a cool toy that has lots of play value and will grow with your child.

Boys and girls will love pushing the toy vacuum with music, lights, and phrases to encourage your baby to push and play
Flip the switch “on” for vacuum sounds & “off” for learning songs & phrases
Press the light-up canister button for more fun songs & phrases
Adjustable design—tilt it up or down for the perfect fit!

Educational Toys

There are lots of educational toy perfect for this age group. They're at an age where they can start to do big chunky jigsaw puzzles. My 15 month old loves taking all the shapes out of wooden puzzles but he hasn't quite got the manual dexterity to put them back in again. But obviously this will come in the next few months.

Another great educational toy are stacking and sorting toys. It's the perfect age to introduce shape sorters and they are just getting the dexterity to be able to put the right shapes into the holes. It's great to start introducing shapes as well.

Melissa and Doug's Take Along Shape Sorter


This is a fab shape sorter.

As well as putting the textured plastic shapes into the correct holes, toddlers will love to carry the bag around with them.

It features and easy to grab, padded handle for carrying around.

The shape sorter is obviously fantastic for teaching shapes and for developing fine motor skills

There's also another activity on the other side of the case where you lift the flaps to see the pictures underneath. Also good for fine motor skill development.

spinagain Toy



The concept of this toy may seem simple, but it has so much play and educational value. Kids are mesmerised by it.

It's a stacking toy with a spin. Kids love to watch the different colored and sized disks spin fast and smooth to settle on the reversible wooden base.

It's great for fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. It's also good for teaching kids concepts like arranging the disks from the biggest to the smallest and vice versa. Count the disks as you take them on and off the pole.

It's fab for teaching colors and looking at color ranges.
The discs have a unique texture and a pattern of different bumps so it's also fab for textile exploration.

Musical Instruments

There are lots of great musical instrument toys which 15 month olds will love banging, playing and making music on. They're great for enjoyment, honing fine motor skills and learning about rhythm too. My son loves banging on his drum. These type of toys appeal to toddlers, preschoolers and even older children so are toys that will be around for years.
As well as drums there are shakers, xylophones, toddler pianos and glockenspiels among many other options.

Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone


People who spend a lot of time with babies and toddlers know that they love to bang on xylophones and other objects.

This toy features lots of ways to pound and tap to make music. Pound the wooden balls down onto the xylophone and listen as a musical scale plays aloud.

But you can also pull out the xylophone to play on its own.

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set


The Vtech drum set is a small, electronic drum set which is a learning toy too.
Toddlers can drum freestyle or drum along to nine pre set songs.
There are two included drumsticks so kids can feel like a real drummer.
For more structured play, they can follow the lights on the drums as they learn about letters and numbers.
For more structured play, they can follow the lights on the drums as they learn about letters and numbers.

First Baby Doll


This can be a nice age to get a first doll.

The Melissa and Doug soft baby doll with romper and hat is a nice first choice.

Little ones will enjoy cuddling her soft body. She has wipe clean arms and legs.

The romper and cap are removeable.

The eyes open and close, and baby is able to suck thumb or pacifier.

First Dollhouse



The Fisher Price little people range are fantastic. The characters are perfect for little sized hands.

The doll house opens up to offer lots of imaginative play. When kids have finished playing it can close back down and has a carry handle on the top so is easy to carry and store away.

There's lots of activities perfect for a toddler's exploring hands.

Press the discovery buttons in the playroom and bathroom for songs, sounds and phrases.
Press the button in the kitchen to activate lights, sounds and phrases
Includes figures of Emma and Jack as well as a bed, dog, dog bowl and 2 bar stools. ​

Fisher-Price Little People Caring For Animals Farm Playset



The Fisher Price Animal Farm playset is another good option for 15 month olds. The four characters (animals and a farmer) are the perfect size for little hands to hold and play with..

There's also lots to do. Press discovery button for fun songs, animal sounds & phrases. It also turns on the light & pops open the stall doors.

Press a second discovery button to "hatch" the chicks

Open the hayloft for drop-through fun, which activates even more fun sounds, songs & phrases.

VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier Toy


This is a cute toy which includes an adorable plush puppy and an interactive pet carrier.

Toddlers will love carrying the puppy around in a carrier.
They can open and close the door to hear playful phrases and learn opposites. The light-up buttons introduce colors and shapes.

Slide the letter beads to introduce letters and play music. It features 100+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases

There are lots of pet care accessories which include a bowl, ball, comb and bottle to encourage rolde play; carrier features handle for on-the-go-fun

Fisher price laugh and learn smart stages chair


This is a cute little chair that toddlers can sit on and have lots of play time with.

It features over 50 songs, tunes and phrases.

There are 3 different stages of play. One for 12 months, one for 18 months and one for 24 months. The stage can be changed with the flick of a switch.

​The seat activates songs and phrases when baby sits and stands.

cute pajamas



Little kids can never have enough pajamas and sleep suits so, if you're looking for a cute Christmas gift, it could be a much appreciated idea.

The pajamas featured are lovely and warm for the winter months and super cute too.

They come in different designs and colors and are machine washable.

So what makes the best toys for a 15 month old?

1.) Toys that hold their attention with lots of play value.
At 15 months, a toddler's concentration span is improving. They will play with toys for longer. They can be interested in both big and small objects and toys. They may be interested in handling many different kinds of objects from items that you carry with you such as a pen and keys to smaller toys like cars and play food.

2.) Toys that teach skills
Babies at this age are learning so much everyday. They can understand a lot. You can ask them questions like point to your nose and they will relish showing you what they know.
So, toys that help teach language and vocabulary, help develop fine motor skills and encourage early imaginative and creative play are perfect for this age group.

3.) Toys that burn off energy. It's good to tire them out!
If you want them to sleep well at night, toys that encourage them to be energetic are important. A toy that will encourage them to play outdoors, move around, climb and slide are good options.

4.) Toys and books that we can share together. It's good to build a bond!
At 15 months, toddlers will enjoy snuggling up and sharing a toy or a book with adults. Reading books in particular can help build language skills while spending quality time together.

5.) Toys that keep them occupied on his own.
What does he or she love doing on their own? My son loves to push cars around and does it for ages. Every child is different, but finding toys they enjoy on their own is good to encourage independence and give parents and carers a few minutes to themselves.

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