24 Awesome Basketball Gifts for Girls

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Are you buying a gift for a basketball mad girl? We have lots of suggestions of the best basketball gift for girls who love the game.

From pink basketballs to hairbands, training equipment to games, basketball themed jewelry to hoodies - we have you sorted with lots of ideas of basketball gear which make great gifts.

Non Slip Basketball Themed Headband


An adjustable hairband is ideal to keep her hair out of her face when playing.

You don't have to worry about the hairband moving around, it stays put!

The adjustable fit  ensures the velvet hairband doesn't slip off when playing

Mini Basketball Hoop


The over the door basketball hoop can be fitted over the top of a door. It works great in a basketball player's bedroom.

It's great way for kids to destress when having a break for homework. Or have some fun when friends come around.

The basketball hoop featured is glow in the dark and features a 5” glow in the dark basketball.

Basketball Hoodie


She will look amazing in this basketball themed hoodie.

There are 5 different colors to choose from, black, grey, blue, red or pink.



A basketball is a must have for any basketball player. It's great to practise skills and shoot hoops.

Basketballs come in different sizes. A size 3 is recommended for under 4s, a size 4 for 4 to 8 year olds,  a size 5 for 8 to 11 year olds and size 6 for girls aged 12 and above. Size 6 is the official size for women's high school, college and pro basketball.

Reaction Ball - Agility Trainer


If you're looking for a fab stocking filler, check out the reaction ball.  It’s a rubber six sided ball and its design causes the ball to leap and pop randomly.

​You can never be sure which way it's going to go. It’s unpredictable nature makes it a great tool for improving hand and eye co-ordination and reaction time which can be beneficial for a lot of sports like basketball.

It can be played with on its own against a wall or hard surface or play with it in a group or with one other person.

Basketball Nightlight


Brighten up her bedroom with a color 3D illusion changing nightlight. It's the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a basketball playing girl.

It features a remote control which you can use to change to one of 16 colors including red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple and white.

Fix it  on one color or or gradually circle through the range of 16 colors.

Basketball Necklace


Send her an inspirational message with this sterling silver basketball necklace. It's is perfect for everyday wear.

It comes on a 17" chain with a 2" extender.

Great for a tween or teen girl who plays basketball.

Basketball Mist N Sip Water Bottle


A basketball ball themed water bottle is ideal for rehydrating while playing. It has 2 functions:

1.) A high flow water bottle. Easily drink water to keep you hydrated.

2.) A mist function. It provides a fine mist to cool you down.

Canvas Wall Art


A colorful canvas is a wonderful basketball gift for girls.

It will look amazing on her bedroom wall.

Basketball Backpack


Does she carry a basketball to training or to play with friends at the park.

Make her life a little easier with this backpack.

It has space for a basketball and still leaves room for her clothes.

It features a water bottle holder too.

CC Sport Charm Necklaces


This dainty, charming basketball pendant necklace which is perfect for the basketball player in your family.

It comes with a 16" chain in sterling silver.

Brilliant Basketball Activity Book For Kids


Keep basketball fans entertained when they're not playing the game with this activity book.

The activities include word searches, quizzes, mazes, football math, secret coding, coloring, drawing and lots more.

It's perfect for 6 to 12 year olds.

Basketball Themed Cosmetic Bag


This versatile cosmetic bag can have a variety of uses.

Use it to keep personal items, cosmetics, accessories or even pens for school.

A fantastic stocking fill idea for a basketball player.

Basketball Laundry Hamper


Make a boring chore more enjoyable!

Help girls keep their dirty clothes off the floor by giving them a fun way to dunk and shoot their way to a cleaner room with this basketball laundry hamper.

Connect 4 Shots


This is the Connect 4 game inspired by the Space Jam A New Legacy live action/animated movie starring basketball icon LeBron James and Bugs Bunny.

Players launch the balls at the same time, trying to get them into the grid. Get 4 in a row for the win

Elise Basketball Socks


Socks may seem unimportant but in fact they are vital to help her play at her best!

These socks feature sweat-wicking fabric which pulls perspiration away from the skin to keep feet dry and comfortable.

NBA 2K23


If she likes playing video games and basketball - this is the gift to get!

The most popular basketball video game out there!

Just a Girl Who Likes Basketball Notebook


If you're looking for a small gift or stocking filler for a basketball loving girl - this notebook is perfect.

It has 120 pages of lined paper and she will love the writing on the front of the journal.

Adjustable Basketball Hoop Height 5 - 7 FT


Most basketball loving kids will love a basketball hoop in their driveway.

This adjustable basketball hoop featured adjusts between 5 feet and 7 feet.

With wheels on the base, you can easily move it from place to place.

Basketball Hair Ties


How many times do girls keep their hair tie around their wrist?

These hair ties are brilliant for that as they can be worn in either her hair or around her wrist like a bracelet.

They are made of stretchy no crease fabric and secure hair in a pony tail.

Indoor Basketball Game for 2


With the ESPN EZ Fold 2-Player Basketball Game, you can play alone or simultaneously with a competitor.

The Electronic LED Scoring System with authentic arcade sounds gives shooters the adrenaline rush of a packed fieldhouse as they compete.

There's 8 different skills games to play.

Basketball Kit


Look awesome in pink with this basketball set for girls.

It comes in different sizes!

Nike Unisex Basketball Shoes


Boys are going to love playing indoors and outdoors in some new and cool basketball shoes.

Super comfortable and come in many different sizes and colors.

Lizzy Legend


Read the story of Lizzy Legend. This book is ideal for any basketball loving girl in middle school.

Lizzy Trudeaux loves basketball. She doesn’t have much by way of money, but she has access to the community court and a worn ball named Ginger, and she practices constantly. After fighting to join the boys’ team at her school, Lizzy is finally given the opportunity to show off her hard-earned skills...

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