Fun and Easy Christmas Activities to Do With Kids


Christmas is a fun time to spend time with the kids and and partake in fun festive activities.

Having said this, Christmas can feel overwhelming. There's so much to do and lots going on. Therefore I try not to overdo it and I pick just a few festive activities to do with my boys. Most of festive activities I choose are easy. It's quick to read a Christmas themed book, relaxing to watch a movie and fun to drink hot chocolate after a winter walk.

Have a quick read of my list for inspiration of Christmas activities to do with your children.

1.) Make paper snowflakes. These are great for older kids (from around aged 7, although competent younger children can also have a go.) Check out this video on YouTube - how to make a paper snowflake.

2.) Make Christmas decorations. These could be as easy as making paper chains or what about salt dough decorations?

3.) Make reindeer food. It's easy to make your own reindeer food. Use things like oats, pumpkin seeds, bird seed and dried cranberries. It's important not to put glitter in your reindeer food as this can be damaging to any wildlife who might eat it.

4.) Visit Christmas lights. Either have a walk around your neighbourhood and see the Christmas lights your neighbours have put up or drive to the best Christmas lights near you.

5.) Make a Christmas card. Once completed give it to a family member or friend.

6.) Watch a Christmas movie.

7.) Write a letter to Santa. Tell Santa one thing you'd really like to open on Christmas morning.

8.) Christmas coloring. You can print out Christmas coloring sheets online or buy a Christmas coloring book.

9.) Dance to Christmas songs

10.) Drink hot chocolate. It's fun to warm up with hot chocolate after a festive walk.

11.) Bake Christmas cookies. If you don't like baking, why not buy some cookies and then decorate them instead.

12.) Sing Christmas songs or carols.

13.) Go ice skating.

14.) Try a mince pie. One of my sons loves mince pies. The other son hates them but you don't know unless you try one!

15.) Decorate your home.

16.) Make a Gingerbread house.

17.) Do a Christmas jigsaw. I love having a jigsaw with lots of pieces laid out on the table and family members can do parts of the jigsaw whenever they're free. It's a good way to get older kids off their screens.

18.) Read a Christmas book. There's lots of great Christmas books geared at younger children which make great bedtime stories.

19.) Read the nativity story.

20.) Have a festive family game night. You can play festive versions of games such as Christmas charades!

21.) Christmas quiz. It's fun to have a Christmas quiz with the rest of the family. Find some fun Christmas quizzes online.

22.) Hang mistletoe

23.) Visit Santa

24.) Donate Food. Many community groups collect food to give out to people who need it during the festive period. Find out what's happening in your community and donate.

25.) Track Santa on Christmas Eve. There are some great apps which track Santa's journey on Christmas Eve. Find out when he'll be coming to you.

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30 Easy and Fun Fall Activities for Kids

Looking for things to do this Fall? Look no further we have a brilliant 30 day bucket list of fun and easy activities to keep kids occupied in fall. Pick the ones you like best or do the whole list. Happy Fall!

1.) Pick conkers - and then play conkers. Who picked the hardest one?

2.) Make an apple pie

3.) Carve a pumpkin

4.) Watch a Halloween movie

5.) Paint some rocks - there are some great rock painting kits. Once you've painted some rocks, take a walk around your neighbourhood and leave them for neighbours and other children to find.

6.) Jump in the leaves

7.) Go to the park

8.) Drink hot chocolate - You can do this indoors or outdoors.

9.) Dance to a Halloween playlist - check out Spotify or Amazon Music, they normally put together Halloween playlists. YouTube is another great place to listen to Halloween songs. Some ideas of songs include Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett, Thriller by Michael Jackson and Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell.

10.) Make a Fall Scrapbook

11.) Make a costume - create a homemade costume for Halloween.

12.) Go on a night walk. Young kids love a night walk because they don't often go outdoors after dark.

13.) Have a board game night

14.) Make soup - it could be pumpkin (or another soup)

15. Go on a nature walk

16.) Roast pumpkin seeds

17.) Toast marshmallows - either set up a camp fire in you backyard or do it in the kitchen and enjoy your marshmallows together.

18.) Collect pinecones - then display them at home or use them for a fall craft. Painting pinecones to decorate your home is fun.

19.) Listen to spooky stories - make up your own or find them on the internet or in a book.

20.) Find spider webs - go on a hunt around your home and see how many spider websyou can find!!

21.) Go to the woods - and find the biggest stick you can. My kids love finding sticks. They make great outdoor toys. They can be lightsabers, a walking stick or just used to rummage through the leaves.

22.) Go on a bike ride

23.) Climb a tree

24.) Make muffins

25.) Decorate your home for fall or Halloween - use pinecones and make a leaf wreath.

26.) Create Leave Rubbings

27.) Bob for Apples - this is easy to do, fill up a bowl with water. Put apples inside and bob for them. Surprisingly fun for the whole family.

28.) Make popcorn - great to do before a movie night.

29.) Go on a scavenger hunt - make a quick list of items to look for and find on a fall walk. Some ideas you can put on your list include conquers, pinecones, a red leaf and an acorn.

30.) Go bat watching - this is a great thing to do at dusk. It's fun to watch the bats come out and see how many you can fine.

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