34 Best Stocking Fillers for Teen Boys

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Stocking Fillers for Teenage Boys

Are you looking for stocking fillers for teenage boys. Look no further. We have some awesome suggestions from practical ideas such as water bottles and t-shirts to fun card games and sports items.

Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker

Does he love listening to music and podcasts everywhere he goes. If so this mini portable Bluetooth speaker is a must for his stocking. He can connect to his phone and play music, podcasts, audiobooks or anything else he wants to listen to.

It's water proof and can be fully immersed up to 1 meter for about 30 minutes underwater. He can even use it anywhere, in his bedroom, in a car, while hiking, camping, at friends houses or even in the shower!

The rechargeable battery guarantees up to 12 hours playtime at 70% volume. It recharges within 3 hours.

Fisher Space Pen

My teenage son never can have enough pens for school, so it's great to put one or two in his stocking.

If you're looking for a pen with a difference, check out a space pen. It's a pen that he can use in space.

While that may sound useless as we're not going to be leaving Earth any time soon,  it means that this pen can write on any surface even if it's vertical.

He can use the pen to write at any angle and even underwater!

It will also write in extreme temperature from -30F to 250F.
When closed, the space pen is the perfect size to carry in your wallet, pocket or a bag.

Open it up to a full sized pen which is perfect and comfortable to write with.


Portable Charger

Does he often forget to charge his phone fully so it runs out of battery?

This portable charger is small and light so can easily fit in his  backpack or stocking!

It's handy to be able to charge his phone when's he's away from home.

Reaction Ball - Agility Trainer


This little ball makes a fab stocking filler for sporty teens. It’s a rubber six sided ball and its design causes the ball to leap and pop randomly.

​You can never be sure which way it will go. It’s unpredictable nature makes it a great tool for improving hand and eye co-ordination and reaction time which can be beneficial for a lot of sports especially baseball. It's also good for basketball, volleyball, badminton, football and any sport where reaction time is key to being better.

It can be played with on its own against a wall or hard surface or play with it in a group or with one other person.

Tile Mate

If you know a teenage boy who is always losing his keys, wallet or phone, he needs a Tile Mate! Attach the Tile Mate to everyday things like keys, backpacks or purses and he won’t lose them. You can use the free Tile app on a phone to ring the Tile Mate when it’s within Bluetooth range.

If your item is outside of Bluetooth range, use the Tile app to view your Tile’s most recent location on a map.

If you lose your phone, double press the button on your Tile Mate to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent.

Sussed Card Game

Sussed all sorts is the classic would you rather game with 200 questions and 600 answers.

Water Bottle

Teens always need water bottles at school or for sport. A water bottle makes a great practical stocking stuffer. The hydroflask water bottle has TempShield insulation which keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours

I Paused My Game To Be here

If he's difficult to drag away from his video games, this is the t-shirt to get.

It comes in different sizes.

There are lots of different color options.

​It's made of 100% cotton and printed in the USA.


Kanoodle is a puzzle game to be played in a race between 2 players. Slide a challenge card into the board, place the pieces shown, then race to fit the remaining pieces—before your buddy does. Press the button to launch your opponent’s pieces for the ultimate checkmate

Bluetooth Beanie

Any beanie hat makes a good stocking filler for teenage boys.

The beanie hat not only keeps teens warm, he can use the inbuilt earphones to listen to music, podcasts or his YouTube videos on the go.

Writing Tablet


The writing tablet is a thin, portable tablet that teens can use to draw, doodle on, play games such as hangman, write notes and messages.

Once you have completed your design, press the button to erase the tablet and start again.

As the tablet's are portable they make a useful gadget to entertain teens when traveling in the car, going on vacation or just when he has to wait somewhere.

It's also good to have to make notes while he's studying and doing homework.

It's a good gadget for the environment as well as you can use less paper for drawing.


Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Jelly Beans Game

The Bean Boozle Challenge is so much fun for teens.

Spin the spinner and choose the color bean you are going to eat. Is it going to be a nice or a nasty flavour?

"Pomegranate Or Old Bandage" and "Cappuccino OR Liver & Onions"

The game also has tailored cards. Each card contains the instructions for a game designed to enhance the jelly beans bean boozled experience even more, allowing you to play and have even more fun with your family and friends.

Sneaker Balls

Every parent of a teenager that plays sport knows that their sport bags and shoes can smell sweaty, especially when they forget to take their shoes and clothes out of their bags.

These sneaker balls are great for putting in their shoes, gym bags or sports lockers to make them smell fresh again.

No more odo

Curs! olor Changing Light Bulb


This inexpensive light bulb is excellent to have in a tween bedroom.

Swap a boring light bulb with a color changing one. You can amend the brightness too.

You will need to download an app to a phone to control the color.

It also works with Alexa and Google home, so if he has one of these devices he can turn off his lights or change the color with a voice command.

Manual To Manhood

Year after  year, the Manual for Manhood is the top selling gift for teenage boys on all my articles.

The book is ideal to give teen boys. It teaches all those functional skills that they don't get taught at school and parents don't always have the time to show them.

They discover things like how to wear cologne correctly · grill a steak · tie a tie · manage money · talk to a girl · plan a date · write a résumé · ask for a reference · clean a bathroom · throw darts · change a tire · behave during a traffic stop · fold a shirt · clear a sink drain · find a stud in a wall.

The book contains one hundred step-by-step instructions on almost everything a guy needs to know.  With great illustrations and supporting social media, if you're going to buy a teenage boy a book for Christmas, this is the one to get!




Flipside is an addictive and fast paced puzzle game that kids of all ages will enjoy.

The aim of the puzzle is to match the colored blocks to the lights.

There are different modes which you can play, including flip to find the colour and slide to match the lights.

There are four different modes you can play in (speed mode, multiplayer mode, memory mode or level mode)

Lots of fun, kids will find it hard to put down.

Victorinox Classic SD 7 Function Pocket Knife

This pocket knife is a great little gadget with lots of practical uses.

It features 7 useful tools including a small blade, scissors, nail file, screwdriver 2.5 mm, key ring, toothpick, tweezers

Hand Warmer

A hand warmer is great to keep his hands warm in a cold classroom or when he's outdoors this winter.

It's not only a handwarmer but an emergency back up battery too.

The size is ideal for a stocking filler gift.

Adidas Moves for Him Eau de Toilette Spray

Teen boys like to smell nice.

Some body spray or cologne is a great stocking filler for this reason.

Gamer Socks

Teenage boys can never have enough socks, and these are the perfect novelty gift for a teen gamer.

They are awesome for keeping your feet warm while gaming
and getting your message across.

NIKE Performance Cushion Crew Socks

If you want to put some sporty socks in your teen's stocking - Nike Crew socks are the ones to get.

They are great quality for sports or just everyday wear.

Manicure Set

A nail clipper kit is a great practical stocking filler.

This set has all the tools that young men need to keep their nails clean and well manicured.

Adidas Drawstring Bag

The Adidas Sackpacks is a fantastic, lightweight gym bag.

There is a zippered lined pocket to keep small items such as his phone separate.

There's also two water mesh bottle pockets which make it a perfect choice for sport use.

Gaming Sign


How many times have you heard your gaming teen boy say "Can I just finish this game"

This humorous sign is fun to have on the bedroom door or hang it on the walls to display.

The dimension sizes are approximately 7.8" by 3.9".

Remote Control Fart Machine


There aren't many teenage boys who won't enjoy trying to prank others with this remote control fart machine.

It features boom box technology.

There are 15 different sounds and works up to 100 feet away.

Guaranteed fits of giggles.

Monopoly Deal


Monopoly Deal is a face paced and fun card game with the opportunity to use lots of strategy to win the game.

It's simple to play. The object of the game is to collect 3 full property sets of different colors.

Put up cards when it's your turn and play action cards to charge players rent, steal their cards or demand money for your birthday.

It's a great game that adults and kids of all ages (from 8 plus) will enjoy.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

A new gaming mouse is a great size for a stocking. The Razer's DeathAdder V2  is a top rated! It features incredible tracking and a comfortable shape for long gaming sessions.

Boxer Briefs

New underwear is a great gift for any stocking. Practical and you know it's not money wasted - they will get used!

Wireless Earbuds

The Tozo earbuds can pair with both Apple or Android phones.

They are light and comfortable too wear and offer a secure fit, making these great for teen sport, workouts and the gym.

Dual ear touch control, provides convenient operation on volume control, previous/next song, pause and answer calls along as well as voice assistant control

Additionally they present a powerful and wide sound range.

The How-To Cookbook for Teens: 100 Easy Recipes to Learn the Basics

Encourage your teenager to cook with this wonderful book.

Discover 100 recipes to please their teenage palate, including Nachos, Sloppy Joes, Easy Shrimp Scampi, and Mustard and Maple-Glazed Chicken.

Axe Apollo Shower Gel 250 ml

Another useful gift is shower gel.

Great for a stocking filler and won't go to waste!

Blackhead Remover Tool

A blackhead removal tool kit is a fantastic stocking filler for teenage boys to help them sort out any pimples.

The five piece kit helps to remove different shape blackheads, pimples, acne, comedones and whiteheads easily.

Store all the tools in the handy carrying case for easy portability.

Rubix Cube


Sometimes the classic toys are the best and it's difficult to go wrong with a Rubix cube.

It's a good size for a stocking filler, and it's guaranteed to keep boys away from the video game (at least for a while ;-))

Just scramble up the colored squares. Once scrambled, just twist and turn to line all the colors up again.

Simple, right? Or maybe not!

Monkey Maze


If all else fails and you decide to put money in his stocking, why not put it in the money maze.

It's a unique way to give a gift. Kids have to work out how to get the money out by solving the maze.

They don't get the money until the puzzles has been solved.

Another great way to get kids away from their screens and doing a hands on activity.

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