Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys - Top Christmas and Birthday Gift Ideas

Choosing the best gifts for 5 year old boys can be difficult.

The best toy depends on the child's personality? Do they like legos, superheros, playing outdoors or being creative?

  • ​​Construction toys - Boys of 5 years love construction toys. Themed lego sets,  marble runs and kid's knex are all fun!
  • Character and Superhero toys - many boys like TV and movie characters. They may also like superhero toys such as spiderman, ironman and batman.
  • Toys with wheels - they often love outdoor toys with wheels such scooters and bikes. Indoor toys with wheels include remote control cars, trains and race tracks are popular.
  • Creative toys - many boys love to draw, paint and create. Pens, crayons, sticker books, craft sets and paints make great gifts.
  • Toys for role play - this age group loves to take part in imaginative role play so toys which facilitate this are good. Examples include dinosaurs, playmobil, castles, props, dressing up outfits and toy figures
  • Other great toys - other toys that are great include stomp rockets, jigsaws, games, bug discovery kits and dinosaur toys. Or what about their first magic set?

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Marble Runs

5 year old boys can spend hours constructing marble runs running marbles down them.

My First Magic Show

Sometimes magic sets can be a advanced for a 5 year old.
​However, "My First Magic Show" kit is aimed at young children from age 4 plus, so should be perfect for most 5 year olds.

There are 25 easy to learn tricks which are amazing for people to see.

The tricks include a vanishing coin and disappearing candy.

Lego Sets for 5 Year Old Boys

Legos are great for 5 year old boys. They have lots of fun building things from their imagination and then playing with them afterwards.

Lego Creative Box

The bulk set featured opposite is an excellent starter set pieces in 35 different colors.

My son actually had a similar box to this set and so far we have used it to build houses, castles, flats and towers.

This set has slightly different pieces but there are also lots of windows, doors and lots of other elements for buildings.

Themed Lego Sets

There are lots of themed lego sets which features characters from books, movies and TV that 5 year old boys will love.

  • Any kind of superhero is often popular with 5 year olds (batman, spiderman etc). The great thing about superhero lego is that after they have built it they will spend ages in imaginative play with their construction.dd

Lego Juniors

Lego make the perfect themed sets for kids aged 4 plus called Lego Juniors.

The instructions are designed to be easy to read and for little ones to follow.

​The sets are based on movies, pirates, superheros, fire stations, race cars and police sets.

Lego city

Most of the lego city sets are aimed at kids from age  5 and they tend to be bigger sets with a lot more pieces.

5 year olds may need some help to follow the instructions and build the sets but it can be a good project for 5 year olds to work together with an adult.

The set featured is really good value at the time of writing.

Kids Knex

5 year old boys can build many fun constructions and creatures using Knex.

The pieces are big and easy for little hands to manipulate.

It is also a good toy that spans different age ranges and there are reviews on Amazon that say brothers and sisters also enjoy the toy.

My own son loves this toy and it keeps him occupied for ages.

brain flakes

Brain Flakes are a fun building toy that encourage creativity.

The plastic discs interlock together so kids can build all kinds of constructions.

Build shapes, cars, trees, flowers, animals - the imagination is the limit.

The toys is ideal for all ages, it's a toy that will last for years. ​

vtech smartwatch

The Vtech smartwatch can help young kids tell the time but it has so many other cool features too.

Use the watch to take photos, selfies and video.

It has 55 digital and Analog clock faces that they can customize.

There is also a motion sensor for active play challenges and it has a pedometer as well.

kindle fire for kids

A tablet designed with kids in mind. It's great for keeping 5 year olds entertained when parents need a few minutes peace and quiet.

They can do what most people would do on a tablet. Read books, watch videos and play games.

It comes with 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited gives your kids access to over 20,000 popular apps and games, videos, books, Audible books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more.

It has parent controls which allow parents to personalize screen time limits, set educational goals, filter age-appropriate content, and also manage web browsing and content usage

It also comes with a 2 year warranty. If it breaks, return it and they'll replace it for free.

Vtech camera

This is such a cool idea for a camera. It's kid proof so it can take quite a bit of abuse and will not get damaged. However, make sure she doesn't do what my son did and submerge it in water. Then it will definitely not work!

Kids easily take selfies and photos of friends and family.

Decorate your photos with a variety of special effects including frames, filters, stamps and wacky effects.

There are also five built-in games, a video recorder and voice recorder for more creative ways to play.

Vtech Kidizoom Creator Cam

Kids can easily create their own HD videos with this camera.

There are 20 animated videos they can use including being chased by a T-Rex.

There’s also a selfie stick and tripod.

It’s easy to edit the videos.

Videos can only be uploaded to a computer with an adult’s discretion using a USB cable.

A green screen is required for some of the videos.

Superhero Toys

My son was superhero mad at 5 years old. He loved playing with superhero figures and using his imagination to create scenarios that he acts out with them.

He also loved dress up and had lots of superhero dress up outfits (check out a superhero dress up option further on in the article. One of my son's favorites is his ironman costume.

Batman mobile

The batmobile is fantastic for imaginative play.

It fires missiles, the batman figure can sit in the cockpit which opens and closes.

Turn rear power pad to open the armour into wings. Push the front power pad to fire missiles.


As already said, 5 year old boys do tend to like superheros and spiderman is another favorite of these age group.
If you are looking for some spiderman toys find a few ideas include

  • A spiderman costume
  • Superhero themed chutes and ladders
  • Talking spiderman
  • Spiderman truck

Other ideas of themed spiderman toys and gifts include:

  • jigsaw puzzles
  • books
  • comics
  • Action figures
  • DVDs

I Can Do That! Superhero game

This games is great for active 5 year olds as they get to move around and try to complete superhero challenges.

No need to sit still around a board game.

Complete the game by doing unexpected feats of skill.

Have fun and discover all the new things you can do!

Superhero Capes and Masks

This is a superhero mask and cape set.

​A fantastic choice for any superhero fanatic.
It features many different capes and masks (including superman, spiderman, batman and Captain America.)

They can choose a different one each day. It's also great for when friends come along as there is always a dress up outfit for other kids too.



This is an awesome nightlight to have in a young child's bedroom.

It projects a starry night sky over the wall and ceilings of a bedroom.

It looks amazing and kids are mesmerized by the lights.

There is a timer that can be set so the light will go off after your child has gone to sleep.

Outdoor Toys

There are lots of outdoor toy ideas that 5 year olds will enjoy too.
They include:
Bikes - my son learned to ride his bike at aged 5
Swingball sets
And the stomp rocket featured below.

Stomp Rocket

Stomp rockets are great fun.

Stomp on the pump at the bottom of the rocket and see how high you can shoot it in the air.

The set featured is extra fun as there are three different Planes (Looper, glider and Wildcat) designed by aeronautical engineers to perform a variety of amazing stunts.

Looper plane performs giant loops, glider plane soars up to 100 feet and Wildcat plane does all kinds of crazy tricks

Adjust the angle of flight with the adjustable launch stand, fly into the wind or with the wind and change how these planes fly.

It's a fantastic toy to take to the park or any open space.

Everybody in the family will be queuing up to have a go and kids of all ages will love it not just 5 year old boys.

Stomp Rocket car

An alternative to a stomp rocket is a stomp racer.

Stomp on the pump and see how far the car will race from the ramp.

Another great toy for the park.

Adults and kids will both want to have a go! ​


Scooters are the perfect outdoor gift for 5 year old boys.

They are great for getting from a to b, especially when they don't want to walk. My son always uses his scooter on the school run.

The scooter featured has a rear fender brake which is great for safety.
The urethane wheels offer a really smooth ride.
​It folds for easy storage and portability.

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

Superhero mad 5 year olds will have a blast on the batmobile pedal go kart.

It is adjustable so you can set it to the right size for your child.

It's low weight design means it's easy to pedal and steer.

It looks super cool too!

Cars, Car Race Tracks and Garages

Many 5 year old boys love cars. Here are some ideas for car mad boys:

  • A hot wheels set like the one featured with thrilling, high speed, side by side racing action.
  • A remote control car for zooming around inside or outside. Remote control cars are fun. Buy one for a 5 year old boy and its guaranteed the rest of the family will want a go.
  • Toy garages - the best toy garages for this age group feature lots of opportunities for imaginative and fun play. Look for garages which ramps to race cars down, a lift, lots of space for parking and moving cars around, a car wash, helicopter and helicopter pad
  • Car transporters which will hold all the toy cars he already has.

monster jam dirt set

Monster Jam Dirt set is so much fun!

Roll the monster trucks through the “dirt’. The synthetic dirt is from the makers of kinetic sand. It’s easy to use and clean up.

​Kids can use a mould that comes with the set to make ramps for the truck to go through.


Hot Wheels criss cross Track set

​This Hot wheels Criss Cross track set is lots of fun.

Kids can line up lots of Hot Wheels cars into the car feeder feature to get them on the track.

There are 4 way loops and crash zones. Challenge kids with intersecting track for near misses and total wipeouts.

The track comes with one car, so you can test your tracks out straight away.  But you will definitley want more to try out on this track.

​Hot Wheels Cars Gift Pack

This is a cool hot wheels gift set which includes 10 cars with genuine die-cast parts.

It makes a great gift to accompany hot wheels tracks.

The cars are also great to collect, play with, trade with friends and display.

​Monster Jam Stunt dial playset

Set up the monster dial stunt toy and perform tricks and stunts like you see on the shows.

Use the launcher to send the monster jam truck through the air.

Then watch it hit the ramp and watch it run down the ramp.

Train set

Sometimes it's hard to know what kind of train set to get a 5 year old as they have outgrown many of the train sets meant for toddlers and preschoolers.

The Lionel Polar Express battery powered train set is a good starter option for this age group. It features a remote control train which can go in forward and reverse.

You can sound the whistle, ring the bell and play announcements. It includes a working headlight and 3 train cars.

Arts and Crafts Toys

superhero crafts

There are 3 fun activities in this superhero craft kit.

They include making a wonder cape,  Decorate your cape with superhero symbols and lots of lightning and glitter.

Superhero mask - make a powerful mask with wings, lightning, and stars to make you look like a real superhero.

Power Cuffs:  make your cuffs and wear them around your wrists to show your superhero powers.

All items come with easy to understand instructions

Assemble and decorate your very own monster truck.

It's easy to assemble: Insert the 2 axels, add the 4 jumbo wooden wheels (glue included)

The kit ncludes 4 pots of paint, paintbrush, and 27 stickers for decorating

It helps develop fine motor skills and encourages creativity

There are also some excellent craft kits. Melissa and Doug do a great set of toys which involves decorating a toy supplied in their kits. For boys, there are trains, planes and treasure chests.

Crayola inspiration art case

This is a fantastic gift for 5 year old boys who like to color, draw and doodle.
The case contains 64 crayola crayons, 20 crayola short colored pencils, 40 crayola washable markers, and 15 large sheets of paper.

All the pens, pencils and crayons have snap in place in the case so they don't get messed up inside.

The case has a handle so it's easy to take wherever you want and draw to your heart's content.

LED Writing tablet

The colorful LED board is perfect for 5 year old boys for drawing, doodling and writing numbers and letters.

It’s super portable so is ideal for entertaining young kids on the go.

Just press the button to erase what you have written and start again.

Educational Toys And Gifts

Many toys already featured in this article have some educational value as kids learn so much through play. ​However, there are lots of educational toys and gifts that you can buy.
Ideas include :
Books for 5 year olds - my 5 year old still loves visual style picture books but I'm starting to read his first chapter books to him as well.
Jigsaw puzzles - jigsaw puzzles have lots of educational value. They develop problem solving skills, concentration skills, spatial awareness and lots more.

Science Toys and Kits

Scientific gifts  - you can get scientific kits which offer some fun experiments and activities for young children to try. One to look out for is Scientific Explorer's My First Mind Blowing Science Kit featured.

The 20 piece kit allows kids to explore and learn the basics of science from chemical reactions to the use of science tools but have fun at the same time.

Errupt a color changing volcano, grow colorful crystals,  create a sunset in a test tube and lots more.

Magic science kit for wizards

The magic science kit is another  fun way to introduce young children to chemistry.

It contains nine activities that teach boys and girls tricks using chemical reactions, which can be applied to future stunts.

Create your own wizard wand to cast spells, make your own magic hat, make ordinary powders mystically foam and change color, create your own test tube crystal ball and more! I

dinsosaur stem toy

The dinosaur building toy is not only fun, it's educational too.

Kids improve focus, concentration and develop fine motor skills while building the dinosaur with the drill.

They can learn the names of different dinosaurs. The building kit include 3 kinds dinos: green Triceratops, blue Tyrannosaurus Rex, brown Velociraptor.

Once built, the dinosaurs are great for imaginative play with moveable body parts.

Popular Toys with Kids

TV and movies often influence what's toys kids like. Here is what is popular at the moment:

Star Wars -  Star Wars toys are very popular with kids of all ages. My own boys like light sabers and my youngest (who's just turned 5) loves Star Wars dressing up outfits too. Star Wars figures are also fun for imaginative play.

Paw Patrol - kids love this TV show and all the books and toys that accompany it.

Octonauts - another huge favorite with my youngest son but my eldest who's 9 at the time of writing will still watch this. My son received the Gup A and some of the characters for his 5th birthday which at the moment he likes to take with him everywhere he goes.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Deluxe Electronic Lightsaber

My kids love light sabers.
​They love pretending to have battles and play with them indoors and outdoors.
The one featured is a good choice. It extends with the flick of a wrist. It also features lights and sounds. It looks great if you use it in the dark as well.

Paw Patrol Voice changer

If he loves Paw Patrol, he will love this megaphone voice changer.

Speak into the megaphone for different voice effects (high pitch, low pitch, echo and robot!)

Sing along to familiar songs with silly voice changing effects.

Board Games

Are you thinking about getting a board game for a 5 year old boy? Board games are a great idea for this age as it helps cement the ideas of taking turns, winning and losing and develops social skills as well. They love board games at this age as kids are really starting to become social a this age. They love to play with other kids and adults.
Here are some ideas to check out:

  • Chutes and Ladders
  • Think Fun Zingo (a picture bingo game)
  • Richard Scarry's Busytown (kids work together as a team on this game)
  • Junior Monopoly (a shorter, simpler version of the much loved classic designed for younger children)
  • Pop Up Pirate
  • The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game

SEquence for kids

Sequence for kids 

​Another good one for kids who can't read yet. A good strategy game. Just play a card from your hand, place a chip on a corresponding game board space and when you have 4 in a row, it's a "sequence" and you win.  You can also use a unicorn card to place your chip anywhere or a dragon card to remove your opponent's chip. It's great for introducing strategy to young children.

Don't step in it

Hysterical, quick to set up, easy and short to play. This is the perfect fun game for younger kids and their familes.

Blindfolded, you have to try and dodge the squidgy poop.
Spin the spinner and take the number of steps required without stepping in the poop.

Sometimes players have to add a poop, remove a poop or even re-arrange the poops along the mat.

​A great party game to play with friends or family.

Think fun zingo

Think Fun Zingo is a fun educational bingo game. It's a fast paced, energetic variant of Bingo.

Kids love to pull the Zinger forward to reveal two mystery tiles, and then try to be the first to call out the tiles that match the images on their cards.

The sight word version of Think Fun Zingo is perfect for helping kids to read in a fun way.

The first player to fill his or her card wins by yelling “Zingo.”

Role play - School Set

My son has this school play set and we have played with it lots.

It's a pop up school set which features reports cards to fill out, stickers, double-sided calendar, double-sided map, and lots of school supplies. There's a board with a pen to use and an eraser to rub it out.

He likes to use the marker on the pen on the board. He likes to pretend to be the monitor and tell everyone what day of the week it is and the weather by using the board. ​

walkie talkies

Walkie talkies are great fun for kids to play games such as pretending to be spies.

They are also great for keeping in touch with kids when they're playing in the garden, on a camping trip or in the supermarket!

The walkie talkies featured have adjustable volume and clear sound quality.

An uncomplicated push-to-talk button makes this toy easy to use

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